Wilson wants to change the world with football


Wilson coaches the players at the Great Wall

“This is the best trip of my life.”!”. On the sixth day of China, in the face of more than 10 media from China and the United States, the American Professional Football League (NFL) jersey champion quarterback Russell Wilson shared what he saw and heard in China and his wonderful experience. On the previous day, he also appeared on the magnificent the Great Wall, and the Great Wall for nearly a hundred small football players from all over the country up the guidance of professional skills. Despite the tight schedule, but the Seattle Seahawks headed quarterback in the interview is still in high spirits, do not see the slightest weakness.

In the past week or so, Wilson has participated in a number of training camps in Shanghai and Beijing, and has taught Rugby professional skills to hundreds of young Chinese players of all ages. The concentration of these children and the desire to learn rugby in their eyes gave the young champion quarterback a taste of the passion and passion of the Chinese olive fans for the sport. Beyond the imagination of the Chinese Rugby atmosphere, he even realized that the country has great potential for developing rugby. A visit and a few days’ trip were far from enough for Wilson. I hope he can come to their Chinese every summer, establish a long lasting relationship with the children here love football, to share the unique charm of the sport and their challenges, and encourage them to learn across the life in front of them, do your best.

In fact, after the end of the trip to the Great Wall, Wilson issued a letter addressed to fans. “In the field of like-minded meeting, we decided to go into a partner, concentrate our power to achieve a unified plan to benefit children, we hope to use the enthusiasm for the sport, let the children from all over the country seamlessly together”. This grand vision finally chooses China as a starting point. Since 2010, the number of people interested in rugby in China has increased by 11 times to 19 million. The influence and popularity of the sport among the younger generation is rising rapidly.

For Wilson, American football is a team sport larger than every individual”. It makes people understand that no matter how badly they fall, they should climb up, while the premise of success is team friendship, mutual respect and trust. Rugby has benefited Wilson from growing up with positive energy in his life, a sport that has helped him grow into a strong, loving and grateful man. In the process of getting along with Chinese teenagers, Wilson noticed that some of them worried about the problem of their small physique. But he hoped that through his efforts and rugby for the positive impact of personality, to encourage these outstanding children to grow into the best players, to achieve their own sports dreams. No matter what size, as long as there is enough desire and diligence, no dream can not be realized. And he himself is the best example of this belief.

In sports, people often say, “don’t underestimate the heart of a champion.”. But again, you can’t underestimate a small heart in a strange arena. They do not have tall and strong body, but with a lofty ambition, and with their tenacious and hard will cast their own glory. The height is only 1 meters 8, the Secretary of the Wilson quarterback on the field compared to the same position, although the opponent short by a large margin, but Werwilson from the first day of entering the alliance has set for itself an ambitious goal to become the best quarterback NFL cheap jerseys, although the realization of the goal of rugged journey.

Wilson always firmly pursue their dreams, he perfected my run of play, and adhere to the field training hard, finally after entering the League a year with their own actions severely hit back at all doubts. From the 2012 season won the rookie of the year, breaking Peyton Manning’s rookie record to pass, the team won the first 2013 Super Bowl season, and again in 2014 in the finals, Werwilson again and again to refresh people’s understanding.

Today, Wilson has become fully deserve NFL alliance superstar, and signed a $87 million 400 thousand contract with the Seahawks huge, but for the pursuit of excellence still prompted him to progress. The Seahawks 2017 for the new season training he made it clear to everyone that his only goal is to win the super bowl again and became the sport’s greatest quarterback. But under the present, this had been looked down upon the “little man” has become most elusive dream of football: the use of positive energy, encouraging, unite the people, to change the world.

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