Injury list for pre-season second weeks

In the preseason second weeks of competition, in order to adapt to the atmosphere of the game, tactical tactics, more and more teams choose to allow the lineup of core players debut. As a result, some key players were also hit by an unexpected injury. Today, we’ll take stock of important players injured in the preseason, second weeks’ game, and subsequent training.

At second weeks of pre-season injury: Beckham ankle free Seahawks Titans match reports

New York giants took over little Odell – Beckham

Left ankle sprain

Beckham immediately accepted a X – ray examination of his left ankle after being injured in Monday night’s game against Brown. Although the results are negative, Beckham’s comeback time is still difficult to determine. The New York giants’ top agent will certainly miss all the rest of the giants’ pre-season and are unlikely to make their debut in the opener against the cowboys. The Brown team cornerback Blaine Bodie Carle for Beckham and the impact of the flood would cause more serious consequences for him, but David was not fully supporting leg stand force, was finally able to leave the stadium.

The Seattle Seahawks left Jiefeng George venter

While the new season journey ended, and this is a major blow to the offensive line has been hoping to enhance the strength of the Seattle Seahawks. In the offseason, while 25 pounds, and to train the outstanding performance by the Seahawks team as the new season the most progress potential of the second grade students. However, mlb jerseys cheap with both the Seahawks season, it is difficult to find a qualified replacement in the remainder of August, the same as the second grade students Rees Audi and Luke abou left guard Joeckel will probably become the team’s two choice.

Cincinnati tiger team safety Sean Williams

Williams might not have missed the entire season, but we will get at least 4 to 6 weeks to see the tigers first team nfl jerseys safetys figure on the pitch. Williams’s position may be substitute safetys Deron Smith replaced, but Williams’s injury has made the Meng Hu team safetys stretched in this position, they are only three healthy safetys for coach selection.

Detroit lions took over T.J. Jones

Jones in Saturday night’s game in his thigh muscle injury, and no match. After regular training on Monday, Jones did not participate in normal training. An outside injury in the hands of the injured team needs to be taken seriously by the team, especially when the catcher is playing a decisive role in the team. When Jones left, rookie Kenny will wear gola served as the team’s third took over, fought side by side together with Gordon Tate and Marvin Jones.

Buffalo Bill took over the Rhodes Street

On Thursday night against the Philadelphia hawks in fourth, Streator broke his toe and transported by medical leave. His comeback time is still uncertain. During his 49 season last season, although he made his debut in 16 games, he has been plagued by injuries.

Losangeles team lightning tight end Geoff – Cumberland

Left Achilles tendon rupture

After playing the New York jets in the 6 season, Cumberland in the past offseason as a substitute tight end to join Losangeles lightning team. However, with the left Achilles tendon, the Cumberland 2017 season ended.
The two week preseason is over, and in about two weeks, NFL’s new season will begin. Hopefully all the NFL teams will be able to cut players’ losses in pre-season and be able to welcome the season with the most complete line-up.

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