NFL draft score, Midland North jerseys

With the draft this NFL offseason the most important end of the project, we will also be division as a unit, as we gradually launched this year the teams in the draft performance assessment. What brought us all today is Midland north.

Baltimore Raven draft score B+

Just needed position: outside guard, attack forward, corner guard

The crow seasons offseason has been faced with the loss of key players, so every year there is a need to cheap nfl jerseys reinforce the position of many, this season is no exception. The seemingly balanced team has spent 5 on the defensive team in the 7 draft of this year’s draft.

The Raven’s second line was good, but they still picked Alabama’s corner guard Humphrey in the first round, the former Alabama star running guard Bobbi Humphrey’s son. Considering the angle of health the season crow group Carle, Yang and Smith Tavan are very good performance, plus two top safety Weddle and Jefferson Humphrey, the arrival of this second crow more terror.

In the second third round of the three round that followed, the crows opted for a pass and showed they had to shake off last season’s lack of punch. Bossel and Williams crow for 3-4 defense system can be said to be a good choice, because the latter was dropped off in the third round, the stakes for the crow is not too big. The two can also be considered Saggers’s successor.

Compared to putting the capital on the defensive team, the ravens placed only fourth, fifth, two in the attacking team, and still attacking the forward, which might make quarterback Fraco rather unhappy. Especially considering the current running guard of the crow, the outer catcher and the near end are rather shabby. Because offensive fire may affect their 2017 season. It’s not worth the draft capital on the defensive team, and the performance of the new season will tell us all about it.

Cincinnati tiger draft score: B

Just need location: outside take over, defend front line, attack forward line.

Tiger and has the same problem on the Steelers offensive team, that is the rest of the receiver to reduce the burden of the ball headed wide receiver. After last season Mohammed Sanou and Marvin Jones have to leave, AJ Green burden becomes more and more heavy, and also makes AJ Green in the 2016 season’s first career single season receiving yards did not reach four digit. So to not selected in the 2016 draft in over tiger in the 2017 draft conference decided to choose a take over, so the choice from the University of Washington wide receiver, Shinco Johnrose 40 yard dash record holder.

For the choice of a sound outside, taking into account the tiger with No. 9, plus the pre draft forecast in front of 8 teams should not get together and choose took over the case, the tiger should have the opportunity to choose before the exon two draft took Davies and Jimmy J Williams klee. Not only is unpredictable, the former was taken away when the Titan No. fifth, while the latter is the No. 7 lightning away, may indirectly lead to subtle tiger also decided in 9 to sign Ross to reinforce outside groups, but this choice has a considerable risks, after all, Ross once torn knee ligament, his shoulders and now need surgery to repair the injury. Although he had 40 yards of 4.22 seconds, Ross’s figure could cause him to be beaten by his opponent’s high point guard while catching the ball and wholesale jerseys unable to catch the ball in one to one jump. After all, an outside speed is not everything to him. Of course, Ross can still solve some of the problems of the tiger and tiger outside the group.

Meng tiger has always been a problem picking player’s habits, this time is no exception, in the second round chose to be accused of beating women outside, from Oklahoma’s running guard Mixson. Mixson’s capabilities are beyond doubt, but the first two options are proportional to risk and reward.

Last season, the league’s defensive side of the lower reaches of the league, also made them in the next third or fourth rounds of defensive ends: Willis from the state of Kansas and Lawson of the Auburn University. The two people in the University’s performance, ability and performance test and Simulation of talent market, they should never fall into the third and fourth round, especially the two have not outside under the condition of negative news. Under normal circumstances, they even have a round of late market. The former has a very good performance in the test, and college career with 26 sacks and 40.5 negative yardage grapple 80 times on the 2016 season season sent second of the country. The latter is before the draft is considered at the end of the 1 round to the 2 round of the stock market, can play a defensive end and outside linebacker 4-3 3-4 at the Auburn University, the 2016 season left an average of 5.4 times at pass on the surrender of a captured and killed a / quarterback / impact force the other side – quarterback rushed to the data. Tiger can receive two large leakage in the middle rounds, even if the final effect is not good there is no need to return too much risk.

Brown, or with this year’s draft jerseys china turn over

Cleveland Brown draft score B+

Just needed positions: quarterback, run guard, corner guard, forward line, hand forward

Brown’s draft this year can be a great success, but they still have to find the right quarterback if they want to pay off.

