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Ever since the epic super reversal of the NFL Super Bowl earlier this year?

Is it because he is the winner of the 5 championship and supermodel wife?

But did you know he was a super reverse from the 199th pick?

The greatest quarterback of all time,

Defending your legendary career,

Defend every battle,

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This time, UA will join hands with Tom Brady,

Open the 2017 day tour of Asia for 5 days!

Beijing and Shanghai, # Wei you to #!

The first stop in China: Beijing Railway Station

On June 17th, Brady will arrive in Beijing. In June 18th, cheap jerseys UA will invite the media and activists involved in the Brady training course held in Shichahai. Brady will also be in the Under Armour brand shop meeting and love football fans.

Communicate with fans more than training experience, Brady will visit the Great Wall and other famous scenic experience, Chinese tea, feel the cultural heritage of the ancient city of Beijing.

China goes second stops: ShangHai Railway Station

Say goodbye to Beijing, in June 19th, the next destination for the modern Brady China capatial Shanghai.

In Shanghai, Brady will most newly opened Under Armour brand shop Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza Shop (Shanghai city Pudong New Area 3611 Zhang Yang Road No. 5 lane 101 unit) ceremony.
Love Chinese culture Brady will visit Shanghai’s famous Yu Garden experience, bamboo quiet world. In the medical center in Shanghai, paid special attention to restore the body will see Chinese magic Brady, experience different from western medicine recovery treatment.

In June 20th, Shanghai Huangpu District Luwan stadium, Brady will host a rugby elite training camp, intense physical confrontation, the real sense of the impact, will send out the charm of football wholesale jerseys!

In CUAFL co sponsored students talent shows itself the NFL and UA elite training camp in the trials of the 56 University of technology players, will also get the greatest quarterback Tom Brady to guide the opportunity in the field!

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Baltimore Ravens nfl jerseys

The Raven has lost his job on the bum

The Raven nfl jerseys cuts off the near end and wants to sign off for Mclean

Baltimore team’s tight end Denis Crow – pita in training once again broke his hip, the injury is not expected to crow pita, and on the five day after the veteran injured, Baltimore team will choose the crow cut, although this is not humane, but the team did indeed crow.

This time the Baltimore team for the team operation crow out of about $2 million 500 thousand, and the Baltimore team have to pay the crow pita injury after repeated placement, because of injuries to his hip in 2013 2014 with pita, he and the crow team signed a contract, he abandons this clause.

This is probably the end of Denis – pita occupation career ending injuries, for Baltimore it is near end crow pita Feng is very strong, last season, pita completed a total of 86 catches, the league is the most proximal ball players in front. After cut pita, last season Baltimore team three to catch the main crow all leave, they are 2 touchdown receptions for 729 yards near end is cut, the ball 799 yards pita 5 touchdowns. Wide receiver Steve Smith announced his retirement and the ball 266 yards full guard Kell he joined San Francisco 49 grams cut people, Baltimore need to develop their own ball team, currently only Mike – Wallace crow a season on the ball more than 34 times the player, he completed a total of 72 times for 1017 yards and 4 touchdowns. As a result, the Baltimore team crow must sign the new one in recent days took over, they are likely to put before being laid off by the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mclean sign, or choose to be laid off by the New York jets wide receiver Eric Dekker. Mclean will visit Baltimore crow, no accident, he would choose between Bill and buffalo crow team; and the jet is hoping to complete the deal for Dekker with a team.

Jielun – Smith took part in cowboy training for the first time

Finally, people can see on the training field cowboy 2016 rookie Jielun – Smith on the pitch, in the 2016 draft, he was considered the first round of forepart strength, but serious knee injury during the period of university so that he is not optimistic about his knee, nerve damage is serious, slow growth. But this year, Smith in the body turned out, his postoperative recovery than expected recovery in good condition, he was able to start some activities on the training field photographed Smith is a person who exercises from the end line, rushed to the other end, hitting the dummy, to tackle practice. He also did some running practice and secret service practice.

In the team’s training, Smith had some fight in cowboy two team confrontation training, although he did not play to show what is impressive, but Jielun Smith can appear on the training ground of the jeans is a good thing, Jielun Smith was very satisfied with his situation.

