Monthly Archives: October 2017

Green Bay Packers target playoffs

Packers young quarterback is confident of replacing Rodgers in the playoffs Green Bay Packers’ elite quarterback Aaron Rodgers jerseys has been reimbursed for the season due to collarbone fractures, but the team’s goals this season remain unchanged, and the playoffs are still the lowest goal for packers. Lost Aaron Rodgers, the third grade teenager Bret Hendry will take over from the quarterback task, Hendry will become the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback, and the young people have great confidence to […]

The Chicago bears falls into despair

The team expects second taifashenwei Last week the night race Chicago bears just lost to the Green Bay Packers coach John Fawkes will release a cup of wine in military power, announced that this year’s show Bangyan quarterback Mitchell Khodorkovsky to replace Mike – getting trube. Now the first NFL Chomsky Truby strong race will encounter with rival Minnesota Vikings, and the first show will be arranged in a week night game, people want to see this “home alone” bears […]