The Jaguar talent guard is at the bottom

Division fourth: Jacksonville jaguars, score C+

Loopholes in the original lineup: near the front, attack forward, defensive front

The football team manager Tom Coughlin with the No. four pick selected running back Leonard Faure Nate can understand this idea, Faure Nate is the one who can help improve the quarterback, running back, like when Coughlin as coach Fred – Taylor, the problem is the team put in this position has been great. About 2020 the team last summer to free agent Chris Ivory signed before maturity, and TJ- Elden in the year before the second round draft pick in the first several selected. Before they had Tobey – Hart.

Anyway, because chose Faure Nate, big contract and ivory top Elden now became chicken ribs role. Even if the two people are in the office before signing Coughlin, just give up is also a little pity. Such a high position would have been good for a defensive forward, or by choosing OJ- Howard, a close winger, to widen the offensive dimension. But the success of the run depends largely on the attacking front, while Jaguar’s attacking strike is still a problem. After all, Faure Nate is a force type running guard, the number of yards to rely on the collision, rather than good at hiding to grab the smart running guard. So the front cover is really important. The team was also aware of this, so in the second round of the election – Robinson kamm. But even with Robinson, the attacking front is still out of step with the Dallas cowboys. So I’m afraid it is difficult to see Faure Nate play Elliot to Kiel aize cowboy play a role.

In the other choice, Dawanei – “is a gifted at military college career, but can not predict the fluctuations, so he can play the expected performance. The wide receiver didi Westbrook exists off serious problems, so in the fourth round of election he might be a little bit earlier. Blair Brown and Jaron – Michael are both short and fast in their respective positions.

On the whole, it is no doubt that Nate’s abilities and talents are the same, but when nfl jerseys from china there are loopholes in the team’s lineup, it is a bit of a challenge to choose the running point with such a high position.
Division third: Indianapolis pony, score B

Original lineup flaw: attack forward, inside guard, defensive front line

In front of the new general manager Chris – Ballard is a devastated defense, so he grabbed the sign in here. Malik Kerr Hu fell to fifteenth was a winner, he is the best defender in large area, are some of Eric and Hall of Fame star Reed, he just needs to improve his grapple ability, and the interception ability is first-class, is now in the stage of injury.

Quincy Wilson may have been selected a little early, he has a good sense of ball and sense of smell, but the skills of anti pass need to be improved. When choosing him, Jordan – Lewis, Fabian, Wu Qi than Cheetos – – Arklow – Bourne Witherspoon moreo and have not been selected to go, these people seem to choose the questions to choose some small than Werwilson. But the third tower rehl – Basham on the contrary, he University has 29.5 sacks, was supposed to be in the second round was selected to go.

Zach banner is a tall striker, a possibility guard than tackle big. Marlung Mark should become the main reserve Frank Gore behind the running back. Grover – Stuart is a potential defensive forward, but still needs to gain experience. Anthony – Walker had 20.5 yards in the 2015 season at the Northwestern University and cheap jerseys online was the best defensive player of the team.

On the whole, Ballard’s complement to the defensive team is good, but the team’s problem can not be solved by a draft. The team went near end Dwayne Allen, not in a round for his players, should have a small.

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