NFL Congress sells new rules through Jersey

NFL General Assembly adopted new regulation “helmet defense” is strictly prohibited

The high flying kick-off rule has been settled since the off-season.

The new rules were proposed at the player Safety Summit in New York earlier this month, by part of the league’s special service team and the members of the competition committee. At the NFL rest meeting held in yesterday’s local time, the owners of the teams voted to formally pass the new rules. Under the new rules, the opening of the ball will be closer to the abandoning of the kick, reducing the possibility of a collision between the players at a high speed.

Compared with the draft submitted at the previous meeting on player safety issues, the official rules promulgated are more detailed and perfect. The key information in the rules is as follows:

1. no players in the kick-off party will be in the area beyond the distance of the line where the tee point is located, but in the previous rule, the number is five yards. Such a change greatly shortens the run-up distance of the kick-off players.

2. wedged human walls are not allowed. Only two people’s walls can be set up within 40 yards of the half court to 45 yards of the other half.

3. before the ball is touched or touchdown, the receiving player is not allowed to cross the limit line (cheap nfl jerseys) or block. Such rules will force the receiver’s back to block, which greatly reduces the possibility of collision between the two players at high speed.

4. when the ball touches the end area, it will be immediately returned to attack, and no player is required to return to the end area to hold the ball to touch the ground.

The meeting also passed a new rule to punish the “helmet defense” and set up a corresponding expulsion standard. The new rule would be fined if a player lowered his head and made contact with the other player with a helmet, and the player would be fined when the player’s foul action was in conformity with the expulsion standard. Expel. The criteria for expulsion are as follows:

1. when the helmet is in contact with the opponent, the player fouls the player and lowers his head to his nfl jersey china opponent in a straight stance.

2. when a foul player has no obstacles on the way to the opposing player,

3. the impact is completely avoidable; the offender can finish the defense in other ways.

In addition to these rules, all players involved in the new season will be able to apply for video playback.

It is clear that the alliance wants to further reduce the probability of serious injuries to the players through such a change, and by the vote of the general assembly, the bosses of each team are also in favor of the decision. However, fans do not buy these new rules. The NFL operation Department’s response to the revision of the kick-off rules is full of fans’ resentment. Many people think that instead of changing the rules like this, it is better to cancel the kick-off directly, and even more people call it “rough”.

The Chicago bears falls into despair

The team expects second taifashenwei

Last week the night race Chicago bears just lost to the Green Bay Packers coach John Fawkes will release a cup of wine in military power, announced that this year’s show Bangyan quarterback Mitchell Khodorkovsky to replace Mike – getting trube. Now the first NFL Chomsky Truby strong race will encounter with rival Minnesota Vikings, and the first show will be arranged in a week night game, people want to see this “home alone” bears can play what is not the same thing.

As a rookie quarterback, Truby Pinsky to learn too much, although in the training camp for a whole summer, but not enough. The team was originally intended to Lipinski Truby a season to adapt to the alliance, do not want to let him prematurely by other teams research thoroughly, but the poor performance of Mike getting the people unbearable, had to be “semi-finished” trube Pinsky in the spotlight in advance.

On Thursday, the bears offensive team coach Logan said, “Deauville – I have seen any rookie ready to trube skidby enough.” People with high expectations for the show Bangyan, but since the history bears the lack of a reliable quarterback, this position as cursed, in recent years, several top talent all become smuggled goods, such as the 2011 Jack – Rock and Johnny – Manzel in 2014.

Logans also mentioned the Minkowski exceptional mobile trube ability will help promote the team, this Mike getting compared with like a sitting duck pocket. It can be said, has become the base Truby Chicago bears jerseys the life-saving straw, he in several preseason performance to Birgelen agricultural well, in addition to the lack of experience, Kandinsky Truby can be said it is all powerful. Of course, Logans said, “don’t expect too much of him.”.

“Skippy Truby is an outstanding young player, but he is not a magic wand, we are a team, we need players around him better, because he has the ability to attack the group with better, from me to all the coaches team, we must stop the downward trend in the team. I believe in him. I’m his fan. He’ll be a special player.” The Chicago bears jerseys are currently 1 wins and 3 losses, the fans of the team all hopes are pinned on him, now trube lipinski.

