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Carle ultimatum, training camp began not to talk about renewal

The Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carle insists his nfl jerseys player contract, the quarterback put forward its own deadline, on the issue of renewal of the two party is in talks, Derek Carle is hoping to get the latest Raiders team answer before the June camp arrival.

In addition, Carle also said that if the Raiders can not complete the contract negotiations in this period, Carle will not stop talking with the Raiders, and in the final year of rookie contract campaign 2017 season.

“I won’t take any calls, money is not what drives me to do things, driving my things from I am sure everything I can do with my ability, I am sure I can lead the team to win, and I don’t want other things to shift my thoughts. Now I don’t want to embarrass the team or do something disruptive. I just say I don’t want to deal with things that affect my focus on winning.” Carle said that the training camp for the Raiders will begin in June 28th and that the team will begin training for the first time in June 29th.

Derek Carle – because the fracture end of his 2016 season, Calder in just one year left on his rookie contract situation, Carle apparently wants a long and lucrative contract, like Andrew last summer – Iraq and Indianapolis small Ma Dacheng’s contract.

The Panther star doesn’t worry about rookie McCaffrey taking the chance

The Carolina Panthers will probably create a NFL top backcourt attack, they in the first round of the eighth overall selection from the Stanford University running back Christian McCaffrey, he will be in such a focus on promoting the Panther ground team got a lot of opportunity, not only like this, the team of big brother, the star running back Jonathan Stewart will take pointing to the young man.

Stewart is not worried that Christian – Mac will steal some of his chances of holding the ball from his hand. Instead, he will help the young man grow up with his own experience.

“We can stop these topics because nobody cares about these details. We are aiming for the championship, aren’t we?” This is the point, no one cares who, who is attacking the ball, who, who has won the touchdown is nothing important. “You can make a contribution and help the team win the final title, that’s what we care about,” Stewart said.

Stewart has no hostility to his new rival, who believes the draft is merely a choice for the backcourt”. When Stewart is cheap nfl jerseys almost like McCaffrey, grow up slowly, then after Stewart de Angelo Williams, two people have a good chemical reaction, Stewart obviously know that they can cooperate with McCaffrey happy.

Mark – Sanchez has little problem with knee injuries

The Chicago bears quarterback Mark Sanchez luck always is not good, the team training camp has not really started, Sanchez in the offseason training in a knee injury, but not Sanchez’s injury problems, he should be able to catch up with the team’s training camp.

Sanchez’s injury, however, gave the team a chance to make a quarterback Connor Shaw, who had planned to cut Shaw to make room for Victor – Cruz. Due to uncertain Sanchez’s injury, the bears could not only two quarterbacks training, so Shaw can continue training with the team, and bears to sign Cruz to lay off another outside Zhu Wang took over the hills.

But anyway, between Sanchez and Connor Shaw, sooner or later have to be a left, now Mike is getting the starting quarterback for the Chicago bears, and the No. two quarterback is the second draft of this year’s Chubisiji Mitch – Mitch and Mike, Sanchez should be a continuation of their own three, the fate of the bench, but he may have the chance to play as he did in the Dallas cowboys.

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