Super Bowl Game Guide

The 106 players led the list

From the super bowl with 7 days, both players are soldiers for soldiers will be opened today, we bring you a Super Bowl Game Guide, which includes a total of two teams with the highest ranked list of 106 National People’s Congress, with it in hand, the super bowl is not lost!

First name: Tom Brady (patriot quarterback)

Although the fans dubbed the Lenten old man, but no one questioned the old man’s ability, Brady is still the strongest star quarterback, he ranked top in PFF, in all this year by the quarterback under pressure shot the most stable person.

Second: rob Gelon Sikorski (patriots tight end)

If the super bowl jerseys to choose a star close to Brady’s dominance, it can only be his most love passing target. Gelon is alliance first proximal front, it is undisputed, he even can do in addition to all the quarterback position on the assault group.

Third: Jason Kelsey (hawk Center)

Kelsey’s rebounding season has played very well, and he has always been the core of the Hawks, which has never changed.

Fourth: Fletcher – Cox (hawk defensive cut-off)

Cox is one of the league’s most dominant offensive player front, the entire season to put pressure on the quarterback 50 times, two of the playoffs 10 times put pressure on the quarterback, can be said to be the Super Bowl Brady did not want to meet a man.

Fifth: Brandon – Graham (hawk defensive end)

The defensive attack this season, Megatron alliance, Graham at the end of the season just before nfl jerseys cheap the ordinary one, but this year he and Cox’s ghost double door fearsome opponent.

Sixth: Patrick – Robinson (hawk horn)

In Philadelphia, Robinson is one of the most popular players here, and this year he finished 4 copies and 11 break passes.

NFL third week strength list

The giant fell to fifth and the Falcon climbed to the top

Third weeks after the game, the team only with the chief victory of the Falcon, firmly occupy the top two, Tennessee Seahawks beat the top ten, after the season before promising Bill team won the Mustang Ranking Ranking crazy rise, a new phase of the strength of the team is? Let’s have a look!

First place: Atlanta falcons (3-0)

Although last year’s regular season MVP Matt – Ryan came 294 yards and three copies (the previous 309 passes were not copied), but the falcons are still thrilling to win the “reverse king” Detroit lions. The lion crossed this threshold, the falcons will be the two consecutive home court against the buffalo Bill and Miami dolphins, with signs of a full recovery team, before the seventh week trip to the Patriots, not hard won 5 straight start.

Second: Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)

The chief is the only team to win all but falcons. It is the biggest dark horse of the year. With the previous Arrakis – Smith has excellent performance compared with the third in the face of the San Diego lightning, Smith just passed 155 yards before they got two touchdowns, like “journey to the west” in every beat after the monkey said that “I didn’t force, you will fall.” Rookie runs in three consecutive games have a super play, it looks like the alliance running back to change dynasties.

Third place: new England Patriots jerseys (2-1)

Patriot or patriot, Brady is still the last minute of the game, the Patriots faced 3 stalls in the 18 yards 5 points behind the situation, but they made a turn style touchdown counter ultra score, if you just open the live you even thought to see is game set jin. Brady came the player of the week’s performance, 35 shots 25 in 378 yards for 5 touchdowns no steals, if the pocket protector do a little patriot may not play so hard, after all, “Tang uncle” age is not small, the body of bone to endure heart too.

Fourth place: Green Bay Packers jerseys (2-1)

Speaking of packers this season, what can you think of? Slow! Last season, you had to make a 4-6 start and start “Run The Table””. The three game of the season, Aaron Rodgers, the first half only sent 1 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, but in the second half as a new man, 5 touchdowns no steals. Ge ah, to coach the break in the locker room and scolded it comfortable? Although 2-1 has been started, but the packers next to the face of continuous bears, cowboys, Vikings, Ge if so again “slow down”, I am afraid fraught with grim possibilities.

Fifth place: Denver Mustang jerseys (2-1)

Before the lightning and the cowboy continuous down the Broncos, did not expect in the “Buffalo” took a nap. The magic of simi is not here, only 259 yards and 2 times to be copied, the fact that young people play is still unstable. The fans can excuse West Xi once, but next week at home against the Oakland Raiders, if Ann is “fan” again, he’ll spank!