Manning: I’m wrong. I accept criticism”

Respond to the boss throwing pot

The end of yesterday NFL Monday night game, New York giants 10-24 defeat the Detroit lions game, New York giants quarterback Eli Manning veteran in the game because the management serve time led to the failure of the giants directly lost a possible touchdown opportunity, the final defeat of the giant lion 14 points after the game, coach of the New York giants Ben Mcadoo because of the mistakes in the game at Manning’s operation is very hasty.

Eli Manning is a veteran with 14 years of occupation career as a quarterback, he knew that the NFL quarterback should be how to deal with these things, he has enough experience to deal with these things, especially in New York’s home court. But the veteran but at the crucial moment made such mistakes this year, unlike the critical moment frequently can play stunning performance of Eli Manning, the coach of the criticism, Manning can only bow to admit mistakes.

“You’ve lost these games. You’ve only helped the team score 10 points. You have to accept the criticism. He knows I can do it, but I blew it.”.” Manning responded to the manager’s criticism.

In addition to yesterday’s small Manning’s mistake, the giant itself has a lot of problems, such as the left Jiefeng Eric f. Rawls was released after blasting for three opponent sacks, while receiver Brandon Marshall missed the ball directly to key let the giants lost a chance to attack and was forced to punt, a direct result of the back after the lion touchdown. These problems especially Rawls bad performance is the real reason for losing the giants, although Mcadoo has touched on these issues, but Mcadoo is more attributed in Manning’s body, but the losing team coach should be more to reflect on their own right, but Eli Manning’s good character calm after pot. Otherwise, the giant inside the team there could be some problems.

Manning has always been such a character, he will always accept criticism of him, in spite of that mistake not section third of the whole blame him, after all, a coach in the team found may delay the time when the foul should be called a timeout to prevent the occurrence of such a situation, but Ben Mcadoo do not, he explained his trust in Manning can control the time well so let Manning play, but it is more like Mcadoo to throw his pot.

Eli Manning led the New York giants won two Super Bowl trophy, he is the player most consecutive games in NFL history, he played in 201 games. He is accustomed to criticism, this is as a basic course for an NFL quarterback, but the New York giants currently in such a situation, even if Manning can make miracles over two new England patriots, but now the New York giants such awkward situation, he almost failed to lead the New York giants win, lose the reason is not small Manning, but he had to quietly back all the blame.

Lynch nike nfl jerseysreturns to beast mode

Let the doubters shut up!

Today NFL second week race continues, can say so many games, finally let the fans really from the offseason to go out in the morning Beijing time end games, we now look at those exciting things happen at the game:

Let the doubters shut up! Lynch went back to beast mode after a year’s absence

First, watch the Oakland Raiders play against the Tennessee titans. Ma Sean – Lynch in the absence of NFL a year later returned to the NFL stadium, although in pre-season we have seen the play of Lynch, but Lynch in the preseason and did not show too much time for us to show his beast mode, the Raiders Lynch all ready to leave the formal energy to continue at the start of the game again broke out, and Lynch did not live up to all of his fans in Oakland and love. The rest of the year had no effect on the condition of Sean Lynch – as long as he stepped on the field, he was the beast that could destroy everything. Although many people are not optimistic about the Oakland Raiders, the 31 year old horse Sean – Lynch as a starting run guard to use, but after this game, no one will doubt Lynch still can not eat.

Let the doubters shut up! Lynch went back to beast mode after a year’s absence

The game of horse Sean Lynch rushed the ball 18 times and scored 76 yards free 4.2 yards, although no nike nfl jerseys returns touchdowns. But Lynch has shown a gratifying side, the opening of the first run, Lynch again staged a beast mode, he catches the ball after the flash turn maneuvers to blaze a new trail in the crowd. Finally, even in the other defensive players continue to grapple with the defense and then move forward a few yards, completely is the appearance of youth. The final horse Sean Lynch in the game continued the good momentum of the first red ball, in a year have not officially played football for the Raiders, Lynch to have such an excellent debut does make people unable not to expect, Lynch will rise to a height of how for the Raiders, and in Oakland this is a good offensive attack, Lynch can avoid excessive collision, it is very important for a veteran.

So we can try to imagine horse Sean – Lynch’s performance in the Raiders, after all, in the Raiders Lynch will not have so much offensive pressure, he can be happy and easy to play in his hometown.

2017 nfl nike jerseys texans

Northern District of League of Nations

chicago bears

In order to cut kicker Robert Aguayo, Chicago bears spent $428 thousand. The former Tampa Bay pirates played no challenge to the bear’s starting line-up last season.