“Every week we have gradual progress, and I have a very good change, my knee nerve is growing.”.” Smith said.

In the last game of Jielun Smith university career, he suffered a serious knee injury, Smith was once considered to be selected in the first round and even as a champion, the injury to his draft position to the second round, although a season to play, but the cowboy ten believed that he would be able to restore the state in the past,Baltimore Ravens nfl jerseys and this offseason Smith’s knee is a turning point, this is very important, for the Dallas Cowboys for that cowboy 2016 rookie may become a golden generation.

The saints run Peterson for 40

It looks like Adrian Peterson in the New Orleans saints very happy, asked in an interview about their occupation career consideration, Peterson smiled and said he is willing to play 6 to 7 years, even if it is possible, he would like to play at the age of 40.

“It’s best to hit 37 or 38, of course, 40 is a good number, and I’d like to hit that time if possible.”.” Adrian Peterson said.

Although the Peterson is certainly with some joking attitude in the face of these problems, but the 32 year old has been very serious about their excellent performance in must be pulled out after the age of 30, he wanted to prove all his doubters, leaving the Minnesota Vikings in a new team, he had no problems.

“I have a mind, is to defeat the prejudice, a young man with a child’s example, what people say is not important to you, as long as you believe, devote yourself completely, God bless you, you can do what you want to do, I left to prove it.” Adrian Peterson said.

The old age of the martyr Peterson’s heart is still strong in high aspirations, that he might not hit 37, 8 years old, but I believe that his spirit can be handed down in this game.

Raiders help Warriors

City team backup Warriors team

The Oakland Raiders nfl news of the home court of Alameda County arena from Jinzhou warriors home court Oracle arena only a few blocks away, the two teams with the Oakland team, so deep feelings. Before the NBA finals finals specially purchased Bay well-known publications San Francisco hurricane newspaper advertising to support the full Jinzhou warrior tour. Although future Raiders will leave Oakland, the Raiders will be able to devote themselves to the city as long as they can stay in Oakland for a full day. The Jinzhou Warriors also clearly felt from the neighbors to support the team, the Jinzhou warriors in the home court, successfully won the first victory of the 2016-2017 season NBA finals, the Raiders seems very effective support.

Interestingly, I do not know who or what inspired the raid, boarded the newspaper players are not Stephen curry or Kevin Durant, but Raymond de Green, the newspaper Green classic style show muscle celebration in the picture below with the text “JUST WIN BABY (to win it, baby then,”) on a Oakland Raiders team logo. Now, we also have to admire the prophetic vision Raiders of the game today, though, Kevin – Durant and Stephen – Curitiba firepower, but in fact it is de Raymond – Green in the offensive and defensive play, revitalize the warriors offensive while limiting the perfect knight fire, he took out 9 points 11 in 2 assists and 2 steals and 1 blocks of the Almighty to knight defenseless.

Before the two season after coincidentally Jinzhou warriors successfully enter the finals, the Raiders have to support the warriors in the same way, the 2015 season the warriors won success, although the 2016 warriors regret missing the championship, but this year the warriors are expected to win the championship, with 4 giants of the road warriors all-powerful don’t need too much force, it is had the possibility of winning the 2017 NBA Championship playoff victory to force a so painstakingly Raiders also benefit.

To get the city team or the support of players is a great thing, like this year’s super bowl on almost all of the Boston team to support the new England patriots win; and since NBA and NHL are almost ice hockey playoffs begin at the same time, when the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins began their trip to the playoffs, the Patriots and the Patriots players for the city team cheer in a variety of ways, such as Julian Edelman, Le Garrett Blount et al are very often to the Celtics home court to watch the game, the Celtics rookie Jielun – Brown is still in the playoffs visited Boston bears locker room.

