Dallas Cowboys become the most valuable team jerseys

Forbes’s list of values: Dallas Cowboys top

NFL29 goes in the top 50

In July, it was time for Forbes to announce the annual list of sports team’s market capitalization. In the era of broadcast sports, the relay contract has been the main factor determining the team’s income and then determining the team’s value. This year’s list also once again proved this point, due to worldwide television contract to sell more expensive, sports teams income again over the previous year. A substantial growth that has 36 market capitalization of more than $1 billion of the team, the world’s top 50 list to squeeze into the Forbes.

Cowboy quarterback Prescott

Over the past year, fans have seen NBA’s salary cap continue to grow, and players’ salaries are staggering enough to make NFL’s players envy envy. But when it comes to value, or NFL to regain a city, to continue to Forbes rule list. Over the past year, the average operating profit of 32 NFL teams averaged $91 million, with the lowest earning team having $26 million. In this year’s top 50 list, there are 29 NFL team ranked among them, accounting for nearly 60% of the total list, only the Cincinnati tigers, Detroit lions and Buffalo Bill these three teams were not selected. In addition to NFL, MLB, NBA and European football respectively 8, 7 and 7 teams were selected, the four sports occupy all the contents of the list of the 50 (fiftieth by two teams tied, so the list actually has 51 teams selected).

Here’s a list of the top 50 lists:
The factors that determine the market value of the team are more than just a broadcast contract. The local market in the city of the team jerseys wholesale is also a decisive factor. For example, although the New York team Nicks NBA performance in recent years is not good, and now they may be traded Anthony star – Carmelo, but their market value is still very high per year. Another example occurs in the NFL rams on the team in the spring of last year moved from Saint Louis to Losangeles, the first year for the city, their market capitalization rose has reached 100% is also be struck dumb, is doubled, which shows the importance of the local market.

The presence of giant stars is another factor. NBA champion Jinzhou Braves, in the first year of superstar Kevin – Durant joined, or up to 37%, which even more than the big relay contract in hand many NFL team, you can see the superstar’s influence can not be underestimated.

In the coming time, the major league teams will continue to try to continue to increase their market value as they try to win. On the overall pattern of view, NBA salary cap only in the past two years has been greatly improved, and then the increase will be smaller and smaller, so the team’s market value will not have much room for improvement. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, NFL will continue to occupy most places on the list.

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