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Green Bay Packers target playoffs

Packers young quarterback is confident of replacing Rodgers in the playoffs Green Bay Packers’ elite quarterback Aaron Rodgers jerseys has been reimbursed for the season due to collarbone fractures, but the team’s goals this season remain unchanged, and the playoffs are still the lowest goal for packers. Lost Aaron Rodgers, the third grade teenager Bret Hendry will take over from the quarterback task, Hendry will become the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback, and the young people have great confidence to […]

nfl “ban the door” the latest progress

Elliott ‘s “ban the door” the latest developments An appeals court will be held next month to stop the implementation of suspended for the Dallas Cowboys running back Elliot Ezekiel due to the violation of regulations and impose a personal union behavior 6 suspended temporary injunction hearing. The hearing will take place next month The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for the fifth circuit decided on Friday local time that the NFL alliance will hold an oral debate with the […]

NFL new season first week strength list

The strength of the champion jets at the bottom Just finished the NFL first week regular season, has the team’s display to be startled, has the team to cause the human to be surprised. The latest issue of the strength of the standings, the defending champion patriots home court defeat against the Kansas City Chiefs slipped to third, while the season before he was repeatedly “passengers” message Tucao chief jumped from 81 to third. Losangeles rams ushered in a massacre […]

nfl best offensive rookie

135th by his copy this year? Although the curtain on the NFL2017 season has not yet opened, the topic of who will be the rookie of the year has been hotly discussed by American fans. As the official NFL recognized rookie of the highest honor, The Associated Press every season will be selected for the rookie of the year and rookie of the year defensive rookie. In last year’s poll, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Mike Prescott and four running backs Ezekiel […]

Barr Timo Raven nfl new season jerseys is expected

The new season is expected The crow is disgusting, he is not only the black body, carrion habit and the coarse bark, no one love is like crow football, no one is willing to fight with the crow, tough hard, very hate. Perhaps the new season, injuries will come to destruction, hit the team, whether it can enter the playoffs, whatever the outcome, will not affect the fans of the team’s favorite, and for the crow, strength, keep healthy, this […]

San Francisco 49ers Superstar jersey

Carlos Hyde Carlos Hyde, running guard Last season, Hyde attack 49 people in one of the few bright spots in the early stage of the season, as expected, Hyde will carry a large amount of work, the former Ohio state run health occupation career has not yet tasted kiloyards season, although only in the League for three years, but increasing year by year statistics the injuries and accidentaly across is impressive, last year fell on the key 988 code, watched […]

The greatest jerseys nike sale Negro catcher

Jerry rice Jerry Les is one of the greatest outside players in NFL’s history! His career lasted 20 years, and he dedicated the first sixteen years to 49 people in San Francisco and helped the team win the 3 super bowl. Les is NFL most career catch data record, including the frequency of the ball, the ball, the ball yardage touchdowns, he was selected to 13 occupation bowl, 10 selected the best line-up for a while, 2 selected the best […]

Patriot superstar clash with new price aid

Chinese idioms or allusions are the essence of the language left by the ancient Chinese to the modern people. Its concise and comprehensive, rich in content, but also contain a lot of profound truth, such as “fratricide” has always been a taboo in Boston, but there seems to be people who do not know. Let me first introduce the two protagonists of this brother’s fight. “Big legs,” Wei Wei, Gilmore Stephen Gilmore, who defected from Buffalo, Bill, to new England […]

A double harvest on nfl jerseys sale the battlefield

The United States Army Rangers to renew the Steelers meritorious service Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle (Alejandro Villanueva NFL) in the incredible journey now has reached a new height. The Steelers announced a sign with the 28 year old Vera Nova 4 year contract. The contract is valued at $24 million. Vilanova, who served as a member of the American Army Rangers, went to Afghanistan 3 times and won the Bronze Star medal. He joined the League at the age of […]

NFL tiger father no dog female wholesale

Former NFL foreign daughter broke the 800 meter record in the United States Chad – Johnson and Johnson – daughter Cher The outside catcher is definitely one of the fastest places for NFL players, and it’s obvious that such talent is flowing in their family’s blood. Once the star outside, take over Chad – Johnson, there is such a successor to his good genes daughter. Recently, his 12 year old daughter Cher – Johnson broke the national record age of […]