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When the 2015 season, the team has not nfl jerseys from china dared to let his attacking players one on one watt. Frequently double teamed, still can not stop the brave Watt. This year he got 17.5 sacks made 3 and 8 pass break off the ball. In seventeenth weeks, he got his fifth career 3 sack game. And he attracted the folder, the team also got more room to play. Linebacker Whitney Moxilusi in this year there are 12 sacks, Dezhou team a total of 45 sacks alliance fifth, compared with the previous year has been greatly improved. Watt won the third best defensive player of the year for the last four years, but he has not played for the past five years, and this time he has run out of energy. With minor injuries had been played in the playoffs, finally lost the state, the people jerseys of Dezhou in the home court by the Kansas City Chiefs zero closure. After the game, the team announced that watts will be back injury surgery.

Although Watt has not missed the game, but in fact the back injury has been very serious. According to Watt himself later recalled, in February after the first operation, he recovered very slowly, initially even get out of bed is difficult, which also made him doubt his career is not the end. However, God did not let his efforts to live up to, he eventually recovered, so in July to do second high surgery, rehabilitation process is much easier. Although there is no pre-season training, Watt caught up with the regular season and 1.5 sacks in cheap jerseys nfl the first three games. Then his back injury, had to undergo surgery again, making his 2017 season played only three games have ended.
Watt’s private life, which we had a month ago, was filmed in 2015 with a pair of Danish tennis stars Caroline Wozniacki. Now he has a new love, is my teammate Blaine Cushing sister-in-law, American women’s major league players kellia – Oha, is Cushing couples will be introduced Oha to Watt. I hope all proud helps to recover from injury as soon as possible W.

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This is the story of NFL’s first defensive player, JJ- Watt. If the injury is not repeated, in his state, to wholesale nfl jerseysretire is likely to become the first defensive player in NFL history. But the injury posed a big question mark for his next career. We sincerely hope that he will recover from injury and return to the top of the season.

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