An inspirational story about football!

The boy is afraid of hearing will not affect his training, has shilly-shally; but later found that this training is not only to his, and the football knowledge, the pressure has been in my heart but failed to say: Feng Weitong, everything is possible.

Rugby: savage? No, it’s very charming

“The first contact with rugby was in college, and it was a chance, too. By accident, there was an American football game.” Like most people in the country, American football was a brutal and collision game for Feng Weitong at that time. Later, to watch the American football game with a lively mood, he was deeply cheap football jerseys attracted by the charm of American football and could not extricate himself. The impact behind the team spirit, sweating under the only touchdown, refuse to be cowed or submit on the kick, touched him.

When a child sees a doctor, because the doctor is excessive inject gentamicin, bring about the hearing of Feng Weitong to drop badly. “The family said it was about 2 and a half years old, but it was too small for the family to see, and it was too late to wait until it was too late.” So when Feng Weitong said he wanted to play rugby, the family was so worried that he couldn’t get used to the high intensity exercise. Then, after patiently explaining and persuading his family, he finally got his parents’ nod.

The one in black is Feng Weitong

Team: always feel the power of a team

Like most American football fans, Feng Weitong was not involved in American football. At present, he in his hometown Qigihar, follow the master for art study.

The great contrast between the job and the rugby, occasionally invites others to sob. “Yes, after all, the two are completely different, but for me there is no problem at all. Both are sources of confidence and can complement each other.”

Feng Weitong played in Shenyang’s local Rugby adult team before setting up university teams with his friend Yang Lu. Like other campus sports, the team has just started and is recruiting and introducing Rugby through the likes of the WeChat public and Baidu post bar.

“Everyone is curious, so the heat is pretty high.”.”

Feng Weitong felt that football could make him feel the power of a team. “I think the biggest difference with other football sport or team, because the sport team compared to other sports is the most obvious is the most prominent; with the moment of moving off, you can feel every moment you are teammates and indivisible, less any team individual tactics execution is not up.”
Training: I’m excited to learn new knowledge”

From April 28, 2017 to May 4th, the third session of the Chinese football association football countries early, intermediate coaches training courses, three American football referees training, football players training in Zhejiang Jiaxing officially commenced. This is following the April 2016 Beijing Huizhong alliance Sports Culture Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NAFL) hosted the first series of training activities since second years. Through last year’s foreshadowing, at present, in our country officially registered State Council, the General Administration of coaches has reached 96 people, forming a preliminary scale.

“The opportunity to participate in training? After all, I have a strong interest in rugby and want to learn more about it.”

Mentioned the training to bring its own change and influence, Feng Weitong also has many regrets. Worried that nfl football jerseys the class will not have any impact? Will it be difficult to communicate with people? Will you trouble your classmates and coaches? “In fact, in seeing the students recruited to decide to come, the interval is still very long, and then catch up with illness, resulting in a significant drop in hearing, resulting in hesitation for a long time have not decided.”. But in the end, I overcame the psychological problems caused by hearing and decided to take part in the training class.”

And when it comes to the training process, Feng Weitong said with their expectations is not much difference. “The coaches are very professional, the courses are well organized, the morning is the theory, the afternoon is the training course, every day is very substantial.”.”

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