Sixth: Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1)

In the past three seasons, the average QBR Wallace (quarterback score) to 20 points lower than their home court (out of 100) in addition to the outside of the offseason contract dissatisfaction with the long-term absence of superstar Weile viand – Baer is still running mediocre, compared with before be quite different. The Steelers before this season in 6 games with 4 away, then they have to go to the Baldi and Kansas City, facing the crow with the chief of the two pieces of bones, no teeth to chew up the Steelers next time.

The pony changed the quarterback again

Former patriots players will debut

According to reliable sources, the U.S. local time on Friday afternoon, the Indiana Colts decided before the new England Patriots quarterback Kobe Jia Bulisaite will replace Scott Thor Zinn, on Sunday in the pony against the Arizona Cardinals in the game, as the team’s starting quarterback.

Scott – thor is the starter quarterback for the opener for the new season. But in the 9:46 lost to the Losangeles rams game, Thor Czin Bulisaite was replaced in the fourth quarter. Thor Zinn sent two shots in the match, and both were finished with their opponents. Before being replaced by Thor Zinn Bulisaite, only 128 yards passing forward. The Colts in this field and the rams game, offensive to promote total code number only 225 yards, and 10 third convert all failed.

In an interview Friday morning local time, Colts coach Chuck Pajianuo responded to the team starting quarterback: “we have no intention to announce our decision. But the player we have chosen will certainly perform well. Because the two quarterback is well prepared. ”

Compared to Thor Zinn, Bulisaite running is more flexible and more power arm. He was in September 2nd, just by the transaction from the new England patriots join jerseys the colts.

The Colts offensive team coach Kinski Roper – Chu Bulisaite for this week’s said: “we have to make some adjustments. He has come to the team for more than a week, we understand Bulisaite and Bulisaite understand our offense is equally important. This is a process of deepening understanding with time. He came here and I was impressed by the performance in a short time. It’s challenging for any player. But Bulisaite is very clever, and peace of mind. I also appreciate some of the physical talent he showed on the pitch.”

Andrew, the quarterback, has not played yet this season when he signed a 6 – year contract worth 140 million dollars with the pony team in June 2016. He underwent shoulder surgery in January of this year.

NFL opening highlights

The singer sang Bingley officials were black

NFL’s opening of the 2017 season was launched between the Super Bowl defending champion, the new England patriots and last season’s West Kansas United League winner. In addition to the wonderful performance of the players, there are many interesting stories about the opening game. Next, let Xiao Bian take you to the one or two things you don’t know about the opener.

NFL Commissioner Roger goeldel, “bleeding door” after coming from 70 thousand at Fort Dix towel “welcome”

The new England patriots fans think NFL Commissioner Roger goeldel, for the team and headed quarterback Tom Brady in “bleeding door” of the charges and penalties for no reason, the number of characters in the NFL alliance since January 10, 2015 will no longer present any race game the Patriots in the home court. In the 2016 season, he missed all the playoff games for the Patriots and went to Atlanta for the two time in a row. Although, in the season of August 10th preseason games, Godell has come to the Gillette stadium, but due to the nature of the game, did not set off the storm like today.

As a Commissioner of the NFL – Roger, naturally can not miss the opening season of the new battle, and patriots fans ready early “meet” the evil in their hearts. It is reported that there are about 70 thousand with blue towel Guder Clown Costume before being distributed to the hands of patriots fans. If Godell appears at any moment of the game jerseys in the fans’ view, he will be greeted with flying towel.

Godell naturally understood the Patriot fans’ love for him”. According to the latest news, the NFL jerseys cheap Commissioner will only in the pre admission has not yet appeared in Gillette fans in the stadium. After the event, his shot will not appear on the big screen. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he won’t even watch the game in the Patriots owner Kraft Roth in the box.

In the opening before the war, Godell was asked about his feelings for Fawkes sports stadium in Gillette, he commented: “the Patriots fans loyal and enthusiastic. This is the great part of our league. Tonight, I’m sure patriots fans will show their loyalty to the American audience. “Perhaps Godell’s” praise “is the truest feeling in his heart.

Blount pushes Patriots to run

The Philadelphia hawks run Weile Garrett Blount at the Patriots and the chiefs of the opener started 2 hours before posting on twitter itself, to encourage his former team-mates who played well running back in the evening local time in the game.

Blount wrote in his essay: “brothers, tonight!”! You know, I’m going to focus on your performance!” Blount mentioned his former teammates in the press, running guard Brandon – Bolden, Duhem – Lewis, and James – White.

