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The Chicago bears falls into despair

The team expects second taifashenwei Last week the night race Chicago bears just lost to the Green Bay Packers coach John Fawkes will release a cup of wine in military power, announced that this year’s show Bangyan quarterback Mitchell Khodorkovsky to replace Mike – getting trube. Now the first NFL Chomsky Truby strong race will encounter with rival Minnesota Vikings, and the first show will be arranged in a week night game, people want to see this “home alone” bears […]

Manning: I’m wrong. I accept criticism”

Respond to the boss throwing pot The end of yesterday NFL Monday night game, New York giants 10-24 defeat the Detroit lions game, New York giants quarterback Eli Manning veteran in the game because the management serve time led to the failure of the giants directly lost a possible touchdown opportunity, the final defeat of the giant lion 14 points after the game, coach of the New York giants Ben Mcadoo because of the mistakes in the game at Manning’s […]

Lynch nike nfl jerseysreturns to beast mode

Let the doubters shut up! Today NFL second week race continues, can say so many games, finally let the fans really from the offseason to go out in the morning Beijing time end games, we now look at those exciting things happen at the game: Let the doubters shut up! Lynch went back to beast mode after a year’s absence First, watch the Oakland Raiders play against the Tennessee titans. Ma Sean – Lynch in the absence of NFL a […]

2017 nfl nike jerseys texans

Northern District of League of Nations chicago bears In order to cut kicker Robert Aguayo, Chicago bears spent $428 thousand. The former Tampa Bay pirates played no challenge to the bear’s starting line-up last season. Detroit Lions Outside linebacker antwine Williams in training camp when the opening is considered to be the No. third linebacker lions, and can play a key role in all kinds of defensive formation. After a month, however, he had to pack up and leave. Green […]

Injury list for pre-season second weeks

In the preseason second weeks of competition, in order to adapt to the atmosphere of the game, tactical tactics, more and more teams choose to allow the lineup of core players debut. As a result, some key players were also hit by an unexpected injury. Today, we’ll take stock of important players injured in the preseason, second weeks’ game, and subsequent training. At second weeks of pre-season injury: Beckham ankle free Seahawks Titans match reports New York giants took over […]

The league’s most expensive running back suffered a concussion?

Brain concussion occurred in top pay running training The Atlanta falcons’ main run, Freeman, showed signs of concussion during training on Sunday. On Monday, coach Dan Quinn announced that Freeman does appear to be a slight concussion, and he will be excluded from this weekend against Pittsburgh Steelers preseason. Quin said Freeman was unwell during training and thought the weather was overheating, which led to heat stroke, but Freeman himself said there might have been a concussion. Heard that Quin […]

Prospects new season for New Orleans saints

In the Southern League of the United States where each team is becoming stronger, the saints’ line-up is not enough to explain the problem. Although the team’s record should be improved, but the offensive and defensive ends of the potential risks are likely to lead to the team once again hit the playoffs defeat. Expected results: 9 wins and 7 losses, missed playoffs. Attack team Under coach Payton and quarterback Bracey, the attack of the saints has never been a […]

Pirates are running for new jerseys nfl students

Injuries and suspensions allowed him to play only 8 games (Doug Martin) will miss the first three games of the season, and the pirate running guard is not sure what he will do when he returns. But Martin said he would play like other seasons”. Martin said: “for the past three weeks, I will be working hard to get my legs back to play.”. I’ll talk to partners about what I need to do in the next three weeks.” “It […]

NFL Regular season is complicated and confusing

Pony starter quarterback injured La moment When the Indianapolis Colts began training camp, they will be the starting quarterback on the sidelines. Chris Ballard, general manager of the team, announced Monday (Andrew Luck) that he will be placed in the injury free list. Although in the absence of training early in training camp is not an ideal situation, Ballard insisted that Iraq in the offseason after undergoing shoulder surgery recovery when no trouble. He has started training in passing and […]

The coach showed Newton the way

The Panthers can return the title, Newton understand this requirement need to perform Newton performs the boss’s life The four Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton jerseys nfl) last year ran the ball only 90 times for 359 yards is the occupation career low, in his pocket pass options still have problems. Recently, team coach Luo (Ron Rivera) said, the team hoped Newton reduces the running ball, passes the ball to be more resolute. Newton completed his operation in […]