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Although the curtain on the NFL2017 season has not yet opened, the topic of who will be the rookie of the year has been hotly discussed by American fans. As the official NFL recognized rookie of the highest honor, The Associated Press every season will be selected for the rookie of the year and rookie of the year defensive rookie. In last year’s poll, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Mike Prescott and four running backs Ezekiel – Elliot in the offensive rookie of the year award on the neck. In the end, Prescott won by 7 votes against teammate Elliot. While playing for the Santiago team (now Losangeles lightning lightning team) defensive winger Joey botha will no doubt win the defensive rookie of the year title.

Unlike the 2016 season, rookie contenders for the rookie of the year are from the defensive team. In the official ESPN forecast of the top ten Rookies of the year, only 3 players are attacking the division. Next, let’s take a look at the best rookie candidates worth your attention.

1. Meyers – Cleveland team defensive winger Brown Garrett

Draft: first round, first position

Aspect: in Garrett Brown team is selected before, he is the rookie draft choice. Gareth, 193 cm tall and weighs 123 kilograms, has a net jump height of 104 centimeters and a 40 yard sprint speed of 4.64 seconds. Talented Gareth’s college football career was spent in Texas. In his rookie season in the University, he completed 11.5 sacks, and then entered the second grade of Garrett further, completed 12.5 single season sacks. Gareth, who was injured by ankle injuries, slipped slightly last season, but still handed out the 8.5 run in a single season. To be sure, a vip jerseys online healthy Gareth will be a great passer, a pressure finisher, and a running finisher. Although Gareth may not be able to reach the last season Joey botha 12 games out 10.5 sacks of economic level, but we still believe that Gareth has the ability to become the best defensive rookie season NFL. Which in the early reconstruction of the Cleveland team of Brown, is tantamount to timely assistance.

2. Jonathan Allen, Washington Red Guard, defensive winger

Draft: first round, seventeenth position

Aspect: Jonathan Allen, a graduate of University of Alabama, is one of the best defensive players in the National Collegiate Football jerseys china League in the past two seasons. In the 2015 season, he made 12 kills for the team, and last year he brought 10.5 kills for the team, one of which took place at the NCAA championship. Allen, 191 cm tall and weighs 130 kilograms, is the two defensive line for defensive wingers and defensive ends. Although after joining the league, because Allen is not a pure pass pressure, his sack number is not so much like college, he will become an indispensable Washington defensive system in a ring. The legendary coach Nick Symbian’s disciple, will become the Redskins defensive player of the most hard working group.

3. Jamal – Adams, New York jets, horns

Draft: first round, sixth position

Aspect: 183 cm tall and weighs 97 kilograms, Adams has a net jump height of 80 cm and a 40 yard running speed of 4.56 seconds. As a key player in the defensive team at Louisiana State University over the past few seasons, Adams’s value is far from being reflected in his data. During the finishing season of college, Adams completed a run, a kill, and an opponent’s first drop. It is worth mentioning that, Jamal’s father George – Adams in the 1985 NFL draft in the first round of the nineteenth place was also selected from the giants of New York. Excellent football skills and tactics of lineages and all things to all men will make Adams in today’s NFL tactical system. In addition to the deep pass defense, Adams also has a grapple rush the player, and the ability to take over the unmarked slot. Although the fate of the New York jets’ new season is not well known, the reason is largely due to their lousy offensive lineup, and believes Adams can surprise the jet team’s defence.

Honorary nomination:

In addition to the above 6 players who played for the Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Faure Nate, San Francisco 49 team outside linebacker Reuben Forster, and New Orleans saints cornerback Sean ma – lattimores are worthy of attention.

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