Detroit Lions

Outside linebacker antwine Williams in training camp when the opening is considered to be the No. third linebacker lions, and can play a key role in all kinds of defensive formation. After a month, however, he had to pack up and leave.

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

Southern League

Atlanta Falcons

The four – year-old’s performance has been disappointing since the 2014 Atlanta falcons’ second round pick of Rachid, a graduate of University of Minnesota. On Saturday, Hagemann was released by the falcons on the list. This decision once again reflects the team’s dissatisfaction with him.

carolina panthers

The Carolina Panthers list of 53 people including two kicker: veteran Graham and 2017 nfl nike jerseys texans rookie Harrison – Bartek – ganor. Because two people have always been involved in trade rumors, we can look forward to that of the two one should be in the near future change over.

New Orleans Saints

Of the 53 saints list of the New Orleans saints, two are worthy of our attention. These two people are very likely to be absent from the saints season opener, they left Jiefeng Trondheim – Amusidide and David Stephen – Anthony line.

NL West

The Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals on Saturday to cut their 4 round pick – tackle Dorian Johnson. On the offensive line, the Cardinals chose to stay – Daniel and Ulrich – John monje. The offensive line and all things to all men – Daytona Cole suffered layoffs beyond all expectations.

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco as the 49 team in the 2016 season of the highest efficiency receivers, Jeremy Cole in 2017 nfl nike jerseys texans training camp and the preseason was bad, he was eventually abandoned the team.

The Seattle Seahawks

In order to give Sheldon Richard a certain wage of US $8 million 100 thousand, and the first position, defensive tackle Adiba – Seattle Seahawks laid off the team Lubin.

Injury list for pre-season second weeks

In the preseason second weeks of competition, in order to adapt to the atmosphere of the game, tactical tactics, more and more teams choose to allow the lineup of core players debut. As a result, some key players were also hit by an unexpected injury. Today, we’ll take stock of important players injured in the preseason, second weeks’ game, and subsequent training.

At second weeks of pre-season injury: Beckham ankle free Seahawks Titans match reports

New York giants took over little Odell – Beckham

Left ankle sprain

Beckham immediately accepted a X – ray examination of his left ankle after being injured in Monday night’s game against Brown. Although the results are negative, Beckham’s comeback time is still difficult to determine. The New York giants’ top agent will certainly miss all the rest of the giants’ pre-season and are unlikely to make their debut in the opener against the cowboys. The Brown team cornerback Blaine Bodie Carle for Beckham and the impact of the flood would cause more serious consequences for him, but David was not fully supporting leg stand force, was finally able to leave the stadium.

The Seattle Seahawks left Jiefeng George venter

While the new season journey ended, and this is a major blow to the offensive line has been hoping to enhance the strength of the Seattle Seahawks. In the offseason, while 25 pounds, and to train the outstanding performance by the Seahawks team as the new season the most progress potential of the second grade students. However, mlb jerseys cheap with both the Seahawks season, it is difficult to find a qualified replacement in the remainder of August, the same as the second grade students Rees Audi and Luke abou left guard Joeckel will probably become the team’s two choice.

Cincinnati tiger team safety Sean Williams

Williams might not have missed the entire season, but we will get at least 4 to 6 weeks to see the tigers first team nfl jerseys safetys figure on the pitch. Williams’s position may be substitute safetys Deron Smith replaced, but Williams’s injury has made the Meng Hu team safetys stretched in this position, they are only three healthy safetys for coach selection.

Detroit lions took over T.J. Jones

Jones in Saturday night’s game in his thigh muscle injury, and no match. After regular training on Monday, Jones did not participate in normal training. An outside injury in the hands of the injured team needs to be taken seriously by the team, especially when the catcher is playing a decisive role in the team. When Jones left, rookie Kenny will wear gola served as the team’s third took over, fought side by side together with Gordon Tate and Marvin Jones.

Buffalo Bill took over the Rhodes Street

On Thursday night against the Philadelphia hawks in fourth, Streator broke his toe and transported by medical leave. His comeback time is still uncertain. During his 49 season last season, although he made his debut in 16 games, he has been plagued by injuries.

Losangeles team lightning tight end Geoff – Cumberland

Left Achilles tendon rupture

After playing the New York jets in the 6 season, Cumberland in the past offseason as a substitute tight end to join Losangeles lightning team. However, with the left Achilles tendon, the Cumberland 2017 season ended.
The two week preseason is over, and in about two weeks, NFL’s new season will begin. Hopefully all the NFL teams will be able to cut players’ losses in pre-season and be able to welcome the season with the most complete line-up.