Le Garrett Blount last season to season 18 run ball touchdown data created a patriots record in team history.

The little girl sings the american anthem

As a fixed ceremony before the NFL games, the national anthem has been the focus of attention of the American public. Can opener or super night entertainers sing the national anthem at NFL will be honored.

The season opener for the National Anthem singer is an American country music singer Maurice marleen. Maurice, 27, released wholesale jerseys his eponymous mini album “Maren Morris” in 2015 and was shortlisted for the two billboard charts. Later, her personal debut album, Hero, was ranked fifth in billboard Top200 and topped the best country album. In 2016, Maurice was awarded the Best Newcomer Award by the country music association. At the fifty-ninth Grammy Awards, she also won the best country individual performance award with the My Church.

The new England patriots home court in Massachusetts, foxborough. It’s cold in winter and heavy in snow, and the average sunshine hours in December are only 142.6 hours. The Patriots’ home and host jerseys color (blue / white) is also a breath of cold. Most importantly, by Tom Brady led the new England patriots crown 2 has been 3 years, the Patriots of the season schedule is one of the league’s most relaxed team, perhaps their winning momentum has been unstoppable.

However, the Kansas City Chiefs with two named Alex – Smith and Kareem – Hunter dragon came to the Gillette stadium. With an undisputed victory gave the “King” Brady a defeat. Perhaps the chiefs theme color red confirms “game of Thrones” in the legend of the ice fire can win.

NFL Super Bowl jerseys quarterback gets cut

NFL was the first joke born?

Today Cleveland Brown’s outbreak of major news, Brown set before the people of Dezhou $72 million, before Mr. Denver Broncos Super Bowl quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor meritorious service was finally cut, so far, across the legendary NFL career temporarily a paragraph.

Brown Cleveland team this step completely determine the four rookie quarterback Keyser de Sean the starting quarterback position, while two of the second grade student Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan will be appointed as the No. two or three quarterback Cleveland Brown, but interesting is that the three current quarterback Brown are not in the official game of NFL the lead Brown to win any game.

This year’s preseason NFL Oswald Wheeler played two games, but his performance with people in Dezhou during the period of completely without the slightest change, he came 22 12 67 yards; after the Brown team found Deshawn Keyser’s strength in the preseason, Aus Ville in the last two preseason games not even then, today, Wheeler was officially laid off. Not only that, despite Cleveland Brown’s coach Hugh Jackson repeatedly to the outside world under the guise of mad praise Oswald veller, but in the earlier rumors: then to join Oswald vhailor several sessions, Brown cornerback who have felt in the preseason to pick out over.

Oswald vhailor came to Brown is very awkward, he is equivalent to the Cleveland team of Brown and Houston Dezhou people pick trading accessories, Houston was sent to the people of Dezhou will Oswald vhailor Brown, and sent a 2018 second round draft picks and a 2017 sixth round draft pick, nfl jerseys china Chany Brown a fourth round draft pick. It is said that the people of Dezhou to let Brown Cleveland team offer Oswald veller, with two round pick a very valuable pick to buy a quarterback on stability. Brown is then set man and no people imagine so straightforward, although Brown’s coach Hugh Jackson once vowed that Oswald is Brown Wheeler quarterback, but may start Brown Cleveland team will not the disaster type quarterback placed in the team’s plans, Brown may have calculated that if Oswald vhailor can suddenly enlightened that nature is the best thing, and he continues to fall, the minimum wage is Brown to eat the 16 million dollars and then fill in the team also received a two round pick is completely not suffer.

Look at this years NFL Oswald vhailor career it is unusual in the Denver broncos, surge high and sweep forward, he was injured in Payton – half of the season when Manning stepped in, he played in 7 games in the first time came the Mustang, 1967 yards for 10 touchdowns and 6 steals, which laid the foundation for the Denver Broncos won the final then the people of Dezhou; $72 million forced to sign the player, then he opens his vhailor disastrous career, wholesale jerseys he even can not be anyone in disturbance, to dispose of the ball off the ball rather baffling form, under the shadow of a Oswald last year, can easily complete the 1400+ code of a star Andre Hopki took over the outside can be connected without the ball, but with strong defensive group of Dezhou people, Dezhou people still broke into the second round of the playoffs, but Oswald vhailor throughout the season, 15 touchdowns 16 times Steals, 2 playoff touchdown 3 steals, Dezhou people have enough of his, even the fans started to raise the public wants to help the team to buy Oswald vhailor. So the people of Dezhou would rather lose money to Oswald vhailor away, but unfortunately, the quarterback is ultimately unable to prove themselves, it has left the alliance.

