To get a salary actually choose to stop training

The man three enters the career bowl 2 times


The Losangeles rams now have a strike player.

Star guard Aaron Donald didn’t report to the training camp with his teammates. Donald’s contract expires at the end of the 2017 season and the team has implemented the 2018 contract option. Was reportedly offered a huge contract offer for Donald, but Donald wanted the league’s top player’s salary.

Although many teams had not signed the contract until two years after the rookie contract, Donald tried to change the situation. Previously expressed the hope to become the league’s highest paid players New York giants wide receiver Odell Beckham in the offseason are in a similar situation, but he did not choose to stop training.

Donald, who was three in the career bowl, was selected twice for the best squad and won the rookie of the year, and he has good reason to ask for it. Ram also has no capital to lose good players, especially the team now has the new coach Sean – and the team owner hopes to build superstars in Losangeles.

The rare thing about Donald talent is that he can play anywhere in the defensive line and never need to leave the field. He can also make enormous pressure on the opponent from the inside, reducing the shoulder burden of the ram.
Last season, Donald had 8 kills, 5 record breaking passes and 2 forced shots.

Titans renewal League top defensive player

Personal quarterback nightmare

Casey racing moments

The Tennessee Titans planned to let Zhu – Casey play for them for a long time.

Titan signed a contract with the professional bowl nfl jerseys defender for 4 years, worth $60 million 400 thousand, including a $40 million guaranteed income contract on Friday. Casey’s contract expires at the end of the 2018 season.
After returning to the career bowl, Casey has been the most reliable defensive player of the Titans for the past 5 years and has made 33 total runs since entering the team in 2011.

“There are very few contracts that have been signed so far in this line,” said Jean Robinson, Titan’s general manager. “But Jurel is a unique player. He came here in the draft. He has signed the contract, made outstanding contributions to the community and has been selected for many career bowls. We are pleased that he will be able to serve Titan for years to come.”

Casey is a defensive front that can effectively prevent opponents from running and becoming an opponent quarterback. cheap nike jerseys Usually get double benefits against rivals last season he was named the union occupation football focus ranked tenth in the medial defender.

Robinson has improved the lineup of both ends of the Titan’s offensive and defensive over the past two seasons. It would be wise to give Casey a contract at the core level.

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