A nfl team is looking for three star quarterback

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In the offseason, the league has several still unemployed former star quarterback, currently a quarterback looks within a short period of time or in the No one shows any interest in the state. However, if the players look to the north of the United States Canada, maybe they will find a new job, and just a CFL (Canadian Football League) teams have the chance to take the several former star players all into account, these players are top 49 quarterback Capet Nick. Last season Brown Griffin Sans and former champion quarterback Manzel Brown.

Located in the border, the five Great Lakes Lake Canada team Hamilton (Hamilton Tigers Cats) humao has the opportunity to put all 3 of them signed, if they are willing to give up playing NFL north of canada.
According to the rules of CFL, the CFL team if you want to sign a “international players” (from the CFL external players, such as NFL), they first need to put these players into the “negotiation list” (Negotiation list), before signing a contract. Now, the Hamilton team to Capet Nick Griffin Sans and Ocelot, Manzel all put into the list, means that they have a chance to get together with them.

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From the market point of view and athletic point of view, the CFL team definitely hopes to get these NFL stars. But for the time being, there is no indication that either of them is ready to play in Canada, a union with a minimum annual salary of only $40000. But in February, Manzel had another CFL team Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Roughriders) training to maintain state, but the move has attracted Hamilton Ocelot protest, because they have their first signing power.

Although CFL and NFL are the League of American football, but the rules and the site has a world of difference, in CFL, the attack only 3 stalls, while the venue is also wider than NFL about 12 yards (NFL width of the site is 53.33 yards to 65 yards, CFL); CFL touchdown District 20 yards, two times of NFL. CFL’s presence was 12 players, not 11 for NFL; in the end, the CFL attack only played 3, and NFL was the 4.

In such a big difference, once the NFL quarterback decided to go north, he would probably never return to NFL. In March, the former Dezhou University quarterback in the 2006 Draft by the Titans in the third position of the selected Vince Yang (Vince Young) is CFL and the North Saskatchewan signing, according to reports his annual salary is about $89000. In terms of revenue, CFL is nowhere near NFL.

CEO Hamilton Ocelot’s Mitchell in an interview when he said: “we know how important they are to us, but in the quarterback position, you will never say we have enough (quarterback). If Manzel thought CFL was one of his choices, we would know his great value in CFL and what kind of player he would be at CFL.” For the lynx, they now also have a team has been formed the main quarterback, former University of Cincinnati star quarterback Ross (Zach Collaros). Vince Yang’s move also tells the Rugby World that when a player doesn’t receive NFL’s call, it doesn’t football jerseys mean the football career is over.

Here are the rules for CFL’s “negotiating list”:

(1) each CFL team can reserve as many as 45 international players on the list
(2) players enter the list on the principle of “first come first served”
(3) the team has no control over the time limit of the player’s right to sign the contract
(4) the list will generally be kept secret
(5) once the players in the list have expressed their willingness to sign the contract, the team has 10 days to complete the contract
(6) each team can sign the player’s rights in the trading list

A team is hoping to win three star quarterback, who is so magical?


Of course, from the current situation, Capet Nick and Griffin III still have a chance to find a backup quarterback job in NFL, both the more rumors from the Seattle seahawks. But for all the negative news on the sidelines, Manzel, for now, looks dark for his NFL. Manzel also said that in January, he was cautious and sober about his stay away from NFL throughout the 2016 season. He seems to want a second chance from NFL.
Capet Nick, from the current situation and the odds, Griffin Sans and Manzel, or are not in a short period of time in the field of CFL, but once true, they will certainly appear in the stadium of Hamilton ocelot.

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