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What is the first from the Super Bowl held in Houston after returning to Boston, cheap nfl jerseys in the process of the aircraft, the Patriots defensive leader Matt Patricia was photographed wearing a shirt is the pattern of Godell’s clown image (red clown nose), according to the management staff of a team to the Columbia TV station (CBS) the reporter, Godell was very concerned about this shirt. But the Patriots owner Robert Kraft did nothing to stop the coach Patricia to wear this dress, jerseys wholesale china also let the Guder faction members very dissatisfied.

Patriots and Godell contradiction for a long time, which goes back to two years ago, gas door event. The patriots have been accused of deliberately allowing the ball to contain less than NFL of the gas contained in the ball in the January 2015 finals. This matter should not have any controversy, was found to be angry, to make a punishment is. However, the investigation team led by Godell NFL, but not to think that the Patriots star quarterback, Tom Brady is wrong in this matter. Patriots and fans are very dissatisfied with the team, cheap nfl jerseys according to common sense, even if Brady on the matter, it does not mean he did something wrong. However, it is easy to find a pretext to beat, Godell finally made the four match ban. The punishment should be implemented in the 2015 season, but Brady’s legal team after the appeal, the decision was dismissed by the judge, and therefore no Brady was suspended for the 2015 season.

After the end of the 2015 season, the NFL official before the judgment dismissed the appeal, the judge, NFL has the right to make for Brady’s punishment, after the results came out, Brady’s team had no choice to take the case to continue, so the 4 suspended immediately and 2016 regular season before the four game, the Patriots used the quarterback is reserve Jimmy Poirot and rookie Kobe – Jia Garau bulisaite.

However, the four match ban did not affect the Brady field of play, then he lifted back immediately hit the peak, the Patriots in the 12 games he played in 11 wins and 1 losses, and 10 games are based on a two digit difference to win. The final 14 wins and 2 losses to the Patriots won this year’s best regular season record in the final season of the Brady, I MVP award, ranked second, votes after finally elected the Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt ryan. In the super bowl, Brady led the Patriots at the time of 25 points behind the completion of the reversal, won the career of the top fifth trophies.

Although “bleeding” things have gone away from us, but next to the Brady patriot or suspended this thing and brood on. The 2016 NFL draft, at that time just will be invited to determine the Brady suspension, announced the Patriot draft team legend Kevin Falk wearing Jersey Brady boarded Taiwan speech. The Brady was suspended after the regular season, regardless of the playoffs, Godell has never been to the Gillette stadium watching the Patriots home court, by the Patriot fans dubbed him guilty and did not dare to come to know that, nfl jerseys wholesale in an interview before the super bowl, Goodall also specifically to respond on the matter.

In the super bowl after the Patriots also expressed dissatisfaction again. At the ceremony speech, the Kraft boss and a speech meaning: “two years ago, we won the fourth championship in Arizona, I told our fans, the fourth is one of the most joy. But in the past two years, there have been too many things (when it comes to the most enthusiastic cheers of the fans), we all know. I just want to be more comfortable with our fans, the fantastic staff and the players, and the fifth are no doubt better than anyone else.” Although he did not say so, but it happened a lot of things “is refers to the Brady was suspended this involved before and after more than a year of things. Although Kraft is considered the boss himself and Godell Shendu, but in this case the Brady ban, he must stand on their own side of the team.

After the victory parade, Brady was also believed to have laughed at Godell’s behavior. On a boat he was on, he was wearing a shirt that said “Roger that”, with five rings on it. This Roger that is considered here puns, it is received; see “means, but because the Guder also named Roger, and therefore considered” OK, Godell, you see. “.

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