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Super Bowl Game Guide

The 106 players led the list From the super bowl with 7 days, both players are soldiers for soldiers will be opened today, we bring you a Super Bowl Game Guide, which includes a total of two teams with the highest ranked list of 106 National People’s Congress, with it in hand, the super bowl is not lost! First name: Tom Brady (patriot quarterback) Although the fans dubbed the Lenten old man, but no one questioned the old man’s ability, […]

NFL third week strength list

The giant fell to fifth and the Falcon climbed to the top Third weeks after the game, the team only with the chief victory of the Falcon, firmly occupy the top two, Tennessee Seahawks beat the top ten, after the season before promising Bill team won the Mustang Ranking Ranking crazy rise, a new phase of the strength of the team is? Let’s have a look! First place: Atlanta falcons (3-0) Although last year’s regular season MVP Matt – Ryan […]

The pony changed the quarterback again

Former patriots players will debut According to reliable sources, the U.S. local time on Friday afternoon, the Indiana Colts decided before the new England Patriots quarterback Kobe Jia Bulisaite will replace Scott Thor Zinn, on Sunday in the pony against the Arizona Cardinals in the game, as the team’s starting quarterback. Scott – thor is the starter quarterback for the opener for the new season. But in the 9:46 lost to the Losangeles rams game, Thor Czin Bulisaite was replaced […]

NFL opening highlights

The singer sang Bingley officials were black NFL’s opening of the 2017 season was launched between the Super Bowl defending champion, the new England patriots and last season’s West Kansas United League winner. In addition to the wonderful performance of the players, there are many interesting stories about the opening game. Next, let Xiao Bian take you to the one or two things you don’t know about the opener. NFL Commissioner Roger goeldel, “bleeding door” after coming from 70 thousand […]

NFL Super Bowl jerseys quarterback gets cut

NFL was the first joke born? Today Cleveland Brown’s outbreak of major news, Brown set before the people of Dezhou $72 million, before Mr. Denver Broncos Super Bowl quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor meritorious service was finally cut, so far, across the legendary NFL career temporarily a paragraph. Brown Cleveland team this step completely determine the four rookie quarterback Keyser de Sean the starting quarterback position, while two of the second grade student Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan will be appointed […]

The crow teaches you “empty handed” wolf”

The crow team re signing center Jeremy juita 5 months ago, Baltimore will crow team center Jeremy juita traded to the San Francisco team of 49 people. However, just last week, the 49 men announced that the veteran had been cut off, and the ravens again signed the general. It is reported that the juita wage contract for two years, the basic salary of nearly $4 million, plus up to $6 million in bonus time, compared with just $9 million […]

Green Bay Packers: impact Super Bowl

Today, we are bringing together another strong team with a long tradition in the northern part of the League of nations — Green Bay packers. Key personnel change Kevin Kim In the draft, the packers changed the first 29 to the two, the first and the four. They are first in the two round of the first selected high and fast but thin University of Washington cornerback (Kevin King), and in the two round at the end of the North […]

NFL player’s Super Bowl dream

Derek Carle: I’m here to get the super bowl. How much can I take? Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek – Carle last season led to the playoffs after the right leg fracture. In the offseason, Carle recovered very well, not only that, he also signed a contract under the largest alliance. Without any worries, Carle is currently in high spirits and aims at the super bowl. “My dream is only one, that is to win super bowl, not a super bowl, […]

To get a salary actually choose to stop training

The man three enters the career bowl 2 times The Losangeles rams now have a strike player. Star guard Aaron Donald didn’t report to the training camp with his teammates. Donald’s contract expires at the end of the 2017 season and the team has implemented the 2018 contract option. Was reportedly offered a huge contract offer for Donald, but Donald wanted the league’s top player’s salary. Although many teams had not signed the contract until two years after the rookie […]

Wilson wants to change the world with football

  Wilson coaches the players at the Great Wall “This is the best trip of my life.”!”. On the sixth day of China, in the face of more than 10 media from China and the United States, the American Professional Football League (NFL) jersey champion quarterback Russell Wilson shared what he saw and heard in China and his wonderful experience. On the previous day, he also appeared on the magnificent the Great Wall, and the Great Wall for nearly a […]