Just as the Raiders supported the warriors’ finals, NHL’s decision to fight was also helped by the NFL city team. The NHL finals only 3 days earlier than the NBA jerseys china finals, as the defending champion Pittsburgh team with the goal of winning the penguins to the “black eight” team Nashville Raiders want Tennessee to create a miracle, the NFL team also sent Titan City Brigade for refueling. The symbol of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Steelers for natural rivals with providing enough help, has always been low-key Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger personally stand on the penguin’s home court, a yellow towel to the city’s name for the penguin refueling. But here in Nashville is the Tennessee Titans quarterback Mario Kobita led a offensive Feng Feng man, topless, holding the traditional catfish crazy fun. The whole city has a heart in front of sports, just want to create a greater glory.

Another example of last year after the Cleveland Cavaliers win, Lebron James took the whole city to cheer for the MLB finals of the city team Cleveland Indians, unfortunately James’s luck has run out, the Indians were the Chicago cubs 1-3 comeback, and now the Indians will continue in the doom knight, James is likely to get personal career fifth runner up, one thing that is very embarrassing.

Now the finals NHL and NBA are carried out like a raging fire, and vigorously support the team in the city, Penguin lead 2-0 total score, 1-0 warriors leading from the strength point of view, these two teams are likely to complete the sweep to win the feat. Fortunately, the Tencent sports as a whole network exclusive broadcast platform NBA and NHL, and you will witness the great, NHL finals under a separate war in the Beijing time 7:45 on June 4th, the second finals in June 5th 8 against Cleveland test warriors of the contest, a few days later when the sign is the witness.

North American professional sports celebrity list

1 Cristiano – Ronaldo (soccer)

2 Lebron – James (basketball)

3 Rio Messi (soccer)

4 Roger – Federer (tennis)

5 – Phil Mickelson (golf)

6 Neymar (football)

7 – Boulter iusein (athletics)

8 Kevin – Durant (basketball)

9 Rafael – Nadal (tennis)

10 Tiger – Woods (golf)

11 Stephen curry (basketball)

12 Novak – Djokovic (tennis)

13 Vera Collie (cricket)

14 Rory McElroy (golf)

15 MS- Duran (cricket)

16 dragon Da – West (Combat)

17 Jordan – SPIs (golf)

18 Kaka (soccer)

19 – Williams sarana (tennis)

20 nishikori (tennis)

NFL player update news

Carle ultimatum, training camp began not to talk about renewal

The Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carle insists his nfl jerseys player contract, the quarterback put forward its own deadline, on the issue of renewal of the two party is in talks, Derek Carle is hoping to get the latest Raiders team answer before the June camp arrival.

In addition, Carle also said that if the Raiders can not complete the contract negotiations in this period, Carle will not stop talking with the Raiders, and in the final year of rookie contract campaign 2017 season.

“I won’t take any calls, money is not what drives me to do things, driving my things from I am sure everything I can do with my ability, I am sure I can lead the team to win, and I don’t want other things to shift my thoughts. Now I don’t want to embarrass the team or do something disruptive. I just say I don’t want to deal with things that affect my focus on winning.” Carle said that the training camp for the Raiders will begin in June 28th and that the team will begin training for the first time in June 29th.

Derek Carle – because the fracture end of his 2016 season, Calder in just one year left on his rookie contract situation, Carle apparently wants a long and lucrative contract, like Andrew last summer – Iraq and Indianapolis small Ma Dacheng’s contract.

The Panther star doesn’t worry about rookie McCaffrey taking the chance

The Carolina Panthers will probably create a NFL top backcourt attack, they in the first round of the eighth overall selection from the Stanford University running back Christian McCaffrey, he will be in such a focus on promoting the Panther ground team got a lot of opportunity, not only like this, the team of big brother, the star running back Jonathan Stewart will take pointing to the young man.

Stewart is not worried that Christian – Mac will steal some of his chances of holding the ball from his hand. Instead, he will help the young man grow up with his own experience.

“We can stop these topics because nobody cares about these details. We are aiming for the championship, aren’t we?” This is the point, no one cares who, who is attacking the ball, who, who has won the touchdown is nothing important. “You can make a contribution and help the team win the final title, that’s what we care about,” Stewart said.

