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Former NFL foreign daughter broke the 800 meter record in the United States

Chad – Johnson and Johnson – daughter Cher

The outside catcher is definitely one of the fastest places for NFL players, and it’s obvious that such talent is flowing in their family’s blood. Once the star outside, take over Chad – Johnson, there is such a successor to his good genes daughter.

Recently, his 12 year old daughter Cher – Johnson broke the national record age of 800 meters, according to reliable sources, the 12 year old young athletes to finish the game with 2 points in 14. 80 seconds, before her own record record quickly close to 5 seconds, and last year the girls in the children’s Olympic 800 meter race successfully won the championship, the family had to say good talent she inherited.

His father, Chad – Johnson watched her daughter’s game and, after winning the title, released a Instagram for the first time, along with a video of the game, full of pride for her daughter. In the 2 lap, she broke her record and beat all his opponents on the pitch. Remember, the world is not going to lose pie.” Chad – Johnson said. In the video game released in Johnson clearly shows the little girl won the appearance, in the video you can see when crossed the line at end point, he falls behind the other players a great distance.

Interestingly, cut, hit 800 meters record for 2 minutes and 14 seconds 80, while the women’s 800 metres record is 1 minutes 53 seconds 28, such a comparison, only 12 year old Cher achieved exactly what level, we can make nothing of it, but Chelsea will definitely achieve a surprising degree.

This is a good example of Chad Johnson appeared in 6 occupation bowl, 2 annual best first team, his style is its speed, and now he inherited good genes daughter is to this road.

Michael Freud

The driver was drunk driving today, next season will be suspended for four games

After Michael Freud 2016 drunk driving accident, the over all penalties now finally have all the results, Michael Freud some time ago to fully acknowledge his serious drunk driving charges, and in the offseason, he accepted the punishment of imprisonment, also made a period of community service. He also delivered a large amount of fines, but these are only legal punishment after the trial, he admitted that due to his serious drunk driving behavior, NFL alliance out drunk driving is more strict than ordinary tickets for him, Michael Freud will be suspended for 4 games official NFL jerseys.

In this way 1 years prior to the $1 million 500 thousand signing of Michael Freud of the Minnesota Vikings will eat some losses, the young captain then haven’t Viking contribution even a code value, and now, Michael Freud will miss 1/4 games of the season.

When Freud was playing the 2016 season for the Arizona Cardinals, he was the police arrested for drunk driving in Arizona, so decisively cut off the Cardinals took over, then, Freud is the new England patriots signed, and follow the Patriots scored during the season and Super Bowl champion, but in the offseason, Patriot or be cut off, the Minnesota Vikings signed Freud, Freud also made a promise to the vikings.

At least now Freud’s drunk driving is punished so far, the original Freud is the Arizona Cardinals star of hope, in the 2013 season he finished 1041 yards and 5 touchdowns in the performance of drunk driving, Freud almost every season to complete more than 800 yards. Hopefully, after all the penalties are over, Michael – Freud can find the original feeling.

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