Prospects new season for New Orleans saints

In the Southern League of the United States where each team is becoming stronger, the saints’ line-up is not enough to explain the problem. Although the team’s record should be improved, but the offensive and defensive ends of the potential risks are likely to lead to the team once again hit the playoffs defeat.

Expected results: 9 wins and 7 losses, missed playoffs.

Attack team

Under coach Payton and quarterback Bracey, the attack of the saints has never been a problem for the past 11 years. Last year, the second round of the show (Michael Thomas) played rookie team history the best receiver performance, let the team in the offseason to boldly go Kukes. But Thomas is tall, long-range threats cannot compensate for the speed type of cousteau. This team in the offseason from rivals the Panthers signed veteran Ted Jean, although the latter catch ability than Cousteau, but odd speed will let the opponent dare not let down. The slot’s main Wiley Snyder this year into the contract, have enough power to improve my performance. The proximal end of season no newcomers Kobe fleener on the front immediately into the team, to prove yourself in the new year to. Overall, go though Cox, the saints offensive under the leadership of Bracey, is still the league’s top level.
In contrast, the team’s attack on the ball, because of Pedersen’s joining, the configuration of the change is more significant. The team’s main run guard Mark – Ingram last year to get the first 1000 yards of the season, now 28 years old, he can say that is still at its peak. Therefore, after Pedersen, the team will use two people, it has become the fans talk about the topic. The team’s attitude has not been given a definite debut, indicating that the two may share the ball equally. But in practical terms, Ingram is still more trustworthy than Pedersen. In addition, the team in the draft is still in the third round of the Alvin – Kamala (Alvin Kamara) to supplement the depth of the lineup, as Ingram and Pedersen in the past have hidden dangers, plus a layer of insurance.

Running seems to be more stable, the team’s offensive forward is a problem. The Terron Armstead, the number one player on the team’s front line, was injured two months ago in a short training camp and missed at least half of the season. From the lineup, the team is the first show of Rahm Qi Ke and the main force left guard (Andrus Peat) can replace the Amusidide position, but his two performance that are not Amusidide. The saints offensive team for many years alone cannot do without stable performance has been the front. Amusidide out what will bring much impact to the team, it is very difficult to predict.

Defensive team

The saints’ defensive team has been poor for years, but the problems are different nfl jerseys china over the years. Take the last two years. In the 2015 season, the team’s main problems are forward pass and corner guard. Last season, the issue of rushing was improved to a certain extent, but did the center guard have someone to trust?. The corner had a depth of lineup, but it was stretched again because of a series of injuries. The team in the offseason on these three aspects are done a certain degree of tonic, but the effect remains to be investigated. Wei Wei position now has the first round of the show, Moore Moore, last season’s two main (Delvin Breaux) and (P.J. Williams), if you can maintain good health, then the corner guard is no longer a problem. Of the two new guards in the center line, the Special Olympics are now competing for the starting line-up, while Klein has shown his versatility and can find his place in the basic formation and in the five guard formation.

The problem returned to the defensive front line, where the team had been on a headache. On the season, although not a stable defensive end as a partner of Jordan, but the first show (Sheldon Rankins) and new aid (Nick Fairley) in the defensive tackle position on the performance of stability, and improve the overall level of defensive attack. This year the team from the Arizona Cardinals Cardinals signed Okafor as a partner of Jordan, adds to this ring, but just continued under the New Testament Fairlie but was found to have a heart problem, occupation career will continue to be in question, at least this season is not appeared. Because of this, the team has again become one of the most questionable links.

Secret Service

The team’s secret service was criticised last season for three games, as key free shots or points were blocked and scored back. The team at the end of the season after the fire defense coach Greg Mcmahon was replaced by former Washington Redskins assistant coach Bradford banta. Despite the change in the coaching team, the team has a soccer jerseys very durable position in the hands of the players. In the past ten years the average annual change a kicker, the team decided to trust young Latz. Will this year, although the latter had this several times by plugging the embarrassment, but the overall performance is fairly stable, misses are basically free kick 50 yards to additional points nor other missed the situation.

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