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Barr Timo Raven nfl new season jerseys is expected

The new season is expected The crow is disgusting, he is not only the black body, carrion habit and the coarse bark, no one love is like crow football, no one is willing to fight with the crow, tough hard, very hate. Perhaps the new season, injuries will come to destruction, hit the team, whether it can enter the playoffs, whatever the outcome, will not affect the fans of the team’s favorite, and for the crow, strength, keep healthy, this […]

Injury list for pre-season second weeks

In the preseason second weeks of competition, in order to adapt to the atmosphere of the game, tactical tactics, more and more teams choose to allow the lineup of core players debut. As a result, some key players were also hit by an unexpected injury. Today, we’ll take stock of important players injured in the preseason, second weeks’ game, and subsequent training. At second weeks of pre-season injury: Beckham ankle free Seahawks Titans match reports New York giants took over […]

The crow teaches you “empty handed” wolf”

The crow team re signing center Jeremy juita 5 months ago, Baltimore will crow team center Jeremy juita traded to the San Francisco team of 49 people. However, just last week, the 49 men announced that the veteran had been cut off, and the ravens again signed the general. It is reported that the juita wage contract for two years, the basic salary of nearly $4 million, plus up to $6 million in bonus time, compared with just $9 million […]

San Francisco 49ers Superstar jersey

Carlos Hyde Carlos Hyde, running guard Last season, Hyde attack 49 people in one of the few bright spots in the early stage of the season, as expected, Hyde will carry a large amount of work, the former Ohio state run health occupation career has not yet tasted kiloyards season, although only in the League for three years, but increasing year by year statistics the injuries and accidentaly across is impressive, last year fell on the key 988 code, watched […]

The league’s most expensive running back suffered a concussion?

Brain concussion occurred in top pay running training The Atlanta falcons’ main run, Freeman, showed signs of concussion during training on Sunday. On Monday, coach Dan Quinn announced that Freeman does appear to be a slight concussion, and he will be excluded from this weekend against Pittsburgh Steelers preseason. Quin said Freeman was unwell during training and thought the weather was overheating, which led to heat stroke, but Freeman himself said there might have been a concussion. Heard that Quin […]

Green Bay Packers: impact Super Bowl

Today, we are bringing together another strong team with a long tradition in the northern part of the League of nations — Green Bay packers. Key personnel change Kevin Kim In the draft, the packers changed the first 29 to the two, the first and the four. They are first in the two round of the first selected high and fast but thin University of Washington cornerback (Kevin King), and in the two round at the end of the North […]

The greatest jerseys nike sale Negro catcher

Jerry rice Jerry Les is one of the greatest outside players in NFL’s history! His career lasted 20 years, and he dedicated the first sixteen years to 49 people in San Francisco and helped the team win the 3 super bowl. Les is NFL most career catch data record, including the frequency of the ball, the ball, the ball yardage touchdowns, he was selected to 13 occupation bowl, 10 selected the best line-up for a while, 2 selected the best […]

Prospects new season for New Orleans saints

In the Southern League of the United States where each team is becoming stronger, the saints’ line-up is not enough to explain the problem. Although the team’s record should be improved, but the offensive and defensive ends of the potential risks are likely to lead to the team once again hit the playoffs defeat. Expected results: 9 wins and 7 losses, missed playoffs. Attack team Under coach Payton and quarterback Bracey, the attack of the saints has never been a […]

NFL player’s Super Bowl dream

Derek Carle: I’m here to get the super bowl. How much can I take? Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek – Carle last season led to the playoffs after the right leg fracture. In the offseason, Carle recovered very well, not only that, he also signed a contract under the largest alliance. Without any worries, Carle is currently in high spirits and aims at the super bowl. “My dream is only one, that is to win super bowl, not a super bowl, […]

Patriot superstar clash with new price aid

Chinese idioms or allusions are the essence of the language left by the ancient Chinese to the modern people. Its concise and comprehensive, rich in content, but also contain a lot of profound truth, such as “fratricide” has always been a taboo in Boston, but there seems to be people who do not know. Let me first introduce the two protagonists of this brother’s fight. “Big legs,” Wei Wei, Gilmore Stephen Gilmore, who defected from Buffalo, Bill, to new England […]