The Chicago bears falls into despair

The team expects second taifashenwei

Last week the night race Chicago bears just lost to the Green Bay Packers coach John Fawkes will release a cup of wine in military power, announced that this year’s show Bangyan quarterback Mitchell Khodorkovsky to replace Mike – getting trube. Now the first NFL Chomsky Truby strong race will encounter with rival Minnesota Vikings, and the first show will be arranged in a week night game, people want to see this “home alone” bears can play what is not the same thing.

As a rookie quarterback, Truby Pinsky to learn too much, although in the training camp for a whole summer, but not enough. The team was originally intended to Lipinski Truby a season to adapt to the alliance, do not want to let him prematurely by other teams research thoroughly, but the poor performance of Mike getting the people unbearable, had to be “semi-finished” trube Pinsky in the spotlight in advance.

On Thursday, the bears offensive team coach Logan said, “Deauville – I have seen any rookie ready to trube skidby enough.” People with high expectations for the show Bangyan, but since the history bears the lack of a reliable quarterback, this position as cursed, in recent years, several top talent all become smuggled goods, such as the 2011 Jack – Rock and Johnny – Manzel in 2014.

Logans also mentioned the Minkowski exceptional mobile trube ability will help promote the team, this Mike getting compared with like a sitting duck pocket. It can be said, has become the base Truby Chicago bears jerseys the life-saving straw, he in several preseason performance to Birgelen agricultural well, in addition to the lack of experience, Kandinsky Truby can be said it is all powerful. Of course, Logans said, “don’t expect too much of him.”.

“Skippy Truby is an outstanding young player, but he is not a magic wand, we are a team, we need players around him better, because he has the ability to attack the group with better, from me to all the coaches team, we must stop the downward trend in the team. I believe in him. I’m his fan. He’ll be a special player.” The Chicago bears jerseys are currently 1 wins and 3 losses, the fans of the team all hopes are pinned on him, now trube lipinski.

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