If Cleveland Brown is to describe the brilliant history of the draft jerseys china in the past 10 years, I’m afraid I’ll be able to write a book. The problem of Brown’s entire team, from management to coach to player, is not simply a few hundred words to explain the problem. Of course, experiencing the winter spring team to them is very near the beginning of 2016, Brown decided to start from the management of personnel, the original MLB New York Mets Baseball League Vice President De Poddar Star please come when the chief strategy officer (played by the Oakland athletics general manager assistant Brand archetypal characters don’t why do you have laughed at Brown in a circle of foreign football management, Germany is a pioneer of bordax tower, baseball player is used in data analysis of the famous movie “moneyball”), in the hope to use the new method thoroughly the team out of the black hole (by the way of data analysis in the field of NFL can that is very backward).

Brown last season won the dismal record of 1-15, cast is bullet riddled. Thanks to the 2016 draft and the Hawks traded 2 mark, so Brown in this year’s draft in greater cost. Brown plagued by problems for years we have been very familiar with, is that the team has no way to find their own Mr. Right at quarterback this position, the quarterback in 2017 small years, Brown also obviously no solution to this problem from the draft in the universe.
With Brown, the champion, he did not, as usual, call out a name that shocked the world in No. 1. 2016 season league countdown second ranking, so that they did not hesitate to win the Dezhou agricultural and defensive ends Gareth. Choosing the best player in the championship is a good start for this year’s draft. Although there are a lot of rumors that Brown intends to use the first round of the No. 12 pick to the transaction, to select quarterback Watson or Teru Bielski, but with the bears and the 49 transaction, Brown also decided to let Watson choose down trade in exchange for more chips. Finally in the 1 round at the end of the media picked up after being recognized was selected the top 10, finally because before the draft was exposed Tuesday safetys peipers positive urine test, and before the Steelers before the election to the near end Feng en Joe from the University of Miami library, even if there is no four quarterback, Brown in the first round the draft can be said to be perfect. Peipers defensive ability can provide help for Brown’s second tier, but the biggest problem is his full-time position and medication history at university he didn’t really have a right. And Grace’s ability doesn’t need to be questioned.

Brown was selected from the University of Notre Dame quarterback Cazale in the second round, although his body condition is quite good, but his strengths and weaknesses as prominent, that he still looks 1.5 finished the quarterback, although the University Games are quite stable. To expect Cazale to have to immediately save Brown’s combat power is unlikely, but in the second round. Choose one can still develop slowly with high potential quarterback absolutely consistent with common sense, especially considering that last season Brown used 5 quarterback, a total of 7 players left to pass data.

But in the back rounds, a defensive tackle Austria up Joe Kennedy than can solve the problem of instability is a good choice, and the sixth round of the defensive tackle Brandli, if not his problem is not outside the estimate in 185th was selected.

Pittsburgh Steelers draft score B+

Just need location: punch hand, line guard, defensive second line, outside take over

The Steelers offensive group has a prestigious Trident, but the Trident enemy in addition to their own nike nfl jerseys injuries, that is their own defense. Last season the Steelers defense group in the first half of the season is almost non-existent, and the Cowboys after the war is huoshaolianying. However, the second half of the season, with the return of the wounded, especially the old uncle Harrison began to participate in the full load after the file number, the defensive team in the second half of the season began to pick up. But considering that Harrison has 39 years old, before adding the round show outside linebacker Dupree still did not play at the level of expectation, so in his successors still uncertain, the Steelers took JJ Watt’s brother in the first round, 3-4 formation at military TJ watts, this choice is consistent with the team the status quo.

When everyone thought the Steelers will choose a defensive second tier players in the second round, the Steelers was a bit unexpected choice from USC wide receiver Smith Schuster. Although a little unexpected, but in fact it is reasonable. Because the scenery behind Antonio Brown, but the rest can not stand up for the Steelers wide receiver Brown to reduce the burden of trouble. The team receiving yards last season the Steelers most is Brown, second is running back Baer. But the team last season, Rodgers took over the team just outside two receiving yards last season the more than 3 player. When Brown was carefully watched by the other side, the rest of the young took over, but it was one of the epitome of the United States Championship last season.

Smith last season, although there are inconsistent issues, but his potential is top-notch. With Bryant’s comeback, Smith can slot in Schuster and Rodgers rotation, let Wallace have more choice in the 2017 season.
Taking into account the Steelers cornerback has been seeking, so in the third round of choice in Tennessee cornerback Sutton. Although his anthropometric data is very general and never have a problem, but the Steelers may more considering his coverage. The third sign compensation chose University of Pittsburgh running back Connor, also hope that he can become a substitute to Baer, after all, the departure of Williams still has a great influence on the steelers. He had cancer with an inspirational story, but it was on the shelf there are better running backs, china jerseys nfl but taking into account the relationship between the University of Pittsburgh and the Steelers, the Steelers also makes sense with confidence in him.