Stewart has no hostility to his new rival, who believes the draft is merely a choice for the backcourt”. When Stewart is cheap nfl jerseys almost like McCaffrey, grow up slowly, then after Stewart de Angelo Williams, two people have a good chemical reaction, Stewart obviously know that they can cooperate with McCaffrey happy.

Mark – Sanchez has little problem with knee injuries

The Chicago bears quarterback Mark Sanchez luck always is not good, the team training camp has not really started, Sanchez in the offseason training in a knee injury, but not Sanchez’s injury problems, he should be able to catch up with the team’s training camp.

Sanchez’s injury, however, gave the team a chance to make a quarterback Connor Shaw, who had planned to cut Shaw to make room for Victor – Cruz. Due to uncertain Sanchez’s injury, the bears could not only two quarterbacks training, so Shaw can continue training with the team, and bears to sign Cruz to lay off another outside Zhu Wang took over the hills.

But anyway, between Sanchez and Connor Shaw, sooner or later have to be a left, now Mike is getting the starting quarterback for the Chicago bears, and the No. two quarterback is the second draft of this year’s Chubisiji Mitch – Mitch and Mike, Sanchez should be a continuation of their own three, the fate of the bench, but he may have the chance to play as he did in the Dallas cowboys.

NFL draft score of the United States Southern District

Division second: Tennessee Titans, score B

The original lineup flaw: Wei Wei, outside take over, inside guard

Cory, Davies, 5, and Jackson, 18, were a little high, and there were better players in the draft pool, but the two are still worthy of the title. Davies played at the Western Michigan University is the ruling class, but the problem is that he did not participate in any test before the draft. Shawntae Midland south to the west of the University of Michigan cornerback rival school much stronger, so Davies may also need to adapt.

Jackson’s stature is not high, there is still much room for improvement, but also to attack, even outside the ability to take over. Quarterback Marcus – Mario Kobita will love him. Titans completely follow their own lineup of loopholes in the draft mentality worthy of praise.

Tevan – Taylor the last two years have 3197 yards receiving 34 touchdowns in the top league (NCAA FBS) in the same period ranked first. So Mario Kobita had another good catcher. Now no one would say that the Titans didn’t have the big problem. Ken Brown at the University of California at Los Angeles is playing 3-4 formation inside the Wei, Josh Karaweik over the past two years there are 17 sacks.

On the whole, the management of the team did well and picked a few talented players.

Division Champion: Houston Dezhou people, scoring C+

Original lineup flaw: quarterback, attack, cut off, outside take over

Dezhou people find their love of the quarterback, sent out the first round of next year to sign, trading on the 13, chose DeShawn Watson. Watson has two consecutive years in the national finals against NCAA, which makes his draft prospects improved a lot. But at the same time, he is still a lack of stability, the past two years came 30 copies, the most for the same period in the premier league. So for the team that has been trying to succeed as soon as possible, Watson obviously needs more time to play NFL.

Houston think they have super bowl defense, but the attack has been dragging back. If Watson can play at the level of Bill – Obrien coach, then the sign will be ok. But for the moment, it’s a little too expensive for the team to pick him up.

To be selected in the second days of Zach Canin and Forman are a good choice. Blaine Cushing is likely to be cut in the next year, and Cunningham is just a successor, he has accumulated a lot of experience in Cushing’s position, do not need to do too much adjustment can take over. Forman is a short number of experts, just to make up for Lamar meter less problems Leda array. Carlos – Watkins is an explosive, potentially defensive inside line, and he’s down to this spot.

Of course, the success of the draft will depend on Watson’s future performance. If he can become a qualified playoff team next season, the Dezhou quarterback will not be a big problem without his first round of next year.

The Jaguar talent guard is at the bottom

Division fourth: Jacksonville jaguars, score C+

Loopholes in the original lineup: near the front, attack forward, defensive front

The football team manager Tom Coughlin with the No. four pick selected running back Leonard Faure Nate can understand this idea, Faure Nate is the one who can help improve the quarterback, running back, like when Coughlin as coach Fred – Taylor, the problem is the team put in this position has been great. About 2020 the team last summer to free agent Chris Ivory signed before maturity, and TJ- Elden in the year before the second round draft pick in the first several selected. Before they had Tobey – Hart.