But even so, Wheeler can still get the 16 million dollars, even if he has already become a piece of NFL, but he was so rich that people admire, think now to Oswald’s strength to be able to harvest this vhailor salary, people really have to admire his broker. But Oswald vhailor blessing it, after all, if you well, is sunny, the first day Aus Ville left NFL, he wanted to.

The crow teaches you “empty handed” wolf”

The crow team re signing center Jeremy juita

5 months ago, Baltimore will crow team center Jeremy juita traded to the San Francisco team of 49 people. However, just last week, the 49 men announced that the veteran had been cut off, and the ravens again signed the general.
It is reported that the juita wage contract for two years, the basic salary of nearly $4 million, plus up to $6 million in bonus time, compared with just $9 million to renew the Seahawks Justin – Britt, the money is really not expensive. To be laid off after the juita were not worried about the loss of jobs, in addition to the crow team outside the Indianapolis Colts also had an invitation to him, but juita chose familiar crow team, in the past three years he played in 41 games, including a season starting all 16 games, and the first selected occupation bowl.

Juita before the arrival of the team’s offensive line has been stretched, because the team defender John usher to school suddenly announced his retirement, Ryan Jensen was temporarily transferred to the center position, now Jensen will be at the left guard position and James Hearst to compete, so as to make up the main force of the original left guard Arrakis Lewis and substitute Nico after West Ragusa the match reports left loopholes.
It is worth noting that the first team selection and 49 crow deal, not only removed the heavy burden of wage juita, also received a six round pick, so going around to the end, not only did not lose what crow team also got a pick. Doing business to do so is really dumbfounding, 49 people’s business is really a big loss, remember the Spring Festival Gala Xiao Shenyang’s lines: “finished, you did not give us one, you have to take one, right?”

Patriots rookie defensive end serious injury race newspaper

The joint training Wednesday in West Virginia and Texas people, the Patriots rookie defensive end Derek Rivers limped off the pitch selection, and the night flew back to Boston, this name is Aigo this year until the third round before the election to the player, his rookie season did not play has ended.

According to the Massachusetts General hospital diagnosed, Derek – Rivers left leg of the cruciate ligament, and lateral ligament also has a certain degree of damage, so serious injuries, or even ruin his occupation career, this is youth boy before the season by this big injury, people lament. Rivers in the third round of the 83 NBA draft pick by the Patriots off from the big players in the Youngstown State University in 4 years well, scored a total of 173 tackles and 37.5 sacks, not to play defensive end, but also served as the linebacker, which agree without prior without previous consultation and patriots he is also the team defensive strategy, choose an important reason.
With the retirement of Ninkovic, leaving Chris long and Jabbar sheard, patriots in the defensive front ends of the staff has been stretched, in addition to the main flowers and Yili Trevor Berlusconi – only small Derek Sri wise rookie a substitute, so Rivers injured, is tantamount to one disaster after another.

The new season will start soon, and we can continue to observe the team’s countermeasures through several preseason performances.

Beckham was type patchogue Faria malicious damage, preliminary check no harm.

In today’s New York giants’ clash with Cleveland Brown, Beckham, the superstar’s nfl nike jerseys Odell, was injured and left many fans worried.

In the second quarter in the attack, Odell – Beckham in continuous use your own personal ability and speed easily get rid of the opponent’s defense, Eli Manning first pass found Odell Beckham completed a 12 yard pass, and then he and Manning completed a 18 yard line, but unfortunately this is the ball, Beckham in the air are not fully landed, knee joints Brown No. 20 safety Blaine Bodie – Calhoun vicious hit Beckham in the lens of the supporting foot can Kokai knee appeared obvious deformation to see, it can be said that the malicious degree comparable to NBA the Western Conference patchogue Faria stepping Leonard. After Odell Beckham staggered to stand up, but the pain finally fell to the ground, slightly eased, Beckham to leave the stadium, then sit on the preliminary examination of medical vehicle.