The league’s most expensive running back suffered a concussion?

Brain concussion occurred in top pay running training

The Atlanta falcons’ main run, Freeman, showed signs of concussion during training on Sunday. On Monday, coach Dan Quinn announced that Freeman does appear to be a slight concussion, and he will be excluded from this weekend against Pittsburgh Steelers preseason.

Quin said Freeman was unwell during training and thought the weather was overheating, which led to heat stroke, but Freeman himself said there might have been a concussion. Heard that Quin was scared and quickly told the medical staff to check, and directly from the end of the preseason list he scored he may soon appear in the training camp, but now he has to do is to take a good rest.” Quin added that he wasn’t even sure he would play in the rest of the preseason.

De Feng tower – Freeman in just a few days before the team signed a $41 million 250 thousand contract for 5 years, let him become the league’s most expensive running backs, the contract affirmed the value of Freeman, he has no reason to play in the preseason, Falcon needs a healthy Freeman, over the past two seasons he got 2135 yards and 22 touchdowns, now from the regular season and play a month, he will have plenty of time to rest, in addition, Quin also decided to Matt Ryan and Julio Jones have frozen up.

In the first quarter of the season’s first offensive, the team did their best and then changed to the bench, and Freeman got a touchdown in the attack. The team is not the lack of competition in the running back position, in the next game, Blaine – Hill, Ward – tron and Kelvin – Taylor will assume the offensive team road.

The crow team signed sadi Erskine Lewis

Now the discussion Colin Capet Nick will not go to the crow team topic can just stop for a moment, today announced the signing of Baltimore crow team quarterback sadi Erskine Lewis, and at the same time cut Dustin Vaughan.
In the preseason, crow quarterback Ryan Mallett still play with the same training camp 18 bad, only 9 forward 48 yards, let the team crow unbearable, Sadie Lewis’ sign ready to host. In Joe Flacco still on the sidelines of the time, he will serve as the No. three or no. two quarterback to compete with him and the young Josh Ward Room.

More worrying is that has been in the League for seven years Lewis occupation career. Most of the time is spent on the bench, the game dates back to a 2013 he, that year he was in the Bill team came 1092 yards and 4 touchdowns and 3 steals. After Lewis has removed 49 ram, five teams will serve as Tinker’s role, although nfl jerseys china 49 people in San Francisco last season all four expenses have a chance to appear, but because of his knee injury in the bench.
It is said that one of the reasons not to sign Capet crow team Nick, the team is convinced they can hold up the backup quarterback first few games of the team, they don’t need to spend big money to sign a “trouble”, but this does not mean that Ryan Mallett was safe, if he continues in the performance of the other players also can not afford to support the situation when the crow is bound to put the target again to Capet Nick.

This offseason crow quarterback battle looks increasingly fierce, with the advance of the story of the preseason is toward a climax, who will have the last laugh, we will wait and see.

Pre season harvest quarterback, outstanding performance to help build confidence Hackenberg

People know the preseason victory does not mean what, but for the New York jets and Hackenberg is a good start. After offseason sacked veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and Gino Smith, between the team’s starting quarterback by the new signing Josh McCain and Brice Patti, the preseason defender Christian Hackenberg’s excellent play broke this balance.

The two – year quarterback from the Penn State University played most of the time in the game last week, 25 passes, 18 times, and 127 yards. He is constantly looking for gaps in the pocket, so as to find a close pass target, except for a few long did not find the target, to show their short in about 10 yards of talent, shot quickly, very precise, reminiscent of Carson Palmer. He helped take over Robbie – Anderson found the rhythm of the game, but also activated the full guard – Anthony – purcell. Even after Josh McCain also praised the young people.

After the interview, Hackenberg said they feel good now, win and not by individuals, this is a team everyone nfl jerseys wholesale very hard, also boast a defensive group on. Although he is second in the 2016 draft round was chosen to play the regular season but Berg and Haken no chance in the last season, even in the team all play quarterback worst case.

Hackenberg career best when he was in the first year at the University of Pennsylvania, to now have five years of time, for young people, he needs more opportunities to play like this. McCain because older, performance has been far less when young, season a few games down Brice Patti, feeling difficult chengdaqi, young Hackenberg only need to get ready, wait, the opportunity may soon appear.

