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In April 28th, the annual NFL draft was held in Philadelphia jerseys nfl. Defensive end Meyers – Texas aampm University welcomed Garrett was elected as the champion show. However, from the show Bangyan, launched a quarterback for several teams a dragon and a tiger in combat vest, draft day trades people too busy to attend to all. Teams of offensive players special favor, can be described as a surprise. There are three out of the box, two running guards and the two quarterback squeezed into the top ten, the third quarterback was also selected on the number twelfth, so the choice is a crazy first round draft day.

Meyers, Texas,, South Africa, defensive end, Cleveland

Gareth is recognized as the best player, has the potential to become a future Hall of Famer, was elected as the champion show is out. As a defensive end ability is very comprehensive, rushed, anti running, agility and sports ability are impeccable, if have what problem, just a little bit more injuries during the period of University, overcome this, his future is limitless.

The show Bangyan: Mitch trube Skippy, North Carolina, the Chicago bears quarterback (from 49 people and trade)

The fear of other teams want to select quarterback deals with 49 people, the bears have to strike first, to get the pick and choose the right to trube lipinski. Trube Lipinski university only played a main year, but this year’s performance is enough to let the scouts acknowledged that he is the best of the quarterback. Last season he came 3748 yards with 30 touchdowns and 6 steals, and 6 steals only in three games, the other 10 games are not steals, and his hit rate as high as 68%, if not for the experience he is less, so that the performance of this can become a champion show.

Third show: Salomon – Thomas, Standford, defensive tackle, San Francisco 49 people (from bears and trade)

Thomas in the cutting edge and the end of the two positions can play, last season, there are 14 times the number of negative grab, the first time to kill, the university only played two years in advance to participate in the draft, he put more energy in the professional arena. Have 49 people pick is considered to be elected Thomas, now traded to the third can choose to sign him, really make big money.

4 show: Leonard – Faure Nate, Louisiana State University, Jacksonville

Faure Nate was regarded as the first national player in high school, and in Louisiana he had already conquered the scouts. In the 300 season, he took the ball out of the terror of the 1953 yards of the 22 array in the 2015 season. On the season he injured the game, but the running backs, it avoids the injury he takes the ball too many times, the number of collision was too much. Last season, the Cowboys running back aize Kiel – beyond all expectations, in the No. 4 selection of Elliot, the success of. So this year the Jaguars also want Faure Nate to bring the same effect.

5 show: Cory – Davies, West Michigan, outer take over, Tennessee Titan

Davies has no problem, every year over the past three years at least 1400 yards and 12 touchdowns, nfl jerseys online is also considered as the Clemson University Mike Williams tied for the two best foreign took over this, but in 5 it was selected to go is still a little high. Prior to the brick house almost no prediction of the outside can take over the top ten. The Titans waited until the last minute of 10 minutes to make a choice, and it was clear that the team would be able to trade with them. Unfortunately, there is no other team to ask, the Titans can only pick up the scalp Davies.

No. 6 show: Jamal Adams, Louisiana state, safety, New York jets

Adams is the leader of the defense team in Louisiana, in addition to the ability to copy the general, anti transmission, anti run, tactical literacy are first-class. After generally think the bears will sign with third vote for him, but before the five teams have selected three players, is surprising. Adams was able to drop to number 6.

7 show: Mike – Williams,, outside the catcher, Losangeles lightning

Williams is more famous than Cory, who comes from a small school, and that’s what makes him even more famous than the other, and that is, the greater the reputation of the school, the greater the. Clemson University last season to win the national championship, Williams made distinctions won in battle. The 2015 season, he also considered a truce for a year because of neck injury, which is even more commendable. He was considered to take over Davies nanfenbozhong class, now the Titans selected by Davies, the lightning team do not hesitate.

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