The 34 year old Ben no longer young, so also in the middle of the round Steelers quarterback, but not the rumors of Pitman from University of Pittsburgh, but chose to read from the University of Tennessee, aerospace professional Dobbs. It is said that his strength and long sight problems, but he is a very intelligent player, an equally good potential shares. You know, in the 2016 draft, the fourth round of the total number 135th, signed by the player named Prescott. This is a backup quarterback for the Steelers low price.

Finally, the Steelers dry a magical thing in the sixth round, choose from Luis Weil Holba hand long tee. You know in the offseason and Steelers team’s 12 senators, the team is only three and 09 years of experience in one of the 05 Super Bowl win player Warren contract.

Overall, the Steelers draft and the team management idea is the same, a steady, understand what you want to do.

Feng Weitong ran to the theatre of life nfl jerseys

NAFL American Football League founder, Teng provided (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., senior vice president of the planning of this hole training also talked about adhere to carry out a series of training grounds, it is hoped that the rise in American football period, have more training institutions, as well as other folk organization to participate. The common development of American football, and the State Sports General Administration to establish football standardization system, the formation of industry nfl jerseys standards recognized. “Of course, we hope you can learn more knowledge through training, make more friends, get useful resources, and then apply your knowledge.”.”
If, before training, this is only a desire of the organizers, then Feng Weitong in the training of the harvest, it should be the best response to this wish.

“Training down, my perception of football has become more profound, the position of each class in terms of technology and knowledge, and training methods have a deeper understanding, especially before understand basic tactics not too full. All this makes me excited.”

The students between black mutual friendship and blowing the laughter, the interaction between the coach and the funny gestures, and the American football new knowledge of the sense of surprise has appeared in front of Feng Weitong; whether inside or outside, the training class for every person, every friendship, for him, is an unexpected harvest.

“We have to communicate with the coach,” fans of the English “and” fan gestures “, recalls with the brothers spent a week in addition to think of a variety of interesting Chinglish, but also the students for their meticulous care and help.

The training, he and his brother Yang Lu joined together, although two people reported different classes, but Yang Lu’s great encouragement to Yang Weitong hit a dose of “centering needle.””. “The progress of the course is very compact, but the students do not bother to give up and communicate with me, the class I can not hear clearly, the students will worry about me, will take the initiative to communicate with me.”. Really touched, thank them very much.”

Never give up: run nonstop to the reach of life

First put on equipment training when Feng Weitong said to himself: “if don’t listen to, just follow your heart beating, legs running good, eyes fixed each other well, whatever is good!”

When it comes to how to play on the court and the array of life, but the young man was shy to say that he did not china nfl jerseys think well. “In fact, for life, I still hope to use my little effort to make more people know about rugby.”. Football makes my life rich and colorful, I want to see more of others through football not to see things, such as rush to the end zone of joy, and meet more friends in the continuous learning process.”

For a 25 year old boy, full of dreams, the intense football and gentle art always can spark a collision in the heart and the Weitong feng. Rugby made this once quiet, quiet boy more extroverted, and art brought him back to his heart and listened to his truest thoughts in a quiet world.

In May 4th, the final coach qualification examination was carried out as scheduled. When he handed in the final examination paper, the training was officially completed.

“When I came out, I said to myself,” that’s great. You’re sticking to it. In the future, you will also be able to face all the challenges in life with the enthusiasm of the training course and the spirit of not giving up at last.”

An inspirational story about football!

The boy is afraid of hearing will not affect his training, has shilly-shally; but later found that this training is not only to his, and the football knowledge, the pressure has been in my heart but failed to say: Feng Weitong, everything is possible.

Rugby: savage? No, it’s very charming

“The first contact with rugby was in college, and it was a chance, too. By accident, there was an American football game.” Like most people in the country, American football was a brutal and collision game for Feng Weitong at that time. Later, to watch the American football game with a lively mood, he was deeply cheap football jerseys attracted by the charm of American football and could not extricate himself. The impact behind the team spirit, sweating under the only touchdown, refuse to be cowed or submit on the kick, touched him.

