During the tour of cheap nfl jerseys was beaten Disfigured

During the tour of cheap nfl jerseys was beaten Disfigured

In February 21st, during the tour in Lijiang was beaten disfigured woman @ Linda I (hereinafter referred to as “Linda”) the identification results have been issued. According to the Lijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau of the ancient city of the report given, Lin’s injury for minor injuries two.

The identification notice, said the public security organs to hire the relevant personnel on the degree of injury to the human body of the wholesale Jerseys china victims were identified, the identification of minor injuries two.

In February 22nd, Chinese youth network reporter contacted Linda Linda himself, said that although the incident has passed for a period of time, but it still hurt feeling uncomfortable, “because the nasal septum fracture influence respiratory tract. Now my nose is stuffy, I breathe with my mouth at night.”

Because of physical discomfort, Linda had once went to the hospital to check, in a Guangdong No.2 People’s Hospital medical report Linda show, “bilateral nasal septum, nasal bone, maxillary sinus, left forearm medial wall and the top wall multiple fractures, bone density than Shao Zenggao, considering the callus growth; the left maxillary sinus effusion absorbed; the left maxillary sinus mucosa cyst; bilateral ethmoid sinus inflammation nfl jerseys for sale .”

Linda said, she will be the third time operation at the beginning of March, in addition to nasal bone reduction, because the newly discovered cysts may require further treatment, “right now I’m very worried about this because it may open the wound and cyst. These days, the nose is bleeding, the middle of the night to drink a lot of water, and the wound is still some swelling pain. Not to check, I do not know is not a cyst.” Lin told the nfl jerseys China Youth Network reporter, then she will be identified as a result of disability detection and sequelae.

In Lijiang City Public Security Bureau issued by the identification of the ancient city of the injury, said, if there is any objection to the appraisal opinion, you can make additional identification or re identification of the application.” China Youth Network reporter Xiang Lin asked whether there are relevant considerations, Lin Da said that the problem is still considering.

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