Green Bay Packers: impact Super Bowl

Today, we are bringing together another strong team with a long tradition in the northern part of the League of nations — Green Bay packers.

Key personnel change

Kevin Kim

In the draft, the packers changed the first 29 to the two, the first and the four. They are first in the two round of the first selected high and fast but thin University of Washington cornerback (Kevin King), and in the two round at the end of the North Carolina State University under tall rapid safetys (Josh Jones), at the end of the first round and four round they were selected Auburn University defensive line (Montravius Adams) and a native of Wisconsin (Vince Biegel), outside linebacker to reinforce the defense. It was not until the end of the four round that the packers began to fill the running position of the urgent shortage, and chose the Brigham Young University-Provo (Jamaal Williams).


(Aaron, Rodgers) quarterback

The two regular season MVP, a Super Bowl champion and winner MVP, career touchdowns, passing score history first steals than the first league history, ran out of pocket pass the strongest, grasp the opportunity of Free Alliance strongest attack huangqi…… However, won the championship in 2010 season, Rodgers and his packers never returned to the super bowl, for the team management, how to grasp Rodgers’s win in the peak period, should be the priority among priorities in front of.

(Ha, Ha, Clinton-Dix), you Wei

In the first game of his career, ha ha got three awkward harvests and missed the escape. But for ha ha, he won’t let the opportunity slip away from his fingers again and again. Rookie season he soon replaced the head be a starter safetys. Step by step, last year, ha ha, playing all the files of the defense team, contributed 80 times to capture and 5 copies, career for the first time shortlisted professional bowl, and selected the best team two array. With the replacement of players in the array, he has become a new generation leader in the Packers’ jerseys nike second line.

Attack team

Last year the injury outside (Jordy Nelson) took over a strong return, 97 times the ball scored 1257 yards and 14 touchdowns in the highest League, he is still the most trusted old partner Rodgers. Two years ago by the fans criticized butter hand of Aventis – Adams (Davante Adams) to become another thigh last year, several key to complete the ball, with 75 catches for 997 yards and 12 touchdowns in the good performance. Adams, who missed last season’s first thousand yard season last season, will go all out in the contract year. (Randall Cobb) last year affected by injuries, the state of ups and downs, but his groove is definitely a dagger can not be ignored. Behind them, there are (Geronimo, Allison), (Malachi, Dupre) such as the new recruits. The proximal front new aid, occupation level, matru bowl – Bennet and Lance – the first level of the tall, the latter Kendricks, quickly, let Rodgers more than two pieces of heavy weapons. And as the near end, both of them opened better than Cook, who had left, could help the ground attack. Speed is slow, the opposition is weak, but the ball feel Rodgers (Richard), reduced to No. three near the front, suddenly appeared a bit extravagant.

But the seemingly offensive pack of packers is also a hidden danger. TJ-‘s departure from JC- and Te Rethel has weakened the starting line and depth of the attacking line. Starting right tackle (Brian Bulaga) with two season injury history, the main center (Corey Linsley) over the past two years and has now left the Terre Myrtle turns staged I hurt you on the top of the drama.
Last season was (Lane Taylor) performance can be in the left guard position, especially the pass protection are excellent, and (David Bakhtiari) is a growth in the left alliance first-class Jiefeng, occupation bowl and NBA two array. Their health and condition are especially important in protecting Rodgers’s blind side. This is the line cheap jersey of the rough draft, after losing the right guard Lang, the packers did not rush in large supplementary guard, but the first sign of the original saints veteran Jia Li – Evans, and continue to observe the cultivation of the young players in the team. Last year after the accident cut top guard Josh Heaton, the packers offensive lines still hit the top five of the league’s performance. Have they lost a star guard again this year, and have the same luck? I can not help but for them behind Rodgers nieyibahan……

Another place full of unknowns is running guard. The former Ty Montgomery was moved to the running position and is now the number one choice for the team. In the draft, the packers did not take off in the first three rounds of famous hot running guards, but in the four or five and seven rounds, even picked three, suddenly a bit of lottery feeling. At present, the three in the training camp in the best performance or the four round of the final selection of Jamal – Williams, is expected to he and Montgomerie composed of one or two running guard configuration.

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