Jonathan – Stewart cheap nfl jerseys extension

Carolina Panthers want to run Jonathan – Stewart continue to work for them after the 2017 season.

NFL official website reporter Ian – Rapoport (reported that the black panther and his contract for 1 years, which means that he will play for the team until the end of the season of the year 2018) – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.
The 31 year old will have a $8 million 150 thousand salary space in the 2017 season. The number will be reduced after the contract, but also allows Stewart to get a guarantee after the 2017 season.

This is a veteran of the contract for the hope that in the short term to get the salary space of the team is very common. This ensures that Stewart is at least in the new season and maybe in the future.
Like most of his career, Stewart suffered injuries in the 2016 season, he missed the last 3 games, finishing the ball for the first time, averaging only about 3.8 yards per stroke. He is still a good running guard in his health, but the running position is the position of the black panther in the draft.

Stewart himself said he would not be unhappy if the Panthers picked rookie guard to share the time with him.

People in the capital alliance leader guest team league vice monitor avalanche, the result of this game is probably not what suspense, but the integral advantage of people in the capital is not much, in order to home court advantage in the playoffs, the trip team may not be careless, in addition to a special group, attacking other team are not good at present they do not venture. Avalanche team to play the game to the oil people made a lot of trouble, the game they probably modeled on after 40 minutes of resistance, with a “beautiful” failure to pick forward.

Sharks attack problem has risen to a new level, last week’s five game losing streak their prospects are very subtle, although the two goalkeeper has a good performance, but Martin – Jones and Aaron – Del has been unable to support the team, Burns and Thornton two beard will be key to sharks the former is the team this season, the MVP, the latter is Dinghaishenzhen team for many years, if the two of them and a ring is unable to play a role, will cause serious influence to the team. On the other hand, another defender F Laci missed the game, back in the same star team, but he only played 14 minutes once again out of the race, if his injury has repeatedly, will be the fatal blow to the domestic trouble and foreign invasion of sharks.

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