NFL opening highlights

The singer sang Bingley officials were black

NFL’s opening of the 2017 season was launched between the Super Bowl defending champion, the new England patriots and last season’s West Kansas United League winner. In addition to the wonderful performance of the players, there are many interesting stories about the opening game. Next, let Xiao Bian take you to the one or two things you don’t know about the opener.

NFL Commissioner Roger goeldel, “bleeding door” after coming from 70 thousand at Fort Dix towel “welcome”

The new England patriots fans think NFL Commissioner Roger goeldel, for the team and headed quarterback Tom Brady in “bleeding door” of the charges and penalties for no reason, the number of characters in the NFL alliance since January 10, 2015 will no longer present any race game the Patriots in the home court. In the 2016 season, he missed all the playoff games for the Patriots and went to Atlanta for the two time in a row. Although, in the season of August 10th preseason games, Godell has come to the Gillette stadium, but due to the nature of the game, did not set off the storm like today.

As a Commissioner of the NFL – Roger, naturally can not miss the opening season of the new battle, and patriots fans ready early “meet” the evil in their hearts. It is reported that there are about 70 thousand with blue towel Guder Clown Costume before being distributed to the hands of patriots fans. If Godell appears at any moment of the game jerseys in the fans’ view, he will be greeted with flying towel.

Godell naturally understood the Patriot fans’ love for him”. According to the latest news, the NFL jerseys cheap Commissioner will only in the pre admission has not yet appeared in Gillette fans in the stadium. After the event, his shot will not appear on the big screen. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he won’t even watch the game in the Patriots owner Kraft Roth in the box.

In the opening before the war, Godell was asked about his feelings for Fawkes sports stadium in Gillette, he commented: “the Patriots fans loyal and enthusiastic. This is the great part of our league. Tonight, I’m sure patriots fans will show their loyalty to the American audience. “Perhaps Godell’s” praise “is the truest feeling in his heart.

Blount pushes Patriots to run

The Philadelphia hawks run Weile Garrett Blount at the Patriots and the chiefs of the opener started 2 hours before posting on twitter itself, to encourage his former team-mates who played well running back in the evening local time in the game.

Blount wrote in his essay: “brothers, tonight!”! You know, I’m going to focus on your performance!” Blount mentioned his former teammates in the press, running guard Brandon – Bolden, Duhem – Lewis, and James – White.

Le Garrett Blount last season to season 18 run ball touchdown data created a patriots record in team history.

The little girl sings the american anthem

As a fixed ceremony before the NFL games, the national anthem has been the focus of attention of the American public. Can opener or super night entertainers sing the national anthem at NFL will be honored.

The season opener for the National Anthem singer is an American country music singer Maurice marleen. Maurice, 27, released wholesale jerseys his eponymous mini album “Maren Morris” in 2015 and was shortlisted for the two billboard charts. Later, her personal debut album, Hero, was ranked fifth in billboard Top200 and topped the best country album. In 2016, Maurice was awarded the Best Newcomer Award by the country music association. At the fifty-ninth Grammy Awards, she also won the best country individual performance award with the My Church.

The new England patriots home court in Massachusetts, foxborough. It’s cold in winter and heavy in snow, and the average sunshine hours in December are only 142.6 hours. The Patriots’ home and host jerseys color (blue / white) is also a breath of cold. Most importantly, by Tom Brady led the new England patriots crown 2 has been 3 years, the Patriots of the season schedule is one of the league’s most relaxed team, perhaps their winning momentum has been unstoppable.

However, the Kansas City Chiefs with two named Alex – Smith and Kareem – Hunter dragon came to the Gillette stadium. With an undisputed victory gave the “King” Brady a defeat. Perhaps the chiefs theme color red confirms “game of Thrones” in the legend of the ice fire can win.

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