NFL Super Bowl jerseys quarterback gets cut

NFL was the first joke born?

Today Cleveland Brown’s outbreak of major news, Brown set before the people of Dezhou $72 million, before Mr. Denver Broncos Super Bowl quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor meritorious service was finally cut, so far, across the legendary NFL career temporarily a paragraph.

Brown Cleveland team this step completely determine the four rookie quarterback Keyser de Sean the starting quarterback position, while two of the second grade student Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan will be appointed as the No. two or three quarterback Cleveland Brown, but interesting is that the three current quarterback Brown are not in the official game of NFL the lead Brown to win any game.

This year’s preseason NFL Oswald Wheeler played two games, but his performance with people in Dezhou during the period of completely without the slightest change, he came 22 12 67 yards; after the Brown team found Deshawn Keyser’s strength in the preseason, Aus Ville in the last two preseason games not even then, today, Wheeler was officially laid off. Not only that, despite Cleveland Brown’s coach Hugh Jackson repeatedly to the outside world under the guise of mad praise Oswald veller, but in the earlier rumors: then to join Oswald vhailor several sessions, Brown cornerback who have felt in the preseason to pick out over.

Oswald vhailor came to Brown is very awkward, he is equivalent to the Cleveland team of Brown and Houston Dezhou people pick trading accessories, Houston was sent to the people of Dezhou will Oswald vhailor Brown, and sent a 2018 second round draft picks and a 2017 sixth round draft pick, nfl jerseys china Chany Brown a fourth round draft pick. It is said that the people of Dezhou to let Brown Cleveland team offer Oswald veller, with two round pick a very valuable pick to buy a quarterback on stability. Brown is then set man and no people imagine so straightforward, although Brown’s coach Hugh Jackson once vowed that Oswald is Brown Wheeler quarterback, but may start Brown Cleveland team will not the disaster type quarterback placed in the team’s plans, Brown may have calculated that if Oswald vhailor can suddenly enlightened that nature is the best thing, and he continues to fall, the minimum wage is Brown to eat the 16 million dollars and then fill in the team also received a two round pick is completely not suffer.

Look at this years NFL Oswald vhailor career it is unusual in the Denver broncos, surge high and sweep forward, he was injured in Payton – half of the season when Manning stepped in, he played in 7 games in the first time came the Mustang, 1967 yards for 10 touchdowns and 6 steals, which laid the foundation for the Denver Broncos won the final then the people of Dezhou; $72 million forced to sign the player, then he opens his vhailor disastrous career, wholesale jerseys he even can not be anyone in disturbance, to dispose of the ball off the ball rather baffling form, under the shadow of a Oswald last year, can easily complete the 1400+ code of a star Andre Hopki took over the outside can be connected without the ball, but with strong defensive group of Dezhou people, Dezhou people still broke into the second round of the playoffs, but Oswald vhailor throughout the season, 15 touchdowns 16 times Steals, 2 playoff touchdown 3 steals, Dezhou people have enough of his, even the fans started to raise the public wants to help the team to buy Oswald vhailor. So the people of Dezhou would rather lose money to Oswald vhailor away, but unfortunately, the quarterback is ultimately unable to prove themselves, it has left the alliance.

But even so, Wheeler can still get the 16 million dollars, even if he has already become a piece of NFL, but he was so rich that people admire, think now to Oswald’s strength to be able to harvest this vhailor salary, people really have to admire his broker. But Oswald vhailor blessing it, after all, if you well, is sunny, the first day Aus Ville left NFL, he wanted to.

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