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Rudi White, the Atlanta falcons nfl jerseys china team history the best receiver recently officially announced his retirement, the future Hall of Famer said goodbye to the NFL game, then, Rudi White decided to Study hard knowledge, and then entered the coaching career.

The 35 year old veteran in the Atlanta falcons on 2015 after laid off, unemployed a year without the ball can hit at home, he finally announced his retirement on his twitter. In an interview with reporters, Rudi – White also identified his retirement situation, but also said that he would not return to the field of NFL on the.

“A lot of people asked me if I was sure I was going to retire, and they asked me a lot about if I wanted to go back, if I wanted to play. I am here to make a unified answer, I have officially retired, I want to enter the second phase of my career.” Rudi – White said.

The third senators Festival staged Jedi, even into the three ball 4-3 beat the bears; Maple Leaf and the human race to enter the capital again, with young Capanin scored two and scored two double overtime lore, the maple leafs beat 4-3 people in the capital, to steal the key points; predator taifashenwei, 5-0 second game shutout Black Hawk team captain Gates Ralph; duckling with lucky lore ball, 27 consecutive unbeaten home court against fire.
The first round of the playoffs: the capital of the United States double overtime negative Black Hawk 5 ball defeat

The game, the Senate combined with the team’s two best striker Stone and Hoffman aims to strengthen the attack, while the brown bear, the group of the center of the team to continue to miss the in the face of the attack, the group of players in the game, the group of two. In the first section, the two sides play unusually tight, positive positive aspects of the brown bear only 10-9 to occupy a weak lead.
Second to tenth minutes, the Bruins finally broke the deadlock, the two groups left Staffordshire received nfl jerseys china partner Barkis cross to the defensive player shot, Anderson position errors, exposing the right of defense, 1-0.
1 minutes after the Senate play much less chance to tie the score, two team group striker played tic-tac-toe with subtlety, at the plate of the ball directly to Ryan Macarthur, the ball directly hit the door, the bears defenders react when the ball flew into the door, 1-1.

But just 90 seconds after the Bruins scored the score again beyond short handball, Anderson attack back after the passing errors, the ball hit the wall, fell to the Bruins striker Moore’s rod, he grabbed the ball after struggling to be handed over to Shora, who easily poke.

Sixteenth minutes, take advantage of the opportunity to play less, a group of center Burgin in front of the door will be shot into the Senate Senator Pasternack.
In section third, the senator began summoned, to strengthen the attack, fifth minutes, defender Weidman shot to help the team to narrow the points difference, after 2 minutes, like Senator captain avatar, he steals a person in the frontcourt instigated offensive blue line, the ball straight out more than brown defender after sending deadly xiechuan, accurately find the the two group center Broussard, the ball hit the empty net easy to tie the score, 3-3.

The game was dragged into extra time, second minutes, in the play little more than just the end of the wholesale nfl jerseys china case, continue to bear the gate senator to start the siege, two groups of back Fenov in the blue line near the final shot to help the team 4-3 beat the brown bear, the series of high score 1-1.

White said the second stage is to become a football coach, he volunteered to join the Atlanta a local man named John Crick high school as a member of the coaching staff, where White will play his ability, he will direct this high school abroad and took over the proximal front players.

Rudi – White is the history of a number of falcons ball record holder, in his 10 season at Atlanta falcons completed a total of 808 catches in team history first, the ball 10863 yards ranked first in team history, 63 touchdowns in the falcons history is also ranked the first position. White was selected as the 4 best player in his career, and in 2010 he was selected as the best first team, the best of all.
In 2015 White completed 506 yards of the 1, then he was cut off by the Falcon, he had said that if you can not return to the Falcon, then he wanted to join the new England patriots.

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