When a child sees a doctor, because the doctor is excessive inject gentamicin, bring about the hearing of Feng Weitong to drop badly. “The family said it was about 2 and a half years old, but it was too small for the family to see, and it was too late to wait until it was too late.” So when Feng Weitong said he wanted to play rugby, the family was so worried that he couldn’t get used to the high intensity exercise. Then, after patiently explaining and persuading his family, he finally got his parents’ nod.

The one in black is Feng Weitong

Team: always feel the power of a team

Like most American football fans, Feng Weitong was not involved in American football. At present, he in his hometown Qigihar, follow the master for art study.

The great contrast between the job and the rugby, occasionally invites others to sob. “Yes, after all, the two are completely different, but for me there is no problem at all. Both are sources of confidence and can complement each other.”

Feng Weitong played in Shenyang’s local Rugby adult team before setting up university teams with his friend Yang Lu. Like other campus sports, the team has just started and is recruiting and introducing Rugby through the likes of the WeChat public and Baidu post bar.

“Everyone is curious, so the heat is pretty high.”.”

Feng Weitong felt that football could make him feel the power of a team. “I think the biggest difference with other football sport or team, because the sport team compared to other sports is the most obvious is the most prominent; with the moment of moving off, you can feel every moment you are teammates and indivisible, less any team individual tactics execution is not up.”
Training: I’m excited to learn new knowledge”

From April 28, 2017 to May 4th, the third session of the Chinese football association football countries early, intermediate coaches training courses, three American football referees training, football players training in Zhejiang Jiaxing officially commenced. This is following the April 2016 Beijing Huizhong alliance Sports Culture Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NAFL) hosted the first series of training activities since second years. Through last year’s foreshadowing, at present, in our country officially registered State Council, the General Administration of coaches has reached 96 people, forming a preliminary scale.

“The opportunity to participate in training? After all, I have a strong interest in rugby and want to learn more about it.”

Mentioned the training to bring its own change and influence, Feng Weitong also has many regrets. Worried that nfl football jerseys the class will not have any impact? Will it be difficult to communicate with people? Will you trouble your classmates and coaches? “In fact, in seeing the students recruited to decide to come, the interval is still very long, and then catch up with illness, resulting in a significant drop in hearing, resulting in hesitation for a long time have not decided.”. But in the end, I overcame the psychological problems caused by hearing and decided to take part in the training class.”

And when it comes to the training process, Feng Weitong said with their expectations is not much difference. “The coaches are very professional, the courses are well organized, the morning is the theory, the afternoon is the training course, every day is very substantial.”.”

The Panther jerseys general openly assaulted driver

NFL in the offseason, the players on holiday in different ways, some people because of some strange situation, not to have the police station “vacation”. For example, the Carolina Panthers star player, offensive cut, Michael – Ojeda was treated like this, he was arrested for illegal violations of a super driver and was summoned by the authorities.

According to reliable sources, the incident occurred in April 14th, and now the court will charge Ojeda for minor offenses, and Ojeda will appear before the court in May 8th. According to Knoxvile Monteiro, the police, the parties, also is excellent step driver. The hurt he said at the time to pick up Ojeda and his other four friends ready to go to a restaurant, but as a public figure Ojeda do not want their whereabouts are unknown, he suggested Yu Shiao drivers do not know they are going to the final destination the two party began a fierce quarrel, conflicts arise. Then the two party has been arguing to Ojeda’s destination, according to the murdered person, Ojeda seems to direct him to the ground and kicked him. As the injury grew further, the other people on the bus rushed forward to stop Ojeda and avoid bigger problems.

Michael – Ojeda is a Memphis Tennessee personage, and the 2009 Oscar winning film “the blind cheap jerseys for sale side” takes Ojeda as the main character of the prototype, which makes this player very famous. The Carolina Panthers clearly understood Ojeda’s situation, and the team’s official spokesman, Steven Drummond, did not want to say anything about it.

“We’ve been aware of the impact that this has on Ojeda, and we have nothing else to say at the moment.” Steven – Drummond said.

Waiting for Ojeda is the last to appear in court, hoping that this matter will not have any impact on Ojeda’s new season.

Jaguar looks to the future to see the No. four show dominate the League

Jackson will the Jaguars put all their hopes on the team’s rookie running back Leonard Fornet, the Jacksonville Jaguars think Fornet will likely become the next like Adrian Peterson as a time running back. The team saw Adrian, Peterson’s shadow, at the height of the year in Fornet. Paul – Rolle, a player at the University of jaguars, has made a heartfelt statement after watching a series of Fornet games.

“When the young man shook the campus of the Louisiana State University, he became a star, I saw Adrian Peterson shocked at University of Oklahoma in him the same, they are all very special players.” Rolle said.