Anyway, because chose Faure Nate, big contract and ivory top Elden now became chicken ribs role. Even if the two people are in the office before signing Coughlin, just give up is also a little pity. Such a high position would have been good for a defensive forward, or by choosing OJ- Howard, a close winger, to widen the offensive dimension. But the success of the run depends largely on the attacking front, while Jaguar’s attacking strike is still a problem. After all, Faure Nate is a force type running guard, the number of yards to rely on the collision, rather than good at hiding to grab the smart running guard. So the front cover is really important. The team was also aware of this, so in the second round of the election – Robinson kamm. But even with Robinson, the attacking front is still out of step with the Dallas cowboys. So I’m afraid it is difficult to see Faure Nate play Elliot to Kiel aize cowboy play a role.

In the other choice, Dawanei – “is a gifted at military college career, but can not predict the fluctuations, so he can play the expected performance. The wide receiver didi Westbrook exists off serious problems, so in the fourth round of election he might be a little bit earlier. Blair Brown and Jaron – Michael are both short and fast in their respective positions.

On the whole, it is no doubt that Nate’s abilities and talents are the same, but when nfl jerseys from china there are loopholes in the team’s lineup, it is a bit of a challenge to choose the running point with such a high position.
Division third: Indianapolis pony, score B

Original lineup flaw: attack forward, inside guard, defensive front line

In front of the new general manager Chris – Ballard is a devastated defense, so he grabbed the sign in here. Malik Kerr Hu fell to fifteenth was a winner, he is the best defender in large area, are some of Eric and Hall of Fame star Reed, he just needs to improve his grapple ability, and the interception ability is first-class, is now in the stage of injury.

Quincy Wilson may have been selected a little early, he has a good sense of ball and sense of smell, but the skills of anti pass need to be improved. When choosing him, Jordan – Lewis, Fabian, Wu Qi than Cheetos – – Arklow – Bourne Witherspoon moreo and have not been selected to go, these people seem to choose the questions to choose some small than Werwilson. But the third tower rehl – Basham on the contrary, he University has 29.5 sacks, was supposed to be in the second round was selected to go.

Zach banner is a tall striker, a possibility guard than tackle big. Marlung Mark should become the main reserve Frank Gore behind the running back. Grover – Stuart is a potential defensive forward, but still needs to gain experience. Anthony – Walker had 20.5 yards in the 2015 season at the Northwestern University and cheap jerseys online was the best defensive player of the team.

On the whole, Ballard’s complement to the defensive team is good, but the team’s problem can not be solved by a draft. The team went near end Dwayne Allen, not in a round for his players, should have a small.

A nfl team is looking for three star quarterback

Capet Nick nfl jerseys

In the offseason, the league has several still unemployed former star quarterback, currently a quarterback looks within a short period of time or in the No one shows any interest in the state. However, if the players look to the north of the United States Canada, maybe they will find a new job, and just a CFL (Canadian Football League) teams have the chance to take the several former star players all into account, these players are top 49 quarterback Capet Nick. Last season Brown Griffin Sans and former champion quarterback Manzel Brown.

Located in the border, the five Great Lakes Lake Canada team Hamilton (Hamilton Tigers Cats) humao has the opportunity to put all 3 of them signed, if they are willing to give up playing NFL north of canada.
According to the rules of CFL, the CFL team if you want to sign a “international players” (from the CFL external players, such as NFL), they first need to put these players into the “negotiation list” (Negotiation list), before signing a contract. Now, the Hamilton team to Capet Nick Griffin Sans and Ocelot, Manzel all put into the list, means that they have a chance to get together with them.

Manser Lovell china jerseys

From the market point of view and athletic point of view, the CFL team definitely hopes to get these NFL stars. But for the time being, there is no indication that either of them is ready to play in Canada, a union with a minimum annual salary of only $40000. But in February, Manzel had another CFL team Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Roughriders) training to maintain state, but the move has attracted Hamilton Ocelot protest, because they have their first signing power.