Then in the second half of the game, Beckham also appeared in the arena of the lens, but after he had already changed his plain clothes walked back to the bench, Beckham, together with his teammates on the sidelines watching this preseason game.

Beckham was initially suspected of knee and ankle injuries have emerged, but there are some phenomena of concussion, but with the subsequent detailed examination, after receiving the X light, Odell Beckham’s injury update, his knee and concussion was cancelled, leaving only a sprained ankle. It does not matter.

To say that under the ordinary people in Blaine – Carle Horth bodi so cruel action knee already scrapped, but Beckham is just an ankle injury and had to say, Beckham’s body quality and can be very far, also hope that through the examination of the hospital can be determined after David Beckham.

Green Bay Packers: impact Super Bowl

Today, we are bringing together another strong team with a long tradition in the northern part of the League of nations — Green Bay packers.

Key personnel change

Kevin Kim

In the draft, the packers changed the first 29 to the two, the first and the four. They are first in the two round of the first selected high and fast but thin University of Washington cornerback (Kevin King), and in the two round at the end of the North Carolina State University under tall rapid safetys (Josh Jones), at the end of the first round and four round they were selected Auburn University defensive line (Montravius Adams) and a native of Wisconsin (Vince Biegel), outside linebacker to reinforce the defense. It was not until the end of the four round that the packers began to fill the running position of the urgent shortage, and chose the Brigham Young University-Provo (Jamaal Williams).


(Aaron, Rodgers) quarterback

The two regular season MVP, a Super Bowl champion and winner MVP, career touchdowns, passing score history first steals than the first league history, ran out of pocket pass the strongest, grasp the opportunity of Free Alliance strongest attack huangqi…… However, won the championship in 2010 season, Rodgers and his packers never returned to the super bowl, for the team management, how to grasp Rodgers’s win in the peak period, should be the priority among priorities in front of.

(Ha, Ha, Clinton-Dix), you Wei

In the first game of his career, ha ha got three awkward harvests and missed the escape. But for ha ha, he won’t let the opportunity slip away from his fingers again and again. Rookie season he soon replaced the head be a starter safetys. Step by step, last year, ha ha, playing all the files of the defense team, contributed 80 times to capture and 5 copies, career for the first time shortlisted professional bowl, and selected the best team two array. With the replacement of players in the array, he has become a new generation leader in the Packers’ jerseys nike second line.

Attack team

Last year the injury outside (Jordy Nelson) took over a strong return, 97 times the ball scored 1257 yards and 14 touchdowns in the highest League, he is still the most trusted old partner Rodgers. Two years ago by the fans criticized butter hand of Aventis – Adams (Davante Adams) to become another thigh last year, several key to complete the ball, with 75 catches for 997 yards and 12 touchdowns in the good performance. Adams, who missed last season’s first thousand yard season last season, will go all out in the contract year. (Randall Cobb) last year affected by injuries, the state of ups and downs, but his groove is definitely a dagger can not be ignored. Behind them, there are (Geronimo, Allison), (Malachi, Dupre) such as the new recruits. The proximal front new aid, occupation level, matru bowl – Bennet and Lance – the first level of the tall, the latter Kendricks, quickly, let Rodgers more than two pieces of heavy weapons. And as the near end, both of them opened better than Cook, who had left, could help the ground attack. Speed is slow, the opposition is weak, but the ball feel Rodgers (Richard), reduced to No. three near the front, suddenly appeared a bit extravagant.

But the seemingly offensive pack of packers is also a hidden danger. TJ-‘s departure from JC- and Te Rethel has weakened the starting line and depth of the attacking line. Starting right tackle (Brian Bulaga) with two season injury history, the main center (Corey Linsley) over the past two years and has now left the Terre Myrtle turns staged I hurt you on the top of the drama.
Last season was (Lane Taylor) performance can be in the left guard position, especially the pass protection are excellent, and (David Bakhtiari) is a growth in the left alliance first-class Jiefeng, occupation bowl and NBA two array. Their health and condition are especially important in protecting Rodgers’s blind side. This is the line cheap jersey of the rough draft, after losing the right guard Lang, the packers did not rush in large supplementary guard, but the first sign of the original saints veteran Jia Li – Evans, and continue to observe the cultivation of the young players in the team. Last year after the accident cut top guard Josh Heaton, the packers offensive lines still hit the top five of the league’s performance. Have they lost a star guard again this year, and have the same luck? I can not help but for them behind Rodgers nieyibahan……

Another place full of unknowns is running guard. The former Ty Montgomery was moved to the running position and is now the number one choice for the team. In the draft, the packers did not take off in the first three rounds of famous hot running guards, but in the four or five and seven rounds, even picked three, suddenly a bit of lottery feeling. At present, the three in the training camp in the best performance or the four round of the final selection of Jamal – Williams, is expected to he and Montgomerie composed of one or two running guard configuration.