“We all just want someone special to change the game, a person who can change the outcome of his own nfl game jerseys online, and that’s what Fornet is going to be. You can’t wait to take these guys.”.”

This is not to say that Adrian Peterson fournet will become great running backs, but Funeitege qualities can be found in the shadow of Peterson, such as the two figure, height, ability of technical competence and change the game.

We know Leonard fournet in the NCAA arena unstoppable, but in NFL whether he can like Adrian – Peterson also can make nothing of it.

If a team wants to succeed to win the Stanley cup in the playoffs, the most important is to have a good performance and is persistent and the goalkeeper, in this series we saw two such goalkeeper Mark Angdelie – Larry and Clegg Anderson. Flarry was in 2009 as the starting goalkeeper won a Stanley cup, and as a substitute in 2016 won the second, but he never considered the MVP playoffs for the playoffs this year but he said MVP is one of the strongest candidates. The former champion registered up to 93.1% saves and a total of 2.32 games in the playoffs this year, as well as two rounds. He finished his tenth career playoff finish and sixty-second playoff victories yesterday, becoming the first in the active NHL goalkeeper, surpassing Lan Quist, who is the king’s nickname. But in this series, the more dramatic is Senator Clegg of Ottawa – Anderson. Although his fighting was not high but the Eph.

Larry, the importance of the team, Anderson is irreplaceable, in how many times we see Anderson in front of the crisis, two games Anderson face change danger into safety, 57 shot, only scored two goals. Whether it is single opportunity in front of the melee or stand by for nearly two minutes of the siege, Anderson seems to be able to help his team out of trouble. With the help of his team’s powerful defence, Anderson saved 96.5% of the games and only conceded one goal per game. In this continuous high pressure situation, Anderson can keep calm, each competition has given his team the opportunity to win. In second we saw the penguins frenzied attack, many times the ball firmly locked in the senators zone, the defenders can not resist the terribly fatigued with the penguin continuous attack, but Anderson is still able to change danger into safety. If Eric Carlson is the Senate in the first two rounds of MVP, so this round of MVP must be Anderson, because if not he, penguins are there may have been a 2-0 series lead, Anderson repeatedly saved the high quality of the shot, to show his ability and his love for his wife in cancer the face of his wife.

2017 jaguars nike nfl jerseys

The Raiders will be the guest of honor

ESPN: Patriot draft perfect protection Brady is the destiny of this

Hearing the -2017NFL draft, ESPN sports cooperation with Tencent sent two 2017 jaguars nike nfl jerseys special guests to Philadelphia talent site, they are the current draft Oakland Raiders defensive end James kausar and took part in NFL workout Chinese kicker Ding Long together with Chinese comment this year the teams, as James kausar a foreigner China very yearning, learn fluent words China. Two people with Chinese comments draft, for the fans in China to send a separate face of the talent show.

As a player James kausar perspective is very sinister, his analysis closely reasoned and well argued for the Raiders, especially in the American League Division rivals the new England patriots, he carefully analyze a patriot in the 3 round of the draft by the player’s idea.

The Patriots in the third round of continuous shot, they first chose from Youngstown State University outside linebacker Derek Rivers, this is not a problem, but then chose a patriots offensive tackle Anthony Garcia, which was beyond all expectations.

Kausar and Ding dragon is also the reasonable explanation: Patriot chose not to add a safety such as second-line defensive players and chose an offensive player front, this is very interesting, because for the Patriots, the line is also very important, because the core of love country is Tom Brady and Tom. Brady’s age has become a problem, is necessary to ensure the best offensive protection barrier Brady state, and the choice of the rookie that patriot has to let the rookie to compete for a starting place, love country full of expectations for the rookie.

The contract of the new England patriots main left Jiefeng Sold, this position next year the gap can be determined by Garcia to fill the rookie, after a year of experience, Garcia can be a good player to protect brady.

ESPN: Cowboys draft defense team will be even more terrible

Ding long and costs analysis cowboy

James and Ding kausar also commented on the draft dragon about Dallas cowboys, this time we 2017 jaguars nike nfl jerseys heard some very interesting things.

The Dallas Cowboys first round draft choice of the defensive end Tucker Charlton from Michigan State University, because Charlton’s name is called “Tacco”, two people of the Mexico food name rookie laugh a lot, then in the case of Charlton, as with kausar players expressed their views, he thinks Charlton is very good at military, is the need to transfer the Cowboys rushed hand, but on the ground from running, perhaps Charlton is not doing well, but the jeans and the offensive team is powerful, there is no need to change.