Although CFL and NFL are the League of American football, but the rules and the site has a world of difference, in CFL, the attack only 3 stalls, while the venue is also wider than NFL about 12 yards (NFL width of the site is 53.33 yards to 65 yards, CFL); CFL touchdown District 20 yards, two times of NFL. CFL’s presence was 12 players, not 11 for NFL; in the end, the CFL attack only played 3, and NFL was the 4.

In such a big difference, once the NFL quarterback decided to go north, he would probably never return to NFL. In March, the former Dezhou University quarterback in the 2006 Draft by the Titans in the third position of the selected Vince Yang (Vince Young) is CFL and the North Saskatchewan signing, according to reports his annual salary is about $89000. In terms of revenue, CFL is nowhere near NFL.

CEO Hamilton Ocelot’s Mitchell in an interview when he said: “we know how important they are to us, but in the quarterback position, you will never say we have enough (quarterback). If Manzel thought CFL was one of his choices, we would know his great value in CFL and what kind of player he would be at CFL.” For the lynx, they now also have a team has been formed the main quarterback, former University of Cincinnati star quarterback Ross (Zach Collaros). Vince Yang’s move also tells the Rugby World that when a player doesn’t receive NFL’s call, it doesn’t football jerseys mean the football career is over.

Here are the rules for CFL’s “negotiating list”:

(1) each CFL team can reserve as many as 45 international players on the list
(2) players enter the list on the principle of “first come first served”
(3) the team has no control over the time limit of the player’s right to sign the contract
(4) the list will generally be kept secret
(5) once the players in the list have expressed their willingness to sign the contract, the team has 10 days to complete the contract
(6) each team can sign the player’s rights in the trading list

A team is hoping to win three star quarterback, who is so magical?


Of course, from the current situation, Capet Nick and Griffin III still have a chance to find a backup quarterback job in NFL, both the more rumors from the Seattle seahawks. But for all the negative news on the sidelines, Manzel, for now, looks dark for his NFL. Manzel also said that in January, he was cautious and sober about his stay away from NFL throughout the 2016 season. He seems to want a second chance from NFL.
Capet Nick, from the current situation and the odds, Griffin Sans and Manzel, or are not in a short period of time in the field of CFL, but once true, they will certainly appear in the stadium of Hamilton ocelot.

NFL draft National League West review jerseys

The Seattle Seahawks draft score: B-

Just need position: attack forward, corner guard, defensive front

The Seahawks loophole is not much, but need to fill the position nfl jerseys cheap of the hole is great. First, the need to supplement the place there is no doubt that people will only attack attack. The protection of the past two seasons the Seahawks striker given Werwilson really bleak. The second problem is cornerback and defensive line, Sherman was a variety of rumors around, while the other two corners of Wei lane and schede play is generally, and the safety of Edward in the 2017 season after will become the free player, Thomas is still on the sidelines of the case, the same as the Seahawks need to start after the defensive line the upgrading of talent reserve.

As everyone knows, this year’s draft good offensive players is very few, when the draft best striker player Boris was taken away after the Mustang, the Seahawks are quite clear that the first round draft pick no nostalgia, and made his 1 round 26 overall sign trading down to the second round of the total No. thirty-fifth. Back in the back only 9 a case in return for the 3 round, 4 round, 6 round and 7 round to sign a deal, from said quite well.
The Seahawks rushed pass strength among the best in the league, but it completely from the outside of the basic Bennett and Clark, as well as Wagner’s rear impact, compared to the outside at Seahawks pass, pass the result of basic medial thrust is negligible. The inside of the renewal of the Reed and Lubin in last season’s performance is only to see the man in the field, so the Seahawks in the No. 35 sign will be selected from Michigan state defensive tackle Mike Dover, aimed at reinforcing inner strength. The location is good, but the candidate is not the best. Mike Dover is probably the most lack of the 2017 draft after multiple cycles of selected players in the enthusiasm of the players. The former 5 star high school player is not lack of talent and technology, but his attitude and his vitality is the biggest problem, last season’s game against rivals University of Michigan and even tried to see the other ball players into the end zone. What’s more, most teams showed that his performance in interviews was so bad that it could cause him a big problem in adapting to the NFL game. However, if Mike Dover can overcome and change all these ideological problems, and play to his proper level, the signature will pay off.