NFL player’s Super Bowl dream

Derek Carle: I’m here to get the super bowl. How much can I take?

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek – Carle last season led to the playoffs after the right leg fracture. In the offseason, Carle recovered very well, not only that, he also signed a contract under the largest alliance. Without any worries, Carle is currently in high spirits and aims at the super bowl.

“My dream is only one, that is to win super bowl, not a super bowl, is more than one.”.” “It’s a goal for all of us,” Derek Carle told reporters in an interview. “I’ve recovered a hundred percent. It’s just a minor injury.”.” When it comes to contract problems, Carle pretends to be low-key and says, “I can play basketball jerseys.”.”

The fate of the Oakland Raiders is now tied to Carle’s fate, and his play will directly affect the team’s prospects. In the last season Carle came 3937 yards and 28 touchdowns, only 6 interceptions, led the Raiders scored 12 wins and 3 negative good grades, after seeing the results, the Raiders apparently decided that Carle is the team has been looking for future players. Looking at the rising wages of the league, the Raiders, before the entire team became too expensive, a 5 year 125 million League top pay, just for him to concentrate on playing.

Last season, Dorset, 30, contributed 14 goals and four assists for the rest of the series. As the last six men on the team, Dorset was able to survive in the league, relying on the quality of his perseverance.

With the next season there will be 14 signed forward, in addition to the potential Jack Virtanen and Nicola Gore Dobbin, and wait for the re sign restricted free agent Brandon – Bo – Horvath and Ghosn. In the rest of the 14 people, only Dorset, Louis – Erickson, Daniel and Henrik Sedin in the team list of 30 people, the people trust for Dorset. Dorset still has two years left, with an average annual salary of $2 million 650 thousand.

With the retirement of Manning Payton, Tom Brady, Ben Wallace, Rodgers, Rivers et al. Old, union banner sooner or later turn to these young people to carry it, Carle is the representative of the United States next generation quarterback in the future. In the ranking last year quarterback in the top 15 in only 8 players under the age of 30, Derek Carle (26 years old) with the pirates demis – Winston (23 years old) is a young quarterback selected.
nfl Super Bowl jerseys, which may be the same dream for every player in the league, but there are few people who have the capital to achieve this dream. Carle is lucky, he has the chance, the team treated him well, and now he will work for the dream.

To get a salary actually choose to stop training

The man three enters the career bowl 2 times


The Losangeles rams now have a strike player.

Star guard Aaron Donald didn’t report to the training camp with his teammates. Donald’s contract expires at the end of the 2017 season and the team has implemented the 2018 contract option. Was reportedly offered a huge contract offer for Donald, but Donald wanted the league’s top player’s salary.

Although many teams had not signed the contract until two years after the rookie contract, Donald tried to change the situation. Previously expressed the hope to become the league’s highest paid players New York giants wide receiver Odell Beckham in the offseason are in a similar situation, but he did not choose to stop training.

Donald, who was three in the career bowl, was selected twice for the best squad and won the rookie of the year, and he has good reason to ask for it. Ram also has no capital to lose good players, especially the team now has the new coach Sean – and the team owner hopes to build superstars in Losangeles.

The rare thing about Donald talent is that he can play anywhere in the defensive line and never need to leave the field. He can also make enormous pressure on the opponent from the inside, reducing the shoulder burden of the ram.
Last season, Donald had 8 kills, 5 record breaking passes and 2 forced shots.

Titans renewal League top defensive player

Personal quarterback nightmare

Casey racing moments

The Tennessee Titans planned to let Zhu – Casey play for them for a long time.

Titan signed a contract with the professional bowl nfl jerseys defender for 4 years, worth $60 million 400 thousand, including a $40 million guaranteed income contract on Friday. Casey’s contract expires at the end of the 2018 season.
After returning to the career bowl, Casey has been the most reliable defensive player of the Titans for the past 5 years and has made 33 total runs since entering the team in 2011.