In talking about the cowboy, kausar talk about their good friend Mike – Prescott, the quarterback with kausar at the same year entered into alliance with the same agent, they often training together, go out to play together, the relationship is very good. At the same time, when asked whether it was a cowboy’s offensive protection or Price Kurt was a great quarterback. The cowboy said kausar offensive line is the league’s best offensive line, but Price Kurt is also a great quarterback.

Two people are being reviewed, the cowboys just in their last three draft, because Philadelphia and cowboys are in the same area of the relationship between the enemy, the audience booed. The Cowboys would choose kausar bold speculation cornerback, he as an occupation player sensitive sense of smell, really choose a cowboy cornerback.

nfl draft top pick jerseys online

In April 28th, the annual NFL draft was held in Philadelphia jerseys nfl. Defensive end Meyers – Texas aampm University welcomed Garrett was elected as the champion show. However, from the show Bangyan, launched a quarterback for several teams a dragon and a tiger in combat vest, draft day trades people too busy to attend to all. Teams of offensive players special favor, can be described as a surprise. There are three out of the box, two running guards and the two quarterback squeezed into the top ten, the third quarterback was also selected on the number twelfth, so the choice is a crazy first round draft day.

Meyers, Texas,, South Africa, defensive end, Cleveland

Gareth is recognized as the best player, has the potential to become a future Hall of Famer, was elected as the champion show is out. As a defensive end ability is very comprehensive, rushed, anti running, agility and sports ability are impeccable, if have what problem, just a little bit more injuries during the period of University, overcome this, his future is limitless.

The show Bangyan: Mitch trube Skippy, North Carolina, the Chicago bears quarterback (from 49 people and trade)

The fear of other teams want to select quarterback deals with 49 people, the bears have to strike first, to get the pick and choose the right to trube lipinski. Trube Lipinski university only played a main year, but this year’s performance is enough to let the scouts acknowledged that he is the best of the quarterback. Last season he came 3748 yards with 30 touchdowns and 6 steals, and 6 steals only in three games, the other 10 games are not steals, and his hit rate as high as 68%, if not for the experience he is less, so that the performance of this can become a champion show.

Third show: Salomon – Thomas, Standford, defensive tackle, San Francisco 49 people (from bears and trade)

Thomas in the cutting edge and the end of the two positions can play, last season, there are 14 times the number of negative grab, the first time to kill, the university only played two years in advance to participate in the draft, he put more energy in the professional arena. Have 49 people pick is considered to be elected Thomas, now traded to the third can choose to sign him, really make big money.

4 show: Leonard – Faure Nate, Louisiana State University, Jacksonville

Faure Nate was regarded as the first national player in high school, and in Louisiana he had already conquered the scouts. In the 300 season, he took the ball out of the terror of the 1953 yards of the 22 array in the 2015 season. On the season he injured the game, but the running backs, it avoids the injury he takes the ball too many times, the number of collision was too much. Last season, the Cowboys running back aize Kiel – beyond all expectations, in the No. 4 selection of Elliot, the success of. So this year the Jaguars also want Faure Nate to bring the same effect.

5 show: Cory – Davies, West Michigan, outer take over, Tennessee Titan

Davies has no problem, every year over the past three years at least 1400 yards and 12 touchdowns, nfl jerseys online is also considered as the Clemson University Mike Williams tied for the two best foreign took over this, but in 5 it was selected to go is still a little high. Prior to the brick house almost no prediction of the outside can take over the top ten. The Titans waited until the last minute of 10 minutes to make a choice, and it was clear that the team would be able to trade with them. Unfortunately, there is no other team to ask, the Titans can only pick up the scalp Davies.

No. 6 show: Jamal Adams, Louisiana state, safety, New York jets

Adams is the leader of the defense team in Louisiana, in addition to the ability to copy the general, anti transmission, anti run, tactical literacy are first-class. After generally think the bears will sign with third vote for him, but before the five teams have selected three players, is surprising. Adams was able to drop to number 6.

7 show: Mike – Williams,, outside the catcher, Losangeles lightning

Williams is more famous than Cory, who comes from a small school, and that’s what makes him even more famous than the other, and that is, the greater the reputation of the school, the greater the. Clemson University last season to win the national championship, Williams made distinctions won in battle. The 2015 season, he also considered a truce for a year because of neck injury, which is even more commendable. He was considered to take over Davies nanfenbozhong class, now the Titans selected by Davies, the lightning team do not hesitate.