The pony changed the quarterback again

Former patriots players will debut

According to reliable sources, the U.S. local time on Friday afternoon, the Indiana Colts decided before the new England Patriots quarterback Kobe Jia Bulisaite will replace Scott Thor Zinn, on Sunday in the pony against the Arizona Cardinals in the game, as the team’s starting quarterback.

Scott – thor is the starter quarterback for the opener for the new season. But in the 9:46 lost to the Losangeles rams game, Thor Czin Bulisaite was replaced in the fourth quarter. Thor Zinn sent two shots in the match, and both were finished with their opponents. Before being replaced by Thor Zinn Bulisaite, only 128 yards passing forward. The Colts in this field and the rams game, offensive to promote total code number only 225 yards, and 10 third convert all failed.

In an interview Friday morning local time, Colts coach Chuck Pajianuo responded to the team starting quarterback: “we have no intention to announce our decision. But the player we have chosen will certainly perform well. Because the two quarterback is well prepared. ”

Compared to Thor Zinn, Bulisaite running is more flexible and more power arm. He was in September 2nd, just by the transaction from the new England patriots join jerseys the colts.

The Colts offensive team coach Kinski Roper – Chu Bulisaite for this week’s said: “we have to make some adjustments. He has come to the team for more than a week, we understand Bulisaite and Bulisaite understand our offense is equally important. This is a process of deepening understanding with time. He came here and I was impressed by the performance in a short time. It’s challenging for any player. But Bulisaite is very clever, and peace of mind. I also appreciate some of the physical talent he showed on the pitch.”

Andrew, the quarterback, has not played yet this season when he signed a 6 – year contract worth 140 million dollars with the pony team in June 2016. He underwent shoulder surgery in January of this year.

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