The Seahawks Jique offensive tackle, but considering the overall level this year rookie striker, the Seahawks reinforced front action more on the free agent market. But they are still in the third round of selection from the Louisiana State University can play center or guard Boqiqi, the Seahawks striker big problem, but the main center of Britt play a very good, Boqiqi arrival is more likely in this competition in the guard position.

The Seahawks a series of transactions so that they all hold in the draft 11 sign, finally took the Seahawks 6 team in the defense, and 4 chose defensive players following the third round of the second, second choice is in line with the Seahawks tastes tall, with good physical quality cornerback Griffin, visible Carol to create a terrorist group defense ideas are still clear. University of Michigan No. 106 selection of over Dabo, also have the opportunity to become X Seahawk group attack factors.

Losangeles rams draft score: C-

Just need location: outside take over, near end forward attack, forward line, defensive second line nfl jerseys from china

Since trading with the Titans in last year’s draft, the ram became a spectator on the first day of the 2017 draft. The performance of the rams last season can be disastrous, and each position has varying degrees of problems. Champion Goff last season really flattered, and considering the configuration of the draft before the rams offensive team, so the rams in this year’s draft and head two sign clearly to choose those who can bring in the first week of the offensive team players help to the team and not Gove, those with high potential. No hundred percent of the combat power of the rookie.

Before the draft this year, RAM decided to aim for as many draft picks as possible to make up for the gap. In the second round, the ram took away the near edge of South Alabama, Everett. The South Alabama history first proximal frontal current weight is only 228 pounds, although some weight in the offseason, but do not know how to. Last season’s close quarters were almost useless, and Everett’s ability to move and the ability to catch the ball after the ball was taken advantage of by the ram, and his ability to block was equally good. But he also has the same big problem as the last spike of the ram last year, which is too easy to sell. The late winger, who is somewhat like the poor version of Eng Ram, should help Goff, who, after all, is probably better off for the rookie quarterback than the outside.

The proximal end of the hole to the front, the ram is also very clear in the third round of the time to choose, but the rams took over, took over the choice of some strange: in the second round, he made a downward transaction, let Z Jones and Godwin, and the draft calls very large from USC wide receiver Smith Schuster, finally chose Karp from Eastern Washington University. Karp is a very unique and over 40 yards sprint speed is only 4.6 seconds, this rate may cause him to get rid of the other guard line in a straight line, but Karp is unique in that he has 3 very good running and running, which is reflected in Karp in the college is quite good the ability to run the ball line. In the words of McVey, the head coach of the rams, Karp is the kind of player with a very smart mind, a good catch, and a good defensive player. Generally speaking, Karp is not the most in need of the depth of the ram blasting the sprint took over, but in the short distance like red zone attack, Karp will bring Goff support, on the whole it is a very safe conservative choice.

At the back of the No. 91 rams to choose a very external evaluation a player from the Boston College safety Johnson. Some media cheap jerseys china believe that Johnson’s ranking should be after 200, but the NFL official website expert Mayock has given him a good evaluation. This is a college career 3 years ago at cornerback last year was spent, to safety and struggling players. The real reason for his choice, or only know the general manager of the team snyder.

The ram has 8 draft picks, with four in the defensive group. He also picked up in the back round outside undervalued as Reynolds that took over, the whole ram with limited high picks to as much as possible to help Goff can say very wise, but when there is a good candidate on the shelf but downward trading, is a bit confusing especially, considering the bad results of rams in the 2016 draft of the rams need to pray for Goff can get rid of the dismal performance of his rookie season that Everett and Karp is the right choice.

NFL Beckham jerseys for nike

Beckham and Ross

Tencent sports news Odell Beckham is the NFL Beckham jerseys most popular football player, he is not only focus on the pitch, but a media headlines, handsome appearance, powerful arms with the media really star standard, from him making public opinion comparable to David Beckham, so also called the name of David beckham. These are mainly derived from Odell Beckham’s completely informal life, often out of the scene of debauchery after all those able to play football so well, this is sure to write a great deal about the. Young frivolous, Beckham woman changed one by one, but his heart wandering heart but couldn’t find the harbor berth. He challenged the limit, but like Kohler Kardashian’s women are unable to bind the hands of beckham. This offseason for Becks is a confused day, waiting for him to save the woman because there are many.

