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The 2017 draft, he once again hold cheap nba jerseys the pick, they continue to seek a deal, but the price is so high that other teams away, eventually they used the pick to pick up beyond all expectations to a small groove over the tavern – Austen, and red is the first round of the twenty-second overall selection of a lake Aogeteli for retired London – Fletcher. 2013 regular season started, the league’s most horrible rams in the NL West Bradford, sinking reimbursement, Trent Richardson finally getting to the bottom of the league they lost all 16 matches. The red side, Russell Wilson injuries and offensive tactics can not find the direction, but the defense of Aogeteli eventually let the Redskins won 6 wins and 10 negative results. Payton Manning led the horse and the rise of the season coming Nick Fowles led the Seahawks 2013 season of super bowl against the Seahawks, ultimately rely on defense and Fowles almost perfect performance won the Super Bowl champion.

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The 2014 draft pick, get the rams still searching for the transaction, the final Atlanta falcons spent the first round of the next three years the sign won the first pick, the defensive end Jiedeweien – and the rams with tenth clowney, Shun chose safety Calvin Pryor complement defense group. The red side, Russell Werwilson after two season fighting, offensive options reading his mind and body can not carry high strength against NFL, only in the offseason to choose early retirement home, find a car salesman, and his wife had a stable life, no hook to lead others girlfriend’s strength. In order to replace Wilson, red in this year’s draft convention with the first round of the signing of the choice of the – Johnny. Fourteenth weeks of competition, the red wholesale nba jerseys against the ram, and ultimately the strength of uniform red 24-0 finished the ram……

This review deals with two stunning very ironic events: first, 2012 trade to pick, pay the cost of the first round of the 2014 red sign, but really to the first round of the 2014 draft, this sign turned into the pick back to ram. Two, when the ram is on the Bradford very assured that only very generously traded the pick, but Bradford is in the next three years in addition to rest, the ram is to bring endless disappointment.

I did not deliberately funny story coined the parallel world plot, but whether it is the nba jerseys china online real world, or parallel world, both teams seem to be successful, the reason is mainly because the two sides of the general manager of the early character can decide the future development of the team. The Redskins general manager Dan Snyder is paranoid, violent, so determined to gamble RG3 future, and later still he who fired the team. The rams general manager Les Snead submissive, short-sighted, a draft to stop trading down, hoping to get more draft picks to supplement the team’s thickness, but let slip away from his star, and many potential players after the exchange, still can not see who will have a superstar talent.

Well, now it’s almost certain that both sides of the deal may have been doomed, whether it will happen or not.

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