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The Raiders will be the guest of honor

ESPN: Patriot draft perfect protection Brady is the destiny of this

Hearing the -2017NFL draft, ESPN sports cooperation with Tencent sent two 2017 jaguars nike nfl jerseys special guests to Philadelphia talent site, they are the current draft Oakland Raiders defensive end James kausar and took part in NFL workout Chinese kicker Ding Long together with Chinese comment this year the teams, as James kausar a foreigner China very yearning, learn fluent words China. Two people with Chinese comments draft, for the fans in China to send a separate face of the talent show.

As a player James kausar perspective is very sinister, his analysis closely reasoned and well argued for the Raiders, especially in the American League Division rivals the new England patriots, he carefully analyze a patriot in the 3 round of the draft by the player’s idea.

The Patriots in the third round of continuous shot, they first chose from Youngstown State University outside linebacker Derek Rivers, this is not a problem, but then chose a patriots offensive tackle Anthony Garcia, which was beyond all expectations.

Kausar and Ding dragon is also the reasonable explanation: Patriot chose not to add a safety such as second-line defensive players and chose an offensive player front, this is very interesting, because for the Patriots, the line is also very important, because the core of love country is Tom Brady and Tom. Brady’s age has become a problem, is necessary to ensure the best offensive protection barrier Brady state, and the choice of the rookie that patriot has to let the rookie to compete for a starting place, love country full of expectations for the rookie.

The contract of the new England patriots main left Jiefeng Sold, this position next year the gap can be determined by Garcia to fill the rookie, after a year of experience, Garcia can be a good player to protect brady.

ESPN: Cowboys draft defense team will be even more terrible

Ding long and costs analysis cowboy

James and Ding kausar also commented on the draft dragon about Dallas cowboys, this time we 2017 jaguars nike nfl jerseys heard some very interesting things.

The Dallas Cowboys first round draft choice of the defensive end Tucker Charlton from Michigan State University, because Charlton’s name is called “Tacco”, two people of the Mexico food name rookie laugh a lot, then in the case of Charlton, as with kausar players expressed their views, he thinks Charlton is very good at military, is the need to transfer the Cowboys rushed hand, but on the ground from running, perhaps Charlton is not doing well, but the jeans and the offensive team is powerful, there is no need to change.

In talking about the cowboy, kausar talk about their good friend Mike – Prescott, the quarterback with kausar at the same year entered into alliance with the same agent, they often training together, go out to play together, the relationship is very good. At the same time, when asked whether it was a cowboy’s offensive protection or Price Kurt was a great quarterback. The cowboy said kausar offensive line is the league’s best offensive line, but Price Kurt is also a great quarterback.

Two people are being reviewed, the cowboys just in their last three draft, because Philadelphia and cowboys are in the same area of the relationship between the enemy, the audience booed. The Cowboys would choose kausar bold speculation cornerback, he as an occupation player sensitive sense of smell, really choose a cowboy cornerback.

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