The league’s most expensive running back suffered a concussion?

Brain concussion occurred in top pay running training

The Atlanta falcons’ main run, Freeman, showed signs of concussion during training on Sunday. On Monday, coach Dan Quinn announced that Freeman does appear to be a slight concussion, and he will be excluded from this weekend against Pittsburgh Steelers preseason.

Quin said Freeman was unwell during training and thought the weather was overheating, which led to heat stroke, but Freeman himself said there might have been a concussion. Heard that Quin was scared and quickly told the medical staff to check, and directly from the end of the preseason list he scored he may soon appear in the training camp, but now he has to do is to take a good rest.” Quin added that he wasn’t even sure he would play in the rest of the preseason.

De Feng tower – Freeman in just a few days before the team signed a $41 million 250 thousand contract for 5 years, let him become the league’s most expensive running backs, the contract affirmed the value of Freeman, he has no reason to play in the preseason, Falcon needs a healthy Freeman, over the past two seasons he got 2135 yards and 22 touchdowns, now from the regular season and play a month, he will have plenty of time to rest, in addition, Quin also decided to Matt Ryan and Julio Jones have frozen up.

In the first quarter of the season’s first offensive, the team did their best and then changed to the bench, and Freeman got a touchdown in the attack. The team is not the lack of competition in the running back position, in the next game, Blaine – Hill, Ward – tron and Kelvin – Taylor will assume the offensive team road.

The crow team signed sadi Erskine Lewis

Now the discussion Colin Capet Nick will not go to the crow team topic can just stop for a moment, today announced the signing of Baltimore crow team quarterback sadi Erskine Lewis, and at the same time cut Dustin Vaughan.
In the preseason, crow quarterback Ryan Mallett still play with the same training camp 18 bad, only 9 forward 48 yards, let the team crow unbearable, Sadie Lewis’ sign ready to host. In Joe Flacco still on the sidelines of the time, he will serve as the No. three or no. two quarterback to compete with him and the young Josh Ward Room.

More worrying is that has been in the League for seven years Lewis occupation career. Most of the time is spent on the bench, the game dates back to a 2013 he, that year he was in the Bill team came 1092 yards and 4 touchdowns and 3 steals. After Lewis has removed 49 ram, five teams will serve as Tinker’s role, although nfl jerseys china 49 people in San Francisco last season all four expenses have a chance to appear, but because of his knee injury in the bench.
It is said that one of the reasons not to sign Capet crow team Nick, the team is convinced they can hold up the backup quarterback first few games of the team, they don’t need to spend big money to sign a “trouble”, but this does not mean that Ryan Mallett was safe, if he continues in the performance of the other players also can not afford to support the situation when the crow is bound to put the target again to Capet Nick.

This offseason crow quarterback battle looks increasingly fierce, with the advance of the story of the preseason is toward a climax, who will have the last laugh, we will wait and see.

Pre season harvest quarterback, outstanding performance to help build confidence Hackenberg

People know the preseason victory does not mean what, but for the New York jets and Hackenberg is a good start. After offseason sacked veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and Gino Smith, between the team’s starting quarterback by the new signing Josh McCain and Brice Patti, the preseason defender Christian Hackenberg’s excellent play broke this balance.

The two – year quarterback from the Penn State University played most of the time in the game last week, 25 passes, 18 times, and 127 yards. He is constantly looking for gaps in the pocket, so as to find a close pass target, except for a few long did not find the target, to show their short in about 10 yards of talent, shot quickly, very precise, reminiscent of Carson Palmer. He helped take over Robbie – Anderson found the rhythm of the game, but also activated the full guard – Anthony – purcell. Even after Josh McCain also praised the young people.

After the interview, Hackenberg said they feel good now, win and not by individuals, this is a team everyone nfl jerseys wholesale very hard, also boast a defensive group on. Although he is second in the 2016 draft round was chosen to play the regular season but Berg and Haken no chance in the last season, even in the team all play quarterback worst case.

Hackenberg career best when he was in the first year at the University of Pennsylvania, to now have five years of time, for young people, he needs more opportunities to play like this. McCain because older, performance has been far less when young, season a few games down Brice Patti, feeling difficult chengdaqi, young Hackenberg only need to get ready, wait, the opportunity may soon appear.

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