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The Seattle Seahawks draft score: B-

Just need position: attack forward, corner guard, defensive front

The Seahawks loophole is not much, but need to fill the position nfl jerseys cheap of the hole is great. First, the need to supplement the place there is no doubt that people will only attack attack. The protection of the past two seasons the Seahawks striker given Werwilson really bleak. The second problem is cornerback and defensive line, Sherman was a variety of rumors around, while the other two corners of Wei lane and schede play is generally, and the safety of Edward in the 2017 season after will become the free player, Thomas is still on the sidelines of the case, the same as the Seahawks need to start after the defensive line the upgrading of talent reserve.

As everyone knows, this year’s draft good offensive players is very few, when the draft best striker player Boris was taken away after the Mustang, the Seahawks are quite clear that the first round draft pick no nostalgia, and made his 1 round 26 overall sign trading down to the second round of the total No. thirty-fifth. Back in the back only 9 a case in return for the 3 round, 4 round, 6 round and 7 round to sign a deal, from said quite well.
The Seahawks rushed pass strength among the best in the league, but it completely from the outside of the basic Bennett and Clark, as well as Wagner’s rear impact, compared to the outside at Seahawks pass, pass the result of basic medial thrust is negligible. The inside of the renewal of the Reed and Lubin in last season’s performance is only to see the man in the field, so the Seahawks in the No. 35 sign will be selected from Michigan state defensive tackle Mike Dover, aimed at reinforcing inner strength. The location is good, but the candidate is not the best. Mike Dover is probably the most lack of the 2017 draft after multiple cycles of selected players in the enthusiasm of the players. The former 5 star high school player is not lack of talent and technology, but his attitude and his vitality is the biggest problem, last season’s game against rivals University of Michigan and even tried to see the other ball players into the end zone. What’s more, most teams showed that his performance in interviews was so bad that it could cause him a big problem in adapting to the NFL game. However, if Mike Dover can overcome and change all these ideological problems, and play to his proper level, the signature will pay off.

The Seahawks Jique offensive tackle, but considering the overall level this year rookie striker, the Seahawks reinforced front action more on the free agent market. But they are still in the third round of selection from the Louisiana State University can play center or guard Boqiqi, the Seahawks striker big problem, but the main center of Britt play a very good, Boqiqi arrival is more likely in this competition in the guard position.

The Seahawks a series of transactions so that they all hold in the draft 11 sign, finally took the Seahawks 6 team in the defense, and 4 chose defensive players following the third round of the second, second choice is in line with the Seahawks tastes tall, with good physical quality cornerback Griffin, visible Carol to create a terrorist group defense ideas are still clear. University of Michigan No. 106 selection of over Dabo, also have the opportunity to become X Seahawk group attack factors.

Losangeles rams draft score: C-

Just need location: outside take over, near end forward attack, forward line, defensive second line nfl jerseys from china

Since trading with the Titans in last year’s draft, the ram became a spectator on the first day of the 2017 draft. The performance of the rams last season can be disastrous, and each position has varying degrees of problems. Champion Goff last season really flattered, and considering the configuration of the draft before the rams offensive team, so the rams in this year’s draft and head two sign clearly to choose those who can bring in the first week of the offensive team players help to the team and not Gove, those with high potential. No hundred percent of the combat power of the rookie.

Before the draft this year, RAM decided to aim for as many draft picks as possible to make up for the gap. In the second round, the ram took away the near edge of South Alabama, Everett. The South Alabama history first proximal frontal current weight is only 228 pounds, although some weight in the offseason, but do not know how to. Last season’s close quarters were almost useless, and Everett’s ability to move and the ability to catch the ball after the ball was taken advantage of by the ram, and his ability to block was equally good. But he also has the same big problem as the last spike of the ram last year, which is too easy to sell. The late winger, who is somewhat like the poor version of Eng Ram, should help Goff, who, after all, is probably better off for the rookie quarterback than the outside.

The proximal end of the hole to the front, the ram is also very clear in the third round of the time to choose, but the rams took over, took over the choice of some strange: in the second round, he made a downward transaction, let Z Jones and Godwin, and the draft calls very large from USC wide receiver Smith Schuster, finally chose Karp from Eastern Washington University. Karp is a very unique and over 40 yards sprint speed is only 4.6 seconds, this rate may cause him to get rid of the other guard line in a straight line, but Karp is unique in that he has 3 very good running and running, which is reflected in Karp in the college is quite good the ability to run the ball line. In the words of McVey, the head coach of the rams, Karp is the kind of player with a very smart mind, a good catch, and a good defensive player. Generally speaking, Karp is not the most in need of the depth of the ram blasting the sprint took over, but in the short distance like red zone attack, Karp will bring Goff support, on the whole it is a very safe conservative choice.

At the back of the No. 91 rams to choose a very external evaluation a player from the Boston College safety Johnson. Some media cheap jerseys china believe that Johnson’s ranking should be after 200, but the NFL official website expert Mayock has given him a good evaluation. This is a college career 3 years ago at cornerback last year was spent, to safety and struggling players. The real reason for his choice, or only know the general manager of the team snyder.

The ram has 8 draft picks, with four in the defensive group. He also picked up in the back round outside undervalued as Reynolds that took over, the whole ram with limited high picks to as much as possible to help Goff can say very wise, but when there is a good candidate on the shelf but downward trading, is a bit confusing especially, considering the bad results of rams in the 2016 draft of the rams need to pray for Goff can get rid of the dismal performance of his rookie season that Everett and Karp is the right choice.

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