The coach showed Newton the way

The Panthers can return the title, Newton understand this requirement need to perform

Newton performs the boss’s life

The four Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton jerseys nfl) last year ran the ball only 90 times for 359 yards is the occupation career low, in his pocket pass options still have problems.

Recently, team coach Luo (Ron Rivera) said, the team hoped Newton reduces the running ball, passes the ball to be more resolute.

Newton completed his operation in the offseason, and only recently did pass practice. Last season’s Newton not only run a poor number of yards, passing data is also a low professional career, the success rate of 52.9% pass, to promote 3509 yards, 19 pass up, 14 times.

In fact, Rivera has been running for less and faster for Newton for years, but it seems that the reaction on the pitch is not obvious.

And Newton actually knows he needs to change. “There’s one thing I’ve realized, and that’s not what I should always be.”. I’m going to give someone a chance to finish the attack, and that’s maturity, especially for a quarterback.

So I want to trust my brothers around me and give them more opportunities to make them better.

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