Feng Weitong ran to the theatre of life nfl jerseys

NAFL American Football League founder, Teng provided (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., senior vice president of the planning of this hole training also talked about adhere to carry out a series of training grounds, it is hoped that the rise in American football period, have more training institutions, as well as other folk organization to participate. The common development of American football, and the State Sports General Administration to establish football standardization system, the formation of industry nfl jerseys standards recognized. “Of course, we hope you can learn more knowledge through training, make more friends, get useful resources, and then apply your knowledge.”.”
If, before training, this is only a desire of the organizers, then Feng Weitong in the training of the harvest, it should be the best response to this wish.

“Training down, my perception of football has become more profound, the position of each class in terms of technology and knowledge, and training methods have a deeper understanding, especially before understand basic tactics not too full. All this makes me excited.”

The students between black mutual friendship and blowing the laughter, the interaction between the coach and the funny gestures, and the American football new knowledge of the sense of surprise has appeared in front of Feng Weitong; whether inside or outside, the training class for every person, every friendship, for him, is an unexpected harvest.

“We have to communicate with the coach,” fans of the English “and” fan gestures “, recalls with the brothers spent a week in addition to think of a variety of interesting Chinglish, but also the students for their meticulous care and help.

The training, he and his brother Yang Lu joined together, although two people reported different classes, but Yang Lu’s great encouragement to Yang Weitong hit a dose of “centering needle.””. “The progress of the course is very compact, but the students do not bother to give up and communicate with me, the class I can not hear clearly, the students will worry about me, will take the initiative to communicate with me.”. Really touched, thank them very much.”

Never give up: run nonstop to the reach of life

First put on equipment training when Feng Weitong said to himself: “if don’t listen to, just follow your heart beating, legs running good, eyes fixed each other well, whatever is good!”

When it comes to how to play on the court and the array of life, but the young man was shy to say that he did not china nfl jerseys think well. “In fact, for life, I still hope to use my little effort to make more people know about rugby.”. Football makes my life rich and colorful, I want to see more of others through football not to see things, such as rush to the end zone of joy, and meet more friends in the continuous learning process.”

For a 25 year old boy, full of dreams, the intense football and gentle art always can spark a collision in the heart and the Weitong feng. Rugby made this once quiet, quiet boy more extroverted, and art brought him back to his heart and listened to his truest thoughts in a quiet world.

In May 4th, the final coach qualification examination was carried out as scheduled. When he handed in the final examination paper, the training was officially completed.

“When I came out, I said to myself,” that’s great. You’re sticking to it. In the future, you will also be able to face all the challenges in life with the enthusiasm of the training course and the spirit of not giving up at last.”

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