Brown, or with this year’s draft jerseys china turn over

Cleveland Brown draft score B+

Just needed positions: quarterback, run guard, corner guard, forward line, hand forward

Brown’s draft this year can be a great success, but they still have to find the right quarterback if they want to pay off.

If Cleveland Brown is to describe the brilliant history of the draft jerseys china in the past 10 years, I’m afraid I’ll be able to write a book. The problem of Brown’s entire team, from management to coach to player, is not simply a few hundred words to explain the problem. Of course, experiencing the winter spring team to them is very near the beginning of 2016, Brown decided to start from the management of personnel, the original MLB New York Mets Baseball League Vice President De Poddar Star please come when the chief strategy officer (played by the Oakland athletics general manager assistant Brand archetypal characters don’t why do you have laughed at Brown in a circle of foreign football management, Germany is a pioneer of bordax tower, baseball player is used in data analysis of the famous movie “moneyball”), in the hope to use the new method thoroughly the team out of the black hole (by the way of data analysis in the field of NFL can that is very backward).

Brown last season won the dismal record of 1-15, cast is bullet riddled. Thanks to the 2016 draft and the Hawks traded 2 mark, so Brown in this year’s draft in greater cost. Brown plagued by problems for years we have been very familiar with, is that the team has no way to find their own Mr. Right at quarterback this position, the quarterback in 2017 small years, Brown also obviously no solution to this problem from the draft in the universe.
With Brown, the champion, he did not, as usual, call out a name that shocked the world in No. 1. 2016 season league countdown second ranking, so that they did not hesitate to win the Dezhou agricultural and defensive ends Gareth. Choosing the best player in the championship is a good start for this year’s draft. Although there are a lot of rumors that Brown intends to use the first round of the No. 12 pick to the transaction, to select quarterback Watson or Teru Bielski, but with the bears and the 49 transaction, Brown also decided to let Watson choose down trade in exchange for more chips. Finally in the 1 round at the end of the media picked up after being recognized was selected the top 10, finally because before the draft was exposed Tuesday safetys peipers positive urine test, and before the Steelers before the election to the near end Feng en Joe from the University of Miami library, even if there is no four quarterback, Brown in the first round the draft can be said to be perfect. Peipers defensive ability can provide help for Brown’s second tier, but the biggest problem is his full-time position and medication history at university he didn’t really have a right. And Grace’s ability doesn’t need to be questioned.

Brown was selected from the University of Notre Dame quarterback Cazale in the second round, although his body condition is quite good, but his strengths and weaknesses as prominent, that he still looks 1.5 finished the quarterback, although the University Games are quite stable. To expect Cazale to have to immediately save Brown’s combat power is unlikely, but in the second round. Choose one can still develop slowly with high potential quarterback absolutely consistent with common sense, especially considering that last season Brown used 5 quarterback, a total of 7 players left to pass data.

But in the back rounds, a defensive tackle Austria up Joe Kennedy than can solve the problem of instability is a good choice, and the sixth round of the defensive tackle Brandli, if not his problem is not outside the estimate in 185th was selected.

Pittsburgh Steelers draft score B+

Just need location: punch hand, line guard, defensive second line, outside take over

The Steelers offensive group has a prestigious Trident, but the Trident enemy in addition to their own nike nfl jerseys injuries, that is their own defense. Last season the Steelers defense group in the first half of the season is almost non-existent, and the Cowboys after the war is huoshaolianying. However, the second half of the season, with the return of the wounded, especially the old uncle Harrison began to participate in the full load after the file number, the defensive team in the second half of the season began to pick up. But considering that Harrison has 39 years old, before adding the round show outside linebacker Dupree still did not play at the level of expectation, so in his successors still uncertain, the Steelers took JJ Watt’s brother in the first round, 3-4 formation at military TJ watts, this choice is consistent with the team the status quo.

When everyone thought the Steelers will choose a defensive second tier players in the second round, the Steelers was a bit unexpected choice from USC wide receiver Smith Schuster. Although a little unexpected, but in fact it is reasonable. Because the scenery behind Antonio Brown, but the rest can not stand up for the Steelers wide receiver Brown to reduce the burden of trouble. The team receiving yards last season the Steelers most is Brown, second is running back Baer. But the team last season, Rodgers took over the team just outside two receiving yards last season the more than 3 player. When Brown was carefully watched by the other side, the rest of the young took over, but it was one of the epitome of the United States Championship last season.

Smith last season, although there are inconsistent issues, but his potential is top-notch. With Bryant’s comeback, Smith can slot in Schuster and Rodgers rotation, let Wallace have more choice in the 2017 season.
Taking into account the Steelers cornerback has been seeking, so in the third round of choice in Tennessee cornerback Sutton. Although his anthropometric data is very general and never have a problem, but the Steelers may more considering his coverage. The third sign compensation chose University of Pittsburgh running back Connor, also hope that he can become a substitute to Baer, after all, the departure of Williams still has a great influence on the steelers. He had cancer with an inspirational story, but it was on the shelf there are better running backs, china jerseys nfl but taking into account the relationship between the University of Pittsburgh and the Steelers, the Steelers also makes sense with confidence in him.

The 34 year old Ben no longer young, so also in the middle of the round Steelers quarterback, but not the rumors of Pitman from University of Pittsburgh, but chose to read from the University of Tennessee, aerospace professional Dobbs. It is said that his strength and long sight problems, but he is a very intelligent player, an equally good potential shares. You know, in the 2016 draft, the fourth round of the total number 135th, signed by the player named Prescott. This is a backup quarterback for the Steelers low price.

Finally, the Steelers dry a magical thing in the sixth round, choose from Luis Weil Holba hand long tee. You know in the offseason and Steelers team’s 12 senators, the team is only three and 09 years of experience in one of the 05 Super Bowl win player Warren contract.

Overall, the Steelers draft and the team management idea is the same, a steady, understand what you want to do.

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