Super Bowl Game Guide

The 106 players led the list

From the super bowl with 7 days, both players are soldiers for soldiers will be opened today, we bring you a Super Bowl Game Guide, which includes a total of two teams with the highest ranked list of 106 National People’s Congress, with it in hand, the super bowl is not lost!

First name: Tom Brady (patriot quarterback)

Although the fans dubbed the Lenten old man, but no one questioned the old man’s ability, Brady is still the strongest star quarterback, he ranked top in PFF, in all this year by the quarterback under pressure shot the most stable person.

Second: rob Gelon Sikorski (patriots tight end)

If the super bowl jerseys to choose a star close to Brady’s dominance, it can only be his most love passing target. Gelon is alliance first proximal front, it is undisputed, he even can do in addition to all the quarterback position on the assault group.

Third: Jason Kelsey (hawk Center)

Kelsey’s rebounding season has played very well, and he has always been the core of the Hawks, which has never changed.

Fourth: Fletcher – Cox (hawk defensive cut-off)

Cox is one of the league’s most dominant offensive player front, the entire season to put pressure on the quarterback 50 times, two of the playoffs 10 times put pressure on the quarterback, can be said to be the Super Bowl Brady did not want to meet a man.

Fifth: Brandon – Graham (hawk defensive end)

The defensive attack this season, Megatron alliance, Graham at the end of the season just before nfl jerseys cheap the ordinary one, but this year he and Cox’s ghost double door fearsome opponent.

Sixth: Patrick – Robinson (hawk horn)

In Philadelphia, Robinson is one of the most popular players here, and this year he finished 4 copies and 11 break passes.