NFL third week strength list

The giant fell to fifth and the Falcon climbed to the top

Third weeks after the game, the team only with the chief victory of the Falcon, firmly occupy the top two, Tennessee Seahawks beat the top ten, after the season before promising Bill team won the Mustang Ranking Ranking crazy rise, a new phase of the strength of the team is? Let’s have a look!

First place: Atlanta falcons (3-0)

Although last year’s regular season MVP Matt – Ryan came 294 yards and three copies (the previous 309 passes were not copied), but the falcons are still thrilling to win the “reverse king” Detroit lions. The lion crossed this threshold, the falcons will be the two consecutive home court against the buffalo Bill and Miami dolphins, with signs of a full recovery team, before the seventh week trip to the Patriots, not hard won 5 straight start.

Second: Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)

The chief is the only team to win all but falcons. It is the biggest dark horse of the year. With the previous Arrakis – Smith has excellent performance compared with the third in the face of the San Diego lightning, Smith just passed 155 yards before they got two touchdowns, like “journey to the west” in every beat after the monkey said that “I didn’t force, you will fall.” Rookie runs in three consecutive games have a super play, it looks like the alliance running back to change dynasties.

Third place: new England Patriots jerseys (2-1)

Patriot or patriot, Brady is still the last minute of the game, the Patriots faced 3 stalls in the 18 yards 5 points behind the situation, but they made a turn style touchdown counter ultra score, if you just open the live you even thought to see is game set jin. Brady came the player of the week’s performance, 35 shots 25 in 378 yards for 5 touchdowns no steals, if the pocket protector do a little patriot may not play so hard, after all, “Tang uncle” age is not small, the body of bone to endure heart too.

Fourth place: Green Bay Packers jerseys (2-1)

Speaking of packers this season, what can you think of? Slow! Last season, you had to make a 4-6 start and start “Run The Table””. The three game of the season, Aaron Rodgers, the first half only sent 1 touchdowns and 3 interceptions, but in the second half as a new man, 5 touchdowns no steals. Ge ah, to coach the break in the locker room and scolded it comfortable? Although 2-1 has been started, but the packers next to the face of continuous bears, cowboys, Vikings, Ge if so again “slow down”, I am afraid fraught with grim possibilities.

Fifth place: Denver Mustang jerseys (2-1)

Before the lightning and the cowboy continuous down the Broncos, did not expect in the “Buffalo” took a nap. The magic of simi is not here, only 259 yards and 2 times to be copied, the fact that young people play is still unstable. The fans can excuse West Xi once, but next week at home against the Oakland Raiders, if Ann is “fan” again, he’ll spank!

Sixth: Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1)

In the past three seasons, the average QBR Wallace (quarterback score) to 20 points lower than their home court (out of 100) in addition to the outside of the offseason contract dissatisfaction with the long-term absence of superstar Weile viand – Baer is still running mediocre, compared with before be quite different. The Steelers before this season in 6 games with 4 away, then they have to go to the Baldi and Kansas City, facing the crow with the chief of the two pieces of bones, no teeth to chew up the Steelers next time.

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