The crow teaches you “empty handed” wolf”

The crow team re signing center Jeremy juita

5 months ago, Baltimore will crow team center Jeremy juita traded to the San Francisco team of 49 people. However, just last week, the 49 men announced that the veteran had been cut off, and the ravens again signed the general.
It is reported that the juita wage contract for two years, the basic salary of nearly $4 million, plus up to $6 million in bonus time, compared with just $9 million to renew the Seahawks Justin – Britt, the money is really not expensive. To be laid off after the juita were not worried about the loss of jobs, in addition to the crow team outside the Indianapolis Colts also had an invitation to him, but juita chose familiar crow team, in the past three years he played in 41 games, including a season starting all 16 games, and the first selected occupation bowl.

Juita before the arrival of the team’s offensive line has been stretched, because the team defender John usher to school suddenly announced his retirement, Ryan Jensen was temporarily transferred to the center position, now Jensen will be at the left guard position and James Hearst to compete, so as to make up the main force of the original left guard Arrakis Lewis and substitute Nico after West Ragusa the match reports left loopholes.
It is worth noting that the first team selection and 49 crow deal, not only removed the heavy burden of wage juita, also received a six round pick, so going around to the end, not only did not lose what crow team also got a pick. Doing business to do so is really dumbfounding, 49 people’s business is really a big loss, remember the Spring Festival Gala Xiao Shenyang’s lines: “finished, you did not give us one, you have to take one, right?”

Patriots rookie defensive end serious injury race newspaper

The joint training Wednesday in West Virginia and Texas people, the Patriots rookie defensive end Derek Rivers limped off the pitch selection, and the night flew back to Boston, this name is Aigo this year until the third round before the election to the player, his rookie season did not play has ended.

According to the Massachusetts General hospital diagnosed, Derek – Rivers left leg of the cruciate ligament, and lateral ligament also has a certain degree of damage, so serious injuries, or even ruin his occupation career, this is youth boy before the season by this big injury, people lament. Rivers in the third round of the 83 NBA draft pick by the Patriots off from the big players in the Youngstown State University in 4 years well, scored a total of 173 tackles and 37.5 sacks, not to play defensive end, but also served as the linebacker, which agree without prior without previous consultation and patriots he is also the team defensive strategy, choose an important reason.
With the retirement of Ninkovic, leaving Chris long and Jabbar sheard, patriots in the defensive front ends of the staff has been stretched, in addition to the main flowers and Yili Trevor Berlusconi – only small Derek Sri wise rookie a substitute, so Rivers injured, is tantamount to one disaster after another.

The new season will start soon, and we can continue to observe the team’s countermeasures through several preseason performances.

Beckham was type patchogue Faria malicious damage, preliminary check no harm.

In today’s New York giants’ clash with Cleveland Brown, Beckham, the superstar’s nfl nike jerseys Odell, was injured and left many fans worried.

In the second quarter in the attack, Odell – Beckham in continuous use your own personal ability and speed easily get rid of the opponent’s defense, Eli Manning first pass found Odell Beckham completed a 12 yard pass, and then he and Manning completed a 18 yard line, but unfortunately this is the ball, Beckham in the air are not fully landed, knee joints Brown No. 20 safety Blaine Bodie – Calhoun vicious hit Beckham in the lens of the supporting foot can Kokai knee appeared obvious deformation to see, it can be said that the malicious degree comparable to NBA the Western Conference patchogue Faria stepping Leonard. After Odell Beckham staggered to stand up, but the pain finally fell to the ground, slightly eased, Beckham to leave the stadium, then sit on the preliminary examination of medical vehicle.

Then in the second half of the game, Beckham also appeared in the arena of the lens, but after he had already changed his plain clothes walked back to the bench, Beckham, together with his teammates on the sidelines watching this preseason game.

Beckham was initially suspected of knee and ankle injuries have emerged, but there are some phenomena of concussion, but with the subsequent detailed examination, after receiving the X light, Odell Beckham’s injury update, his knee and concussion was cancelled, leaving only a sprained ankle. It does not matter.

To say that under the ordinary people in Blaine – Carle Horth bodi so cruel action knee already scrapped, but Beckham is just an ankle injury and had to say, Beckham’s body quality and can be very far, also hope that through the examination of the hospital can be determined after David Beckham.

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