NFL draft score of the United States Southern District

Division second: Tennessee Titans, score B

The original lineup flaw: Wei Wei, outside take over, inside guard

Cory, Davies, 5, and Jackson, 18, were a little high, and there were better players in the draft pool, but the two are still worthy of the title. Davies played at the Western Michigan University is the ruling class, but the problem is that he did not participate in any test before the draft. Shawntae Midland south to the west of the University of Michigan cornerback rival school much stronger, so Davies may also need to adapt.

Jackson’s stature is not high, there is still much room for improvement, but also to attack, even outside the ability to take over. Quarterback Marcus – Mario Kobita will love him. Titans completely follow their own lineup of loopholes in the draft mentality worthy of praise.

Tevan – Taylor the last two years have 3197 yards receiving 34 touchdowns in the top league (NCAA FBS) in the same period ranked first. So Mario Kobita had another good catcher. Now no one would say that the Titans didn’t have the big problem. Ken Brown at the University of California at Los Angeles is playing 3-4 formation inside the Wei, Josh Karaweik over the past two years there are 17 sacks.

On the whole, the management of the team did well and picked a few talented players.

Division Champion: Houston Dezhou people, scoring C+

Original lineup flaw: quarterback, attack, cut off, outside take over

Dezhou people find their love of the quarterback, sent out the first round of next year to sign, trading on the 13, chose DeShawn Watson. Watson has two consecutive years in the national finals against NCAA, which makes his draft prospects improved a lot. But at the same time, he is still a lack of stability, the past two years came 30 copies, the most for the same period in the premier league. So for the team that has been trying to succeed as soon as possible, Watson obviously needs more time to play NFL.

Houston think they have super bowl defense, but the attack has been dragging back. If Watson can play at the level of Bill – Obrien coach, then the sign will be ok. But for the moment, it’s a little too expensive for the team to pick him up.

To be selected in the second days of Zach Canin and Forman are a good choice. Blaine Cushing is likely to be cut in the next year, and Cunningham is just a successor, he has accumulated a lot of experience in Cushing’s position, do not need to do too much adjustment can take over. Forman is a short number of experts, just to make up for Lamar meter less problems Leda array. Carlos – Watkins is an explosive, potentially defensive inside line, and he’s down to this spot.

Of course, the success of the draft will depend on Watson’s future performance. If he can become a qualified playoff team next season, the Dezhou quarterback will not be a big problem without his first round of next year.

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