NFL Congress sells new rules through Jersey

NFL General Assembly adopted new regulation “helmet defense” is strictly prohibited

The high flying kick-off rule has been settled since the off-season.

The new rules were proposed at the player Safety Summit in New York earlier this month, by part of the league’s special service team and the members of the competition committee. At the NFL rest meeting held in yesterday’s local time, the owners of the teams voted to formally pass the new rules. Under the new rules, the opening of the ball will be closer to the abandoning of the kick, reducing the possibility of a collision between the players at a high speed.

Compared with the draft submitted at the previous meeting on player safety issues, the official rules promulgated are more detailed and perfect. The key information in the rules is as follows:

1. no players in the kick-off party will be in the area beyond the distance of the line where the tee point is located, but in the previous rule, the number is five yards. Such a change greatly shortens the run-up distance of the kick-off players.

2. wedged human walls are not allowed. Only two people’s walls can be set up within 40 yards of the half court to 45 yards of the other half.

3. before the ball is touched or touchdown, the receiving player is not allowed to cross the limit line (cheap nfl jerseys) or block. Such rules will force the receiver’s back to block, which greatly reduces the possibility of collision between the two players at high speed.

4. when the ball touches the end area, it will be immediately returned to attack, and no player is required to return to the end area to hold the ball to touch the ground.

The meeting also passed a new rule to punish the “helmet defense” and set up a corresponding expulsion standard. The new rule would be fined if a player lowered his head and made contact with the other player with a helmet, and the player would be fined when the player’s foul action was in conformity with the expulsion standard. Expel. The criteria for expulsion are as follows:

1. when the helmet is in contact with the opponent, the player fouls the player and lowers his head to his nfl jersey china opponent in a straight stance.

2. when a foul player has no obstacles on the way to the opposing player,

3. the impact is completely avoidable; the offender can finish the defense in other ways.

In addition to these rules, all players involved in the new season will be able to apply for video playback.

It is clear that the alliance wants to further reduce the probability of serious injuries to the players through such a change, and by the vote of the general assembly, the bosses of each team are also in favor of the decision. However, fans do not buy these new rules. The NFL operation Department’s response to the revision of the kick-off rules is full of fans’ resentment. Many people think that instead of changing the rules like this, it is better to cancel the kick-off directly, and even more people call it “rough”.