Prospects new season for New Orleans saints

In the Southern League of the United States where each team is becoming stronger, the saints’ line-up is not enough to explain the problem. Although the team’s record should be improved, but the offensive and defensive ends of the potential risks are likely to lead to the team once again hit the playoffs defeat.

Expected results: 9 wins and 7 losses, missed playoffs.

Attack team

Under coach Payton and quarterback Bracey, the attack of the saints has never been a problem for the past 11 years. Last year, the second round of the show (Michael Thomas) played rookie team history the best receiver performance, let the team in the offseason to boldly go Kukes. But Thomas is tall, long-range threats cannot compensate for the speed type of cousteau. This team in the offseason from rivals the Panthers signed veteran Ted Jean, although the latter catch ability than Cousteau, but odd speed will let the opponent dare not let down. The slot’s main Wiley Snyder this year into the contract, have enough power to improve my performance. The proximal end of season no newcomers Kobe fleener on the front immediately into the team, to prove yourself in the new year to. Overall, go though Cox, the saints offensive under the leadership of Bracey, is still the league’s top level.
In contrast, the team’s attack on the ball, because of Pedersen’s joining, the configuration of the change is more significant. The team’s main run guard Mark – Ingram last year to get the first 1000 yards of the season, now 28 years old, he can say that is still at its peak. Therefore, after Pedersen, the team will use two people, it has become the fans talk about the topic. The team’s attitude has not been given a definite debut, indicating that the two may share the ball equally. But in practical terms, Ingram is still more trustworthy than Pedersen. In addition, the team in the draft is still in the third round of the Alvin – Kamala (Alvin Kamara) to supplement the depth of the lineup, as Ingram and Pedersen in the past have hidden dangers, plus a layer of insurance.

Running seems to be more stable, the team’s offensive forward is a problem. The Terron Armstead, the number one player on the team’s front line, was injured two months ago in a short training camp and missed at least half of the season. From the lineup, the team is the first show of Rahm Qi Ke and the main force left guard (Andrus Peat) can replace the Amusidide position, but his two performance that are not Amusidide. The saints offensive team for many years alone cannot do without stable performance has been the front. Amusidide out what will bring much impact to the team, it is very difficult to predict.

Defensive team

The saints’ defensive team has been poor for years, but the problems are different nfl jerseys china over the years. Take the last two years. In the 2015 season, the team’s main problems are forward pass and corner guard. Last season, the issue of rushing was improved to a certain extent, but did the center guard have someone to trust?. The corner had a depth of lineup, but it was stretched again because of a series of injuries. The team in the offseason on these three aspects are done a certain degree of tonic, but the effect remains to be investigated. Wei Wei position now has the first round of the show, Moore Moore, last season’s two main (Delvin Breaux) and (P.J. Williams), if you can maintain good health, then the corner guard is no longer a problem. Of the two new guards in the center line, the Special Olympics are now competing for the starting line-up, while Klein has shown his versatility and can find his place in the basic formation and in the five guard formation.

The problem returned to the defensive front line, where the team had been on a headache. On the season, although not a stable defensive end as a partner of Jordan, but the first show (Sheldon Rankins) and new aid (Nick Fairley) in the defensive tackle position on the performance of stability, and improve the overall level of defensive attack. This year the team from the Arizona Cardinals Cardinals signed Okafor as a partner of Jordan, adds to this ring, but just continued under the New Testament Fairlie but was found to have a heart problem, occupation career will continue to be in question, at least this season is not appeared. Because of this, the team has again become one of the most questionable links.

Secret Service

The team’s secret service was criticised last season for three games, as key free shots or points were blocked and scored back. The team at the end of the season after the fire defense coach Greg Mcmahon was replaced by former Washington Redskins assistant coach Bradford banta. Despite the change in the coaching team, the team has a soccer jerseys very durable position in the hands of the players. In the past ten years the average annual change a kicker, the team decided to trust young Latz. Will this year, although the latter had this several times by plugging the embarrassment, but the overall performance is fairly stable, misses are basically free kick 50 yards to additional points nor other missed the situation.

Pirates are running for new jerseys nfl students

Injuries and suspensions allowed him to play only 8 games

Martin racing moments

(Doug Martin) will miss the first three games of the season, and the pirate running guard is not sure what he will do when he returns. But Martin said he would play like other seasons”.

Martin said: “for the past three weeks, I will be working hard to get my legs back to play.”. I’ll talk to partners about what I need to do in the next three weeks.”

