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Carlos Hyde

Carlos Hyde, running guard

Last season, Hyde attack 49 people in one of the few bright spots in the early stage of the season, as expected, Hyde will carry a large amount of work, the former Ohio state run health occupation career has not yet tasted kiloyards season, although only in the League for three years, but increasing year by year statistics the injuries and accidentaly across is impressive, last year fell on the key 988 code, watched his first thousand yard season was postponed again, Hyde’s fast, sensitive in the brain, has made him a strong.

Hyde has a destructive escapement is quite strong hold capacity, continue to promote the ability of the body after exposure also confirms this statement, in at least 200 times to punch the ball players, Hyde 3.05 yards in the League performance fourth. In the offseason the team continues to run the position of Wei, former saints backup running guard Tim Hightower to join, including draft choice is generally optimistic about the University of Utah run Joe Williams, on a good Hyde urged competition, and he is constantly trying to make myself like a weight loss of strength. Coach Shanahan also gave Hyde a high praise. At least for the new season, Shanahan’s 49 men still rely on Hyde at the offensive. But a sharp question is head to face, that is injured, nearly two season missed 12 games for Hyde injury is an extremely sensitive word, if the next season will face long-term injury, perhaps this is probably the last season in the reconstruction of 49 people Hyde but, in Shanahan offense, running back is to have high comprehensive qualities can run in the Falcon either Freeman or Coleman, they rushed the ball in the model strong still can freely switch the ball shape, is a great challenge for the whole occupation had not received the ball is hyde.

Attack team

Blaine and bott

On the season 49 person starting quarterback became the topic of controversy, Kelly finds the starting quarterback Blaine with a poor and poor performance of BOT completely let the fans lose patience, had to flag scandal protagonist Capet Niketi back first, and even most of the fans called for the No. 3 quarterback Christian Pound as the first. To the two position in the hearts of fans are fading. Fortunately, Kelly did not get sick TouYi, or confirmed Capet Nick’s team status. The end of the season three people have to leave.

CJ- Besede

The new season, Blaine – Heuer, Matt – Barkley and rookie CJ- Beisede three people will assume the San Francisco 49ers jerseys offensive group core task, Heuer in Cleveland for 14 years with the coach Brown Shanahan had a partner, and is the team’s offensive coordinator Shanahan, that every time Heuer pass size reached 7.59 yards in the League eighth, Heuer most offensive means will choose the option of reading and offense, quarterback score reached 99.2, worked in his playing coach, Hoyle can easily make the transition. How many years of the game proved that Heuer is a qualified player, but he is not the team’s plans, the opposite is Beisedeze rookie CJ- type Shanaha most want, media evaluation of Besede used such a word “the only quarterback Shanahan wanted in this draft”. Yes, this is the first choice of quarterback Shanahan he has rebuilt the territory, some ideas about his ideal quarterback, the possibility of Besede has not played, but the inherent plasticity is Shanahansuo given hopes.

Pierre – Jason

After cleaning the Torre Smith and Quinton Barton, 49 people through the free market was strengthened, a big contract took the red veteran Pierre – Jason, get thousands of code data in the contract, at least for now, the contract still looks, one of the hired full guard Kell – Euse Zeke is also the last important crow the heart attack, although the job is to cover open, but the bones with a ball of ambition, and a fairly good catch ability, all-around performance on a season he is also able to go where the selected key industry bowl.

Only a short while ago, 49 people attack attack is one of the best league, in the 16 season they became the group’s worst, even become the worst, the left Jiefeng Joe stahly is still the best player, offensive tackle one of the league’s dominant. Left guard last year’s first round pick Joshua Garnett, after a dismal season, it seems that we can see his progress, because his debut season really to the point, whether it is pass protection or pavement cover in all the first guard countdown, and the performance of Garnett once let nfl 49ers jerseys questioned the management your iq.

Defensive team

At 49 the attack, when you see the defense performance, you will find that as their offense, averaging 30 minutes left, the 32 teams ranked first, so you understand why the offseason defense group are in constant adjustment of personnel. Anti running and anti transmission range compared to last year, this season may allow the team to make some improvement on the defensive end.

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