Lynch nike nfl jerseysreturns to beast mode

Let the doubters shut up!

Today NFL second week race continues, can say so many games, finally let the fans really from the offseason to go out in the morning Beijing time end games, we now look at those exciting things happen at the game:

Let the doubters shut up! Lynch went back to beast mode after a year’s absence

First, watch the Oakland Raiders play against the Tennessee titans. Ma Sean – Lynch in the absence of NFL a year later returned to the NFL stadium, although in pre-season we have seen the play of Lynch, but Lynch in the preseason and did not show too much time for us to show his beast mode, the Raiders Lynch all ready to leave the formal energy to continue at the start of the game again broke out, and Lynch did not live up to all of his fans in Oakland and love. The rest of the year had no effect on the condition of Sean Lynch – as long as he stepped on the field, he was the beast that could destroy everything. Although many people are not optimistic about the Oakland Raiders, the 31 year old horse Sean – Lynch as a starting run guard to use, but after this game, no one will doubt Lynch still can not eat.

Let the doubters shut up! Lynch went back to beast mode after a year’s absence

The game of horse Sean Lynch rushed the ball 18 times and scored 76 yards free 4.2 yards, although no nike nfl jerseys returns touchdowns. But Lynch has shown a gratifying side, the opening of the first run, Lynch again staged a beast mode, he catches the ball after the flash turn maneuvers to blaze a new trail in the crowd. Finally, even in the other defensive players continue to grapple with the defense and then move forward a few yards, completely is the appearance of youth. The final horse Sean Lynch in the game continued the good momentum of the first red ball, in a year have not officially played football for the Raiders, Lynch to have such an excellent debut does make people unable not to expect, Lynch will rise to a height of how for the Raiders, and in Oakland this is a good offensive attack, Lynch can avoid excessive collision, it is very important for a veteran.

So we can try to imagine horse Sean – Lynch’s performance in the Raiders, after all, in the Raiders Lynch will not have so much offensive pressure, he can be happy and easy to play in his hometown.

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