Harden and Kardashian’s old love moments

It may be said to harden, taste close, two of his former girlfriend Kardashian Kohler and Ross Appleby and David Beckham before and after invariably close with the box, whether they are being active in order to Beckham affect the broken heart, or loneliness let Kardashian such women do not live to Beckham, but we only to see Beckham with Kardashian after the body touching play, only to see Beckham from behind around April – Ross after the ducks swim, but no one cares about harden’s heart is not really hurt, even to brother again and import nightclub anesthesia, but he will not forget oneself once women have a lower and then became a Beckham’s body.

Beckham and Kardashian ambiguous moments

He could not forget every time Kardashian those bright but some hate eyes gently with their lips, wet wet came a little blurred with tears, Harden always let Kardashian leave regret, she couldn’t stop Harden to beg for more, but Harden was unable to bring because of a momentary distraction this woman more love, he was exhausted, he had enough to be criticized to indulge in sex is not a good play of the rumors, he concentrated on basketball and broke up with Kardashian and David Beckham in seeing Kardashian not out of sorrow in smooth water, under the fragile suddenly appeared, with his unique gentle probation this woman’s heart NFL, the off-season for more than 7 months, he had enough time to restore their fatigue, dark blue Chutian wide, Beckham’s chest like this deep into the sea. Kardashian’s heart, love already overflowed the chest, a layer of cinnabar from Kardashian’s neck along the spread, the hot breath, a vigor of the emotions come out, face to face each other hug, his inner feelings, ask the world what love is…..

Beckham and Ross

Harden April – Ross is unwilling to remain out of the limelight, his next girlfriend, slightly neutral NFL Beckham jerseys Ross the valiant heroic woman and her most contains feelings of curve shine, a cross two pretty slim bud, innumerable twists and turns a natural body, short hair with delicate features more attractive. But Ross was a difficult character, every high intensity game and wild partying every night, and a little brother got too much, he pain who can know, that this side of the woman can share the joy with their sorrow, but in the end, Deng found only brother happy joy only is open to communication between the two keys, Deng brother again fell, he again stood out. In his side, Appleby Ross went back to the youth girl like a romantic Beckham, all with their own to help Ross survive, he gently hugged from behind Ross, she refused, because she knew the man at this moment is her dream partner, she once again open, two people meet together understanding, face laughing and talking, the show is full of happiness and love.

David Beckham and Azerbaijan Leah

Not only is harden, Beckham seems to be the NBA player ex girlfriend place, “the king’s singles” Nick – young ex – Yigeji Azerbaijan Leah in Beckham has also recently been captured, compared to more than two compared to the traditional American woman, who was born in Australia, the beauty of female singer more breathtaking, during contact with Nick Young, the two men frequently burst large scale photographs, sometimes is Nick Young hugs the waist on the chest to hold hands over the Azerbaijan Leah, moving slender narrow waist, smooth straight, white and soft, smooth the moist legs dazzling, but the player cannot always be a woman lost soul, born in the sea of love Azerbaijan Leah, Beckham is in love with the sea, after Yang and she inexplicably broke up shortly after, unexpectedly have photographed paddling in the sea of Azerbaijan Leah in hot bikinis, And the Australian beauty side is our Odell – Beckham, with a smile, eight abdominal muscles. At this point, Nick Young would appear on the familiar black question mark face and say, “What, the, hell.””.

Azerbaijan Leah stroke moment

We don’t know the details harden and Nick Yang and his girlfriend who broke up, but I don’t want to guess is Beckham in football jerseys secretly hand, after all, Beckham side does not lack beauty, but also think Beckham was in the famous singer “pot brother” (The Weeknd) after the break, dating his ex girlfriend, supermodel Bella Hadadi. This can not help but speculate whether David Beckham actually broke up after they broke up, or else?