Barr Timo Raven nfl new season jerseys is expected

The new season is expected

The crow is disgusting, he is not only the black body, carrion habit and the coarse bark, no one love is like crow football, no one is willing to fight with the crow, tough hard, very hate. Perhaps the new season, injuries will come to destruction, hit the team, whether it can enter the playoffs, whatever the outcome, will not affect the fans of the team’s favorite, and for the crow, strength, keep healthy, this season we will be able to return to the top of the north. Right there will not change, double play Steelers, Ron Bardi cup win.

Prediction record: 10 wins and 6 losses

Joe Flacco

Happened so that fans worried about before the start of the season, Joe Flacco in the first week of training camp because of back lumbar disc problems lead to missed 6 weeks of training, which he missed most of the time with the team training, but recent news and let the fans in Baltimore to relax, the official said the crow Mincho – flao will return to training during the preseason, but will not participate in the preseason, he recovered smoothly, and will be served as the starting against Cincinnati tigers season opener, the news that more or less injury disease ruined crow a loose tone.

The addition of former Bill offensive coordinator Greg Roman will increase the percentage of attacking shots in the team’s offense, but as a team that has been keen to pass the ball over the past few years, passing the attack is still an important part of the crow.

Attack team

The team announced the signing of back to the old juita center Jeremy, May will crow to 49 people for juita trading, a six round of sign, but studies did not let 49 people feel satisfied, then juita cut, after several twists and turns and sign back to juita crow, for the return of their offense familiar with the quite sensible, excessive salary cleared juita, he made a six round pick, living crow played a reality version of sleight of hand. The return of juita means to be at center Ryan Jensen to the starting right guard, while the original right guard James Hearst will be relegated to the bench. After losing the first right winger Ricci – Wagner, the team responded quickly, snatching Austen from the Oakland Raiders – Howard. The left – back Ronnie – Stanley is also very reassuring, last year’s first round of the show in his first season can play. Right guard position is the League top five Marshall – delay, follow the exploits of countless Foti zounanchuangbei. This led to delay the offensive line, which belongs to the middle level in the league.

Re – West

The starting running back is still a good performance last year was West, win in with new nfl jerseys Kenneth Dixon and Justin Forster competition, to get their own out of position, and this position with the season will be more stable, because John Harbert had relied on the No. two running back Kenneth Dixon due to a knee injury why need to undergo surgery, the result is this season, a shadow of a Crow Looking Road Attack Mongolia, because subsequent bench players are not super red ball, and Did Woodgate ran in favor of the ball.

Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace, a once abandoned by league players in Baltimore from the new is activated, a lot of people to thank him, including his own, on the season 72 receptions for 1017 yards, 14.1 yards and 4 touchdowns, this year will be the year of his contract, as long as no injury interference, you I see a strong air in any case.

Buleishade – Perryman finally came back full of blood, 15 years of the first round pick crow hopes, however, the injured will show the first training camp for a delayed season last season was his first full season, 33 receptions for 500 yards and 3 touchdowns also performed well, and he will be. The target Joe Flacco profound the most horrible of the distance.

Jeremy Mclean, Mike Wallace, he is the best example, the new season is to prove to others, what belongs nfl nhl to me, must take back.

Punter Sam Kirk, with the increase of age, the quality of the punt downs, less than a year, but still above the league average, last year 80 punt, size 45.8, is also a very good results.

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