NFL new season first week strength list

The strength of the champion jets at the bottom

Just finished the NFL first week regular season, has the team’s display to be startled, has the team to cause the human to be surprised. The latest issue of the strength of the standings, the defending champion patriots home court defeat against the Kansas City Chiefs slipped to third, while the season before he was repeatedly “passengers” message Tucao chief jumped from 81 to third. Losangeles rams ushered in a massacre of 11 to eighteenth after the shot, Houston in Dezhou after the fiasco fell seventh last. Not many words, the regular season, the strength of the first week has been out, let’s take a look at it!

First name: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers in the preseason is shown in a good competitive state, the first week of their hard won Cleveland Brown, though Baer was still in the “holiday syndrome”, but Wallace and Antonio Brown still connect smoothly. Linebacker T.J. Watt became the NFL’s first debut 2 sacks 1 steals the Steelers rookie, Watt is over the years has been the desire to seek defensive player, he hopes to become the new leader of the defense.

Second: Green Bay Packers nike jerseys

Last season the packers Defense League, but the first week of their defense did not let the Seahawks get up front, this is a terrible signal for the union, double the military offensive defense repair, the packers such, you let others how to play?

Third: Kansas City Chiefs

In the face of the new England patriots conference, Arrakis Smith threw four touchdown passes; Kareem Hunter in his debut in 246 yards with 3 touchdowns to break the results of the League record; the cheetah tailike – Hill has completed a 60 yard touchdown run. If the chief keep this attack, then they will be invincible in the American league. The NFL team believes the chief has a 90% chance of entering the playoffs.

Fourth place: new England Patriots jerseys wholesale

A contest with the chiefs, Biliqieke team section fourth is a 21 direct. Although they lost the opener, but the patriot’s strength is no doubt, the question now is, if they are unable to limit Arrakis Smith that they second weeks and how to mark the Drew – Bracey, you know the team since 2001 did 0-2 start.

Fifth place:) Dallas Cowboys

According to the Elias sports research board, the 4 time Prescott had been cut out for the first 17 games of all quarterback’s career was minimal. Prescott’s control over the ball was an important factor in the success of the cowboys, and after the rookie season, the cowboys were destined to play well in the 2017 season.

Sixth:) Oakland Raiders nfl jerseys

Lynch, Sean, returned to the Union for the first game, 76 yards. Lin fully demonstrated his power, and the number of codes reached 41 yards after exposure. With Lynch’s presence, the attacker’s attack would be more terrifying than last season.

In the first week of the match, three teams didn’t make it, and the jet was one of them. The team has become accustomed to the days when the quarterback has nothing to do. Next week, facing the Raiders, Gambling company is said to have scored 13.5 points! What, first you two?

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