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Northern District of League of Nations

chicago bears

In order to cut kicker Robert Aguayo, Chicago bears spent $428 thousand. The former Tampa Bay pirates played no challenge to the bear’s starting line-up last season.

Detroit Lions

Outside linebacker antwine Williams in training camp when the opening is considered to be the No. third linebacker lions, and can play a key role in all kinds of defensive formation. After a month, however, he had to pack up and leave.

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

Southern League

Atlanta Falcons

The four – year-old’s performance has been disappointing since the 2014 Atlanta falcons’ second round pick of Rachid, a graduate of University of Minnesota. On Saturday, Hagemann was released by the falcons on the list. This decision once again reflects the team’s dissatisfaction with him.

carolina panthers

The Carolina Panthers list of 53 people including two kicker: veteran Graham and 2017 nfl nike jerseys texans rookie Harrison – Bartek – ganor. Because two people have always been involved in trade rumors, we can look forward to that of the two one should be in the near future change over.

New Orleans Saints

Of the 53 saints list of the New Orleans saints, two are worthy of our attention. These two people are very likely to be absent from the saints season opener, they left Jiefeng Trondheim – Amusidide and David Stephen – Anthony line.

NL West

The Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals on Saturday to cut their 4 round pick – tackle Dorian Johnson. On the offensive line, the Cardinals chose to stay – Daniel and Ulrich – John monje. The offensive line and all things to all men – Daytona Cole suffered layoffs beyond all expectations.

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco as the 49 team in the 2016 season of the highest efficiency receivers, Jeremy Cole in 2017 nfl nike jerseys texans training camp and the preseason was bad, he was eventually abandoned the team.

The Seattle Seahawks

In order to give Sheldon Richard a certain wage of US $8 million 100 thousand, and the first position, defensive tackle Adiba – Seattle Seahawks laid off the team Lubin.

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