“There are very few contracts that have been signed so far in this line,” said Jean Robinson, Titan’s general manager. “But Jurel is a unique player. He came here in the draft. He has signed the contract, made outstanding contributions to the community and has been selected for many career bowls. We are pleased that he will be able to serve Titan for years to come.”

Casey is a defensive front that can effectively prevent opponents from running and becoming an opponent quarterback. cheap nike jerseys Usually get double benefits against rivals last season he was named the union occupation football focus ranked tenth in the medial defender.

Robinson has improved the lineup of both ends of the Titan’s offensive and defensive over the past two seasons. It would be wise to give Casey a contract at the core level.

Wilson wants to change the world with football


Wilson coaches the players at the Great Wall

“This is the best trip of my life.”!”. On the sixth day of China, in the face of more than 10 media from China and the United States, the American Professional Football League (NFL) jersey champion quarterback Russell Wilson shared what he saw and heard in China and his wonderful experience. On the previous day, he also appeared on the magnificent the Great Wall, and the Great Wall for nearly a hundred small football players from all over the country up the guidance of professional skills. Despite the tight schedule, but the Seattle Seahawks headed quarterback in the interview is still in high spirits, do not see the slightest weakness.

In the past week or so, Wilson has participated in a number of training camps in Shanghai and Beijing, and has taught Rugby professional skills to hundreds of young Chinese players of all ages. The concentration of these children and the desire to learn rugby in their eyes gave the young champion quarterback a taste of the passion and passion of the Chinese olive fans for the sport. Beyond the imagination of the Chinese Rugby atmosphere, he even realized that the country has great potential for developing rugby. A visit and a few days’ trip were far from enough for Wilson. I hope he can come to their Chinese every summer, establish a long lasting relationship with the children here love football, to share the unique charm of the sport and their challenges, and encourage them to learn across the life in front of them, do your best.

In fact, after the end of the trip to the Great Wall, Wilson issued a letter addressed to fans. “In the field of like-minded meeting, we decided to go into a partner, concentrate our power to achieve a unified plan to benefit children, we hope to use the enthusiasm for the sport, let the children from all over the country seamlessly together”. This grand vision finally chooses China as a starting point. Since 2010, the number of people interested in rugby in China has increased by 11 times to 19 million. The influence and popularity of the sport among the younger generation is rising rapidly.

For Wilson, American football is a team sport larger than every individual”. It makes people understand that no matter how badly they fall, they should climb up, while the premise of success is team friendship, mutual respect and trust. Rugby has benefited Wilson from growing up with positive energy in his life, a sport that has helped him grow into a strong, loving and grateful man. In the process of getting along with Chinese teenagers, Wilson noticed that some of them worried about the problem of their small physique. But he hoped that through his efforts and rugby for the positive impact of personality, to encourage these outstanding children to grow into the best players, to achieve their own sports dreams. No matter what size, as long as there is enough desire and diligence, no dream can not be realized. And he himself is the best example of this belief.

In sports, people often say, “don’t underestimate the heart of a champion.”. But again, you can’t underestimate a small heart in a strange arena. They do not have tall and strong body, but with a lofty ambition, and with their tenacious and hard will cast their own glory. The height is only 1 meters 8, the Secretary of the Wilson quarterback on the field compared to the same position, although the opponent short by a large margin, but Werwilson from the first day of entering the alliance has set for itself an ambitious goal to become the best quarterback NFL cheap jerseys, although the realization of the goal of rugged journey.

Wilson always firmly pursue their dreams, he perfected my run of play, and adhere to the field training hard, finally after entering the League a year with their own actions severely hit back at all doubts. From the 2012 season won the rookie of the year, breaking Peyton Manning’s rookie record to pass, the team won the first 2013 Super Bowl season, and again in 2014 in the finals, Werwilson again and again to refresh people’s understanding.

Today, Wilson has become fully deserve NFL alliance superstar, and signed a $87 million 400 thousand contract with the Seahawks huge, but for the pursuit of excellence still prompted him to progress. The Seahawks 2017 for the new season training he made it clear to everyone that his only goal is to win the super bowl again and became the sport’s greatest quarterback. But under the present, this had been looked down upon the “little man” has become most elusive dream of football: the use of positive energy, encouraging, unite the people, to change the world.