Manning: I’m wrong. I accept criticism”

Respond to the boss throwing pot

The end of yesterday NFL Monday night game, New York giants 10-24 defeat the Detroit lions game, New York giants quarterback Eli Manning veteran in the game because the management serve time led to the failure of the giants directly lost a possible touchdown opportunity, the final defeat of the giant lion 14 points after the game, coach of the New York giants Ben Mcadoo because of the mistakes in the game at Manning’s operation is very hasty.

Eli Manning is a veteran with 14 years of occupation career as a quarterback, he knew that the NFL quarterback should be how to deal with these things, he has enough experience to deal with these things, especially in New York’s home court. But the veteran but at the crucial moment made such mistakes this year, unlike the critical moment frequently can play stunning performance of Eli Manning, the coach of the criticism, Manning can only bow to admit mistakes.

“You’ve lost these games. You’ve only helped the team score 10 points. You have to accept the criticism. He knows I can do it, but I blew it.”.” Manning responded to the manager’s criticism.

In addition to yesterday’s small Manning’s mistake, the giant itself has a lot of problems, such as the left Jiefeng Eric f. Rawls was released after blasting for three opponent sacks, while receiver Brandon Marshall missed the ball directly to key let the giants lost a chance to attack and was forced to punt, a direct result of the back after the lion touchdown. These problems especially Rawls bad performance is the real reason for losing the giants, although Mcadoo has touched on these issues, but Mcadoo is more attributed in Manning’s body, but the losing team coach should be more to reflect on their own right, but Eli Manning’s good character calm after pot. Otherwise, the giant inside the team there could be some problems.

Manning has always been such a character, he will always accept criticism of him, in spite of that mistake not section third of the whole blame him, after all, a coach in the team found may delay the time when the foul should be called a timeout to prevent the occurrence of such a situation, but Ben Mcadoo do not, he explained his trust in Manning can control the time well so let Manning play, but it is more like Mcadoo to throw his pot.

Eli Manning led the New York giants won two Super Bowl trophy, he is the player most consecutive games in NFL history, he played in 201 games. He is accustomed to criticism, this is as a basic course for an NFL quarterback, but the New York giants currently in such a situation, even if Manning can make miracles over two new England patriots, but now the New York giants such awkward situation, he almost failed to lead the New York giants win, lose the reason is not small Manning, but he had to quietly back all the blame.

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