Patriot superstar clash with new price aid

The training ground scuffle with each other

Chinese idioms or allusions are the essence of the language left by the ancient Chinese to the modern people. Its concise and comprehensive, rich in content, but also contain a lot of profound truth, such as “fratricide” has always been a taboo in Boston, but there seems to be people who do not know.

Let me first introduce the two protagonists of this brother’s fight.

“Big legs,” Wei Wei, Gilmore

Stephen Gilmore, who defected from Buffalo, Bill, to new England patriots in March this year, was a patriotic patriot who signed the defender for 5 years and 65 million. Although last season Malcolm Butler and Logan Ryan’s performance are good, but because of short stature, the super bowl was Julio – Jones hammer explosion, so how to defend a wide receiver into the team to solve the problem, with the arrival of Gilmore Stephen, the Patriots outside defense can truly become an island”.

The squirrel “Edelman

Although Gilmore, make a living away from home already for a long time, but in the Patriot he is fairly new, and the fight another protagonist of the event is the Patriots receiver Edelman exploits! Edelman Brady to follow around for many years, the Super Bowl light took 2, can be said to be the most trusted foreign Brady took over.

One side is the key of the super bowl, guards the ball save patriot in the water and fire, while the off-season price Neiyuan, ready to join the line to help the team boarded the throne of the king. The two man is an important puzzle patriot new season crown, why clenched fists? And listen to the old driver slowly, the incident occurred at the Patriots open training camp, but also a group of small fans witnessed the fiery conflict.

Coach quickly Lycra

It is reported that at the time of the attack and defense group group have respectively in the red zone to complete the 11 array, Gilmore, mark Edelman. After the ball out, face tight marking, Brady had to throw in the ball short slot Edelman, Edelman is the complete touchdown with a line in consideration of what, Gilmore, suddenly, in a rude action ended Edelman’s attack.

The two men grappled together

In 1 to 1, 7 to 7 of the training, Edelman has always been to so early on Gilmore, there is anger, looking for opportunities to teach the boy, after both sides of each other “greeting” verbally, the war quickly began and directly into the white hot. Edelman is the sort of person? Little had my finger migang a pair of iron palm, well versed in traditional Chinese martial arts, at this time he first saw a tiger down the mountain Gilmore wrestled to the ground, and did not want to think is a tiger Wu Song, his legs tied horse cross in Gilmore, under the fist hand quite a bit like rain, the head of Wudu Jingyang on a hill like, the hapless Gilmore thought this guy was so powerful, no wonder this help to catch him first “, although this is the case, but he is still not defeat, shouting” good Jun Kung fu!” Two of them hitting each other. The battle lasted 10 to 15 seconds, and Malcolm Butler, who arrived first, quickly hailed his teammates and coaches separated the two men.

I’m in the site wildly!?

Of course, this thing is not finished, Biliqieke coach Bill has always been known for harsh buy jerseys military administration, while encouraging aggressive players in training, but things far more or less lost their first arena sects of the head face, directly to the two people went out of the gym, take a cold bath and later commanded the wall of the music. The two people were Biliqieke disciples, once you click “I have read and agree to the above terms, will have to accept his father honest labor reform, in terms of selection is always unique, you made me no matter what thing before, but here you have to listen to me, you still remember last year Jamie Collins?

How did they fight?

“Did you see that?” This is rugby. We have a lot of people competing.” The Patriots team super tight end Marcus said, he has been on the clock It is quite common for things. To the end of the training, he has walked to the locker room, glanced at Edelman with Gilmore’s cabinet, did not see figure two. “We always get angry on the training ground. It’s competition, man. Some energy is not released. Something must be done.”. But you can’t fight here, you have to stay calm, at least make sure you clean up before the next game.”

In fact, in the game, especially football, offensive and defensive training group group will inevitably confront together as a rival, so the brothers fight, the scene is very common, in the other team’s training camp also occur, what did not get excited over a little thing. Edelman in the team has always been a lot of words, and last year had to do with Malcolm – Butler, and now two people do not look good. The old fox Billy Cheik in their employees have their own fans, so don’t worry about that.

This is an episode for the new season, the so-called Out of blows friendship grows, believe that two people will eventually bury the hatchet. Said so much, their goal is to help Brady nfl jerseys buy continue to get the super bowl, so the team is good to pull together in times of trouble.

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