“It really makes me feel relieved to be with my teammates.” “It all seems a little surreal for me,” Martin said. “Oh this is true?” And this is the true thing, very glad to can come back, I was ready to move on, to show my ability.”

The two – time professional bowl played only 8 games with injuries and suspensions last season, scoring 421 yards and scoring 3 goals.

When you beat the year, you want low pay? The raider’s near nike nfl jerseys tip gives you the answer.

Smith racing moments

The Lee Smith was desperate to stay with the Raiders, so he agreed to the restructuring contract.

Smith’s salary will be $2 million 750 thousand next season. According to media reports, the Smith contract now has $1 million in full guarantees and the 1 million largest list of bonuses. 1 million dollars, depending on how many times he was involved, was only allowed to play more than 60% to earn him $1 million.

But money wasn’t the most important thing for Smith.

“From the boss (Mark Davis), the general manager (Reggie McKenzie) to the coach (Jack Del Rio), I set foot in the club at the moment, gave me meticulous care.” Smith said, “when I was a free agent in 2015, I wanted Raiders, and now I still want to be in the Raiders.”. Offensive coordinator Todd – Downing (Todd Downing) and the near end coach Bobby – Johnson (Bobby Johnson) are my friends.”

“I can’t say how much I can say to my teammates. I love everyone in the locker room, especially Derek. When I saw the ball finished, he would be the first to come and celebrate. Camaraderie is my number one reason for staying here.”

5 days ago, 5 days after signing the contract, the saints face too fast,wholesale nhl jerseys just like a tornado

Here’s the thing: (Anthony Scaramucci) stays in the White House longer than Franklin (Orlando) stays at the saints.

Franklin signed a contract with the saints in 7.27, but recently NFL news showed that the saints had been attacking with the veteran.

Franklin finished his last 16 games in the Blitz as lightning guard, and was released after lightning added a young front guard to the draft. He signed with the saints, who hope that he can replace the original left guard (Andrus Peat) duties, so that Peter can top is shoulder surgery recovery of Zuo Jiefeng (Terron Armstead). But it seems the trick didn’t work.

Franklin has also visited jets before, and he still has a chance to get a job.

NFL Regular season is complicated and confusing

Quarterback NFL game against

Pony starter quarterback injured

La moment
When the Indianapolis Colts began training camp, they will be the starting quarterback on the sidelines.

Chris Ballard, general manager of the team, announced Monday (Andrew Luck) that he will be placed in the injury free list.

Although in the absence of training early in training camp is not an ideal situation, Ballard insisted that Iraq in the offseason after undergoing shoulder surgery recovery when no trouble.

He has started training in passing and is expected to return to regular season in time. “We’re in exactly what I think we should be in now,” Ballard said.

The state of LA will be one of the main news items of concern in August. Despite the management’s optimism about the recovery, Ballard is reluctant to promise that he will be able to resume training before the first week of the game.

The Arizona Cardinals coach (Bruce Arians served as interim coach pony, he said last week new jerseys that since the election in 2012, the pony draft over reliance on him.

In LA’s sixth season, this is unlikely to change.

Mustang GM top salary renewal for five years, record impressive, or will be inducted into the hall of fame

The Denver Mustang has extended its contract with the managing director, John Elway, executive vice president of team operations.

Mustang announced on Monday that both sides have agreed to sign a 5 year contract, which will allow for the work to the 2021 season elvy mustang.

Although the contract details have not been announced, elvy is expected to become the general manager of the highest salary alliance.

The Mustang has become the strongest team in the western conference since it began running the team in 2011. After that, they won 67 wins and 29 losses, 5 won the zoning championship, and 2 entered the super bowl. The only patriot is superior to the Mustang in this period of time.

Sorry for the importance of reputation elvy mustang. As a quarterback jerseys china, he led the Mustang twice to win the championship. As a general manager, he made a great team of champions.

In addition the Mustang management, elvy frequently excellent operation in the free agent market. He signed the twenty-first Century most important free agent Payton Manning (Peyton Manning), in addition, he also attracted professional bowl class excellent players, such as DeMarcus, Ware, Aqib, Talib, T.J., Ward and Emmanuel Sanders.

In addition to the free players sign. He was drafted later won the Super Bowl MVP of the Von Miller, in the unsuccessful rookie find such as Chris Harris) and Jr. (C.J. Anderson) of these valuable players.

As the Mustang in the history of the greatest figures, and the city of Denver has elvy closely together. He is likely to eventually be inducted into the hall of fame